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  1. Burleon

    A Good Day

    where is 41.28 guys? cmon, im waiting for it!!!
  2. HeLL no man, ever heard of driving with 1 hand? I dont think the whole PZ community should suffer from not being able to reload while driving a car just because you dont like it.
  3. Burleon

    A Good Day

    If you bothered to read it says clearly there '' DrunkOnLife Stream footage'' so yeah........................................ not developer footage and yes it is a mod.
  4. Burleon

    Sock it to ’em

    Regarding the emergency weather broadcast radio, for how many days/weeks will it play? Does this cut off at day 7-8 like normal broadcasts?
  5. Burleon

    2020 vision

    Best addition the Emergency radio station! LOVE IT!!
  6. I know a fix that works for me, when you load up a new save quickly move around and then exit then click continue from the menu and if you spawned in another room or wherever you walked in those 5 seconds then the bug is gone if you spawned where you originally spawned do it again, 2nd time fixes it, at least for me.
  7. Maybe because the 9mm magazine is for the M9 Pistol? or it could be that pistol shouldnt spawn anymore.
  8. Basically what it says in the title, I tested the Riverside and the West Point pharmacy and they all spawn cigarettes, orange soda and chips, needs to be fixed ASAP.
  9. 20th of September 2018, that's when y'all announced build 41, tomorrow is gonnabe 1 year since build 41! I hope all is well and a release is on its way very very soon.
  10. Yup, this needs to happen, I drift too many damn times when I see a corner coming up
  11. Burleon


    I said not to be a dick but looks like I came out a dick
  12. Burleon


    Not to be a dick but Im kinda losing interest already, y'all announced build 41 when, september 2018? Its gonna be 1 year of waiting in suspense within the following 2 months, just release it already this July or early August. I'm sure a lot of players feel this way as well.
  13. Burleon

    More Math(s)

  14. Burleon

    Mannequin vs. Zed

    Please devs relase a new version in the summer so I can play before heading off to college!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Burleon

    69 Zeds

    A little easter egg to Dawn of the Dead. Make 1 cop and 3 mall cops spawn on the roof of the mall.
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