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  1. Not to be a dick but it could be that the devs didnt bother to add it to every single house for example map mods like Raven Creek or West Point Expansion, all houses have curtains/sheets on ALL windows which is pretty cool and also a lot more attention to detail and better furnished houses.
  2. Burleon

    Shoving off

    How to get PZ done in 6 months: step 1 take a 50,000$ loan step 2 hire more devs step 3 work and release build 41 42 and 43 in 6 months step 4 ???? step 5 profit (( it's a joke, chill out ))
  3. Burleon


    MP when?
  4. Burleon

    Man BangleZ

    Hopefully MP gets released somewhere around this month....
  5. Burleon

    Bag nā€™ Tag

    Hmm....what if they didnt?
  6. Burleon

    Bag nā€™ Tag

    This is the moment to release Multiplayer, trust me, you'd want to finish it as soon as possible because of the Corona, heck a lot of games that I used to play and had dead empty servers now have 600+ players, this would mean a huge boom for PZ. Also great update love the carry bags šŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘ŒšŸ‘Œ
  7. Its a desktop surprisingly and no all of my updates are up to date, Windows and Nvidia's. And just when walking around in general.
  8. GTX 1050 TI 4gb I5 7400 3.5GHZ If a guy with a 1660 6GB lags imagine me but this only happens in the city side, when Im in the country side Im lag free as a bird lols
  9. Same here, the game didnt use to lag almost not at all before 41.27, but idk what the hell happened. The devs wanted lower spec players to play too but looks like they got high end PC's messed up too. This needs to be fixed ASAP, I cant zoom out in Riverside without dropping to 5-10 fps.
  10. No siree just looking for information
  11. Thanks boss, woulda been nice if I wasnt banned from the Discord group šŸ˜œ for no reason ;(
  12. still waiting for a response.....................
  13. the '' Automated Emergency Broadcast radio channel'' how long does it play before it cuts off?
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