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  1. EaT_LeAd

    Rezzed 2014

    I'm going to come along for sure this time as I havent gotten off my lazy arse to get down to meet you lovely folk the past 2 years. I will wait to see if drinks are arranged on the Friday or Sat night before purchasing my ticket!
  2. EaT_LeAd

    Steam Release - 16th Feb 2014 - Build 23

    No ETA's I'm afraid, its the indie stone policy
  3. EaT_LeAd

    Survivor Encounters...

    I think that due to the meta game the npc's wont exactly drop like flies as they will almost be programmed into survive along said storyline unless you come into direct contact with them in which they stop being ruled only in the meta game and are more susceptible to making easy mistakes and then may be more likely to die. This game is hard enough as a human player and the devs will have a tough time making them efficient at surviving 'on screen' as it where then again I may be, or most likely am wrong...
  4. Go to your steam library, right click on Project Zomboid, them click properties then click on the furthest right tab called BETAS at the top of the window, click on the top drop down menu and click on the second option in the list called 'Beta testing available for all' the below enter this password 'You can find on the first post of this thread, that you MUST read' then click check availability of code. Then make sure your game updates
  5. EaT_LeAd


    Cant wait until this update as much as I am loving the current beta version I can't play without my game crashing eventually. It seems that whenever I go to the north buildings of Westpoint my game crashes. I have another save from current build where I was over a month in and everytime I load the save it crashes the next time an alarm sounds...before alarms were fine. Will upload my system specs later if it helps all I know is its a i7 processor and a gtx 680. Sorry if these are already know issues
  6. Ah Monday..I'm sure we will see the update today, I mean IT should be... surely...right ...RIGHT ???? I MEAN IT HAS TO BE, IT MUST IT CANNOT NOT BE!!!!!! Why WHY!!!!!! DON'T TOUCH ME!
  7. EaT_LeAd

    Map: Where to next?..

    Option A for sure
  8. EaT_LeAd

    Best Safehouse?

    Might start a new play through tonight as its been a few weeks since i last played. This time I'm going to try and make a fort at the 'alive inside' building if its as cool as it looks on the inside as it does on the outside.. so I'm assuming there is somewhere to sleep in there? I haven't tried crafting furniture such as a bed...(is that even possible yet?) Guess I could always use a tent..
  9. EaT_LeAd

    Best Safehouse?

    If you try the rope ladder again you should find it works in the most recent steam build, nice walled area... your brave setting up a base that close to the highway in my opinion!
  10. EaT_LeAd

    Just bitchin' a bit..

    I think its good, knife wont last long and you have to get very close, where as the fire axe should only take 2-3 swings without skill points which is realistic enough, your not going to get a clean head sever on a moving target everytime. With this you get longer lasting durability and to keep target at a distance so I feel its equally balanced. Sorry i bet that's not what you wanted to hear!
  11. EaT_LeAd

    FORUM TEST RELEASE: Project Zomboid - Version

    I have to agree with this, if I have a wooden plank in my rucksack, its most probably sticking out the top of the bag and would take seconds to pull out, i think this needs to be halved too
  12. EaT_LeAd

    What have you been playing?

    Currently playing Hearts Of Iron 3: Their finest hour and Project Zomboid (of course!). Will be playing Rome II total war when thats out in a couple of weeks
  13. One thing about the baldspot character is he doesn't have a bald spot?!
  14. EaT_LeAd

    More use for batteries

    Some great suggestions here, from what I have heard from the devs in the past more use of batteries is planned for sure. I love the idea of spectacles and hearing aids, lamps and solar panels. I think when we start considering stuff like generators, solar panels, make shift alarms, electric fences then skill books for electrical skill should be introduced with it. This can then allow things like radios to be repaired with a certain level of this skill and the player finding batteries, wiring and such for replacement parts.
  15. EaT_LeAd

    Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating.

    I think its great to give the new players these options and just as TinnedEpic has done you can turn up the difficulty as you get better at the game. You could always have slower zombies and huge numbers of them to maintain your preferable zombie lore but increase the difficulty.