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  1. I've not seen one like that. You might check on the Steam workshop and see...
  2. It would. You could use the items moddata to save/restore its durability.
  3. You could create multiple items, ie, Item_KnifeClosed, Item_KnifeTweezers, etc. and then in your context menu code you could destroy the KnifeClosed item and create the KnifeTweezers, etc. That's probably the way that I would do it initially to get the mod out and then search through the games java code for icon manipulation functions.
  4. Ok, melee weapons is on the workshop now. I'm either going to pull the extra containers or the ALICE pack system out next. Edit: Ok, Modular ALICE Packs are now out and uploaded to the workshop.
  5. I am in the process of pulling this mod apart and creating several mini-mods to upload to the Steam Workshop. The first will be a melee weapons mod that should be finished and uploaded tonight.
  6. Hi all, I've semi-returned to modding PZ and found that this one still works in the IWBUMS version of the game so it will also work in the release version. I've uploaded it to the Steam Workshop and that is where I will be maintaining it from now on.
  7. I`ve just found my new hero in this community! I will get back into this one shortly. As soon as I finish updating my other mods, I'll get back to the preservation mod. Wanna help test it?
  8. Hi all, I have been busy IRL updating my companies ERP system and in the middle of it had to complete a Microsoft Audit. I should be able to get the mod updated this coming week, barring any unforeseen problems at work. Thank for your patience.
  9. I should have the mod fixed in a day or so. Kind of busy IRL at the moment. i would almost suggest waiting a week, see what else comes along in build 31 IWBUMS before fixing it Yeah, looks like that is probably going to happen anyway. This weekend will be the earliest that I will be able to get to it.
  10. I should have the mod fixed in a day or so. Kind of busy IRL at the moment.
  11. If you were unable to attach the sheath then you are still using an older version of the mod. I released an update the other day that completely changed the attachment system. At any rate, in that older version, the pack must be empty and you must attach a frame to the pack first before you can attach any of the pouches. That old system was kind of clunky and relied on recipes to accomplish the attachments. The new system does not use recipes and any pouch can be attached at any time. Yes, chance to increase capacity and a convenient storage location for the ETool and Combat Knife was wh
  12. Yes, that was a change a couple of versions ago. It is also a lot less OP as well with little knockback/knockdown power. When you run the installer, if you choose 'Use the original tactical axe' option you will have the old two-handed version axe back.
  13. I've just found a bug. ALICE packs with attachments: weight reduction and capacity values do not get properly set when loading a savegame. I'll fix it and upload a fix tonight. The attachments are still there so to fix this temporarily in your game just detach and reattach all the addons.
  14. Cool, glad you like the mod. Let me know how it plays with the DE and silencers.
  15. Excellent. I thought that would be the case.
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