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  1. Waffles! Go to Holland and have them!! Their amazingly amazing!!
  2. It's been 3 years... I don't think the devs are going to see this... I should have done something with my life since then really... instead of sitting here and repeatedly pressing refresh... ... ... ... ... ... dammit.
  3. doors play a huge role in this game! Especially knocking/sound!
  4. If any of the Devs could give their feedback what they think of this that would be grand. Although I know you guys are very busy so no worries if you can't.
  5. Bonjour all, I have put this thread up in the past but seeing all the new animation stuff going on I thought it was worth putting up again! Hope you'll agree this feature would add immense feel to the game!
  6. This is genuinely awesome! Well done mate good on you! Sorry for you loss as well! All the best!
  7. I've posted this topic to the recently added APZDTIA So hopefully we can get their opinion on this!
  8. Alright guys, quite a while ago I posted a topic (found here http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6902-door-mechanicsanimations/) on the suggestions page regarding 'door mechanics' which received a fair bit of attention. It's something that I personally, amongst others, think would add an extra level of depth to the gameplay. Is it something you would consider adding into the game? TL;DR would you be interested adding in these 'door mechanic' features into the game?.. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/6902-door-mechanicsanimations/ Many thanks, keep up the awesome w
  9. Excellent ideas. I think this would add a perfect dose of immersion and make clearing buildings all the more fun and interesting. Good thoughts, now to see if the devs will do anything with it.Thanks, I feel that kind of immersion too! Hopefully if the Devs catch this when their flicking through then perhaps so! Suppose we just have to keep highlighting thus on the front page of the suggestions.
  10. As far as I understand they have a huge option door opened (no pun intended lol) to them. I'm not too sure how far it will go I.e. Landscape height, ditches, etc. but for the zombies, NPCs, animals and the actual player they can now make a huge array of animations and mechanics with them I.e. If your player breaks a leg... You will see a broken leg and your going to struggle to get around. However even saying that they will remain with the ISO look as they want to keep it like that. Having inspiration from the original xcom that type of look and feeling in a game is what the Devs want for thei
  11. I was just thinking it would be pretty cool to see the doors of PZ take advantage of the new 3D engine coming in. My suggestions: - DOORS SWINGING if it's a windy day, would look cool and could possibly creek if it's an old door or on a shed and possibly opening the front and back door chance of wind rushing through house/building causing one of the doors to slam loudly. - PEEK Mechanic where you can open door slightly to see if there's any Zombies behind door, but could cause zombies to rush the door and push you back. Possibly even drill and carve a hole into door to prevent rushing... - PIC
  12. Was thinking similar to that of xcom enemy unknown when you loose a soldier you can look back at their results I.e. Number of aliens killed, etc. this can be seen on a list. Would be cool to see this in PZ... No. Days, no. Zombies killed, stealth quality and bunch of other stats which make you look back and think 'aww james was an awesome survivor, lasted 5 months and killed 600 zombies' or whatever. Next to stats could be a photo of your final moment or even as far as a video a few minutes before your death of how you died. Just thought it would be a nice little feature...
  13. Also... Maaaaaasssshhhh... Biiiiinky... Where we going next... You guys fancying Fort Knox? Would be awesome to sneak around the army to get supplies!
  14. Ah cool... So what's the ETA then?.. Haha only joking wicked explanation we know when your all happy then we will be ecstatic!
  15. (correct me if I'm wrong TIS Community) the recent 'Halloween' release on the download section is the latest build on desura, which has West Point in it to the north (long time to get there). Would be amazingly more intense and can you imagine what your last stand would be like on top of a sky scraper with the whole tower swarmed with Zeds... Fight them to the death, jump off... Or potentially reach the other roof risking a broken leg hobbling away to safety.... Getting excited just imagining it! Having vehicles would be awesome, but having so many new doors open with the 3d engine I reckon w
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