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  1. Hello everyone, my name is Austin and this is my first dev log for my project "Forbidden Colonies". The game started off as a pretty simple idea, just have a world map with nodes each node representing either your base, a tribe, or some sort of special encounter which I believe can be well portrayed with this picture. The game takes place in medieval times, archers warriors and such. The goal of the game is to increase your civilian count for your base and to keep your civilians alive you must keep them fed, and to gain food you can either farm it, hunt it, or steal it from other villages. Whenever you choose to attack a tribe, initiation an investigation on a node which can lead to your party being attacked, or defending your base from an attack, the screen goes into a combat mode, as portrayed below. This mode does need lots of work, background tiles, and AI is currently being worked also party members being created. At the beginning of the game you get to choose the classes of your party members which will change their stats. Each stat(Strength, Perception, and Leadership) will effect their role in your party. More strength = more damage, more perception = more knowledge on nodes, and more leadership increases your parties combat knowledge, attacking the right enemy, ect... All of the images above were sort of the beginning stages 3 months back but now i'm down to world generation, loading and saving, and more "pleasant to the eye" combat. After a few weeks or more of progress and constant coding and planning I have updated the world to look way better and more like an actual world map. I've also been able to implement attacking/pillaging villages so you're actually able to attack the villages, load the party of the tribal village, and loot resources. actively worked on saving and loading world data to get on top of that before I decided to add more information and different node types into the world. So now that is finished I can easily add different nodes into the algorithm with no trouble. It's a pretty simple code that has a set integer for width and height and sets each NodeType to a set integer and does pretty much the exact opposite for loading the Grid. It didn't take very long for me to finish the process and statements to finish the world generation to "almost perfection." But after that I had to dig into much more "difficult" processes and actions such as Combat with NPC AI and coding the A* Path finding algorithm. The algorithm is complete and works but I have run into a memory problem which is fixable, just not convenient at this time of progress. I still need to implement player/party creation and trading, and much more content. Sometimes I think I may be too ambitious for this project but I know that's just my mind trying to get me to doubt myself I've also been working nonstop on the combat to make it more appeasing and have it actually work. So far the player is able to kill the enemy NPC's and is also able to be killed themselves. Attacking an NPC tribe will allow the player to gather food and resources. Allowing for upgrading of the base and the civilians to be fed. So far, each game tick will bring down the players food based on the amount of civilians the player base has. If the civilians run out and you have no one at your base/tribe, then you will lose the game, hence that being the whole point of the game. I do appreciate any feedback and I will update this thread as I work on the game itself. I'm very passionate about the project and with me being the only one programming the game it does take some time, especially being engaged and working a ton. As soon as I hit alpha and the game is in a playable state I will happily release a downloadable link for everyone to try out. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, it means a lot. I've always been a super fan of Project Zomboid and The Indie Stone is definitely making very nice progress!
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  3. Austin

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    This is really good, great job!
  4. Definitely, I've just had a lot of things happening this summer that I didn't think would occur. It's been pushed back a little bit but I definitely plan on doing this so don't lose faith! Mod idea sounds cool. Just a note that you might want to wait just a little to see what RJ is currently cooking up in terms of botany. From our last Mondoid: That's probably a good idea!
  5. Definitely, I've just had a lot of things happening this summer that I didn't think would occur. It's been pushed back a little bit but I definitely plan on doing this so don't lose faith!
  6. I honestly always thought a girl sung that song.
  7. I'll be your huckleberry

  8. HAHAHAH, I found this and I don't know why I can't stop listening to it. I don't even like rap.
  9. Count on Me! Created by Austin Introduction: Hello everyone! It has definitely been awhile since I have worked on any sort of mod for Project Zomboid or even any other game. I've since the abandonment of my first two mods, Fletchery and the We Need More Guns mods, been thinking about revamping them or maybe even making a new mod. I thought out a pretty good idea for the new mod but I never got myself to even begin working on it..until today. Of course I am a bit dry when it comes to working with Lua and Project Zomboid but I figure that won't be a problem and I plan on working with it a bunch this weekend. Now..onto what the mod is going to be.. What is this s**t?: Count on Me is going to be an addition to the medical part of Project Zomboid. Think making your own medicine from herbs and cutting your arm off. Maybe even studying dead zombies bodies? Figuring out how they died? My goal with this mod is to add more story to the game and more shit to mess around with honestly.. I can't really go into more information because I don't necessarily have all the answers and the mod entirely planned out yet. When???: I've already started progress on the mod but don't expect a whole bunch of progress in the first couple of days. I definitely need to warm back up in Lua before large portions of progress are made. After that I believe in about 4 days I should have a "playable" version of the mod out. I'll start with some of the simpler(herd medicine) parts of the mod first before I begin the more complex parts(limb removal). After school tomorrow i'll make the list of things needed to be done for all of you whom wish to follow the development of this mod can follow it a bit easier. I'll update it every time I finish something. Progress List(red-haven't started, yellow-working on, green-finished) Item Database & ResearchItem Integration(bound to expand)New Skill(bound to expand)Limb Removal & "Replacement"Corpse Expansion(bound to expand)ect..(will definitely expand as mod progresses )Anyways everyone, thank you for reading and i'm sorry if for some reason I wasted your time. This shit took awhile to type so don't be mad, it annoyed me too. edit: Added the "list'
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