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  1. It works like a charm It's pretty epic, I reorganized my inventory instead of putting things in cupboards and crates I now keep the little stuff in bags. Doing this I unloaded one bag on the floor accidentally. You should have seen the mess I did note however, that the category ammo didn't seem to include every item that was identified by my inventory list as that category. Also, it doesn't gather items from non inventory containers(Cupboards, fridges) you're looking at does it? It'd be pretty epic to be able to put all perishables from inventory into the fridge. (Lets be honest, zomboid apart from being a post apocalyptic carpentry/farming simulator is also often a post apocalyptic sorting game.)
  2. I figured as much. Gui is always a bit of a b*tch.. I think the system is awesome, congrats on a great mod, I'll install the latest version tonight. I also think it's pretty impressive the speed at which you can churn out those changes.
  3. That's pretty cool RoboMat In space engineers the only variable they had to play with was the name of the container. I didn't know you had others available for zomboid. From a UI perspective you could consider making a box with a list of checkboxes telling what to pack inside a bag. Most of those checkboxes would have labels behind them to show what they stand for, some have textboxes to allow for partial string matches. (So "Knife" would fit "hunting knife", "combat knife" and "kitchen knife") Leaving you with three options. Pack bag, Unpack bag, Configure bag. I have no idea how much work it is to do this via a Lua interface. My experience is that as soon as GUI comes into play you can multiply your development time by a stiff factor...
  4. I was going to say : Show-off Good luck, and mod is already great!
  5. I wasn't going to say this Robomat, because then I'm the guy who keeps going on with the requests... But since you're intending to add more features anyway In space engineers there is this mod where you can name cargo containers. And then the mod moves items into the cargo containers with the appropriate names. Basically if you call a bag "!Food,Nails" the mod would shove all items of category food, and all items with the word "nails" embedded in the title. from all over your inventory (And adjacent containers) into it. If you name the bag "!Weapons, Ammo" It'd move all weapons and ammo into that bag. In space engineers the process is constant, it constantly rearranges your inventory.. But in zomboid, I think it's best to make it an action. For the interested space engineers: The mod is called "Automated Inventory Sorting"
  6. Wow, excellent addition RoboMat. I never considered using it to pack the items in your main inventory. While it's certainly an itch many players must have experienced, I know I have That's brilliant.
  7. How about the inverse? Clicking on a bag in a container allows you to put the rest of the container in that bag? I've recently been packing for a move from the northwest warehouse to the sunstar hotel. It was a lot of juggling items. Being able to put items into containers and then quickly wrap them into bags would have saved me quite some effort. I might be doing it again soon. Cuz.. You know I accidentally all the house alarms in the area. And now everyone is checking in.. There apears to be a skin cream convention in the area. (And between us, most of the guests need it...) Though the goth girl in room 2 is kinda hot... Anyway it's only some interface magic, nothing OP game wise...
  8. The amount of times I have lost characters because they decided to jump over a railing to their death or invalidity while I attempted to open a door or climb down a sheet rope is staggering. If you think about it, this is neither a game mechanic, nor is it a logical for a character to just jump to their deaths. It'd be annoying if you ended up a floor below but at the very least you end up with a broken leg. (Even when not carrying cargo) This might be considered a bit of an interface bug. In the sense that the interface doesn't account for my apparent inability to learn not to ever use the 'e' key... In spite of heavy punishment by the game. Is it possible to assign the action of hopping a fence to another hotkey? Alternatively, when jumping down only one floor, let the weight the player carries determine the chance of a sprained ankle or a broken leg. When I was a kid I frequently jumped down heights like that. Admittedly I can't do it now without being punished for it, but there's a good chance I won't break a leg.
  9. willow512

    Hydrocraft Mod

    Thanks for the update.. And all your hard work for our benefit.. I had a bit of a dissapointment just now. I finally created a kiln and made some flower pots. I put dirt in it and tried to insert some seeds... However, it turns out I need farming 10 for that? I don't quite get it, whats the reasoning behind that?
  10. Knowing the cost. Would you invest time in setting up such a system if you knew you could get to un-nerfed water via a skill and similar investment? The best argument I heard for a lvl 0 method of getting water was starting 8 months later. Yet in that case you won't get your hands on enough plastic bags before dying of thirst. If I abstractly combine your ideas then how about allowing a player to drink some moisture from a wet towel... It's dirt cheap for the player: find a towel, dry yourself off with it, squeeze the moisture into your mouth. Since the water will resolve a little bit of thirst and is an unreliable source. Players will still need to build a more permanent solution. If you're evil you could make the water tainted. It should be cheap to code, all you need is to be able to drink from a wet towel. No code is required that checks all items on the map outside of containers if they're left out in the rain. And as you guys intend it's only a stop gap to get people across the initial hurdle.
  11. Okay.... Would you, as a player, go through all that trouble to set up such a water collection system for so little benefits? Or would you put that same investment of energy into getting to water via one of the skills? I hear what you're saying, and I'm sympathetic to your ideas on the subject. I thought the dead walking scene was cool. I've read the same strategy employed in other zombie books. It's a strategy I would certainly use when the inevitable zombie apocalypse comes (With this game we're all merely training aren't we?) But for a game the consideration changes somewhat.. Water needs to be a gameplay element. It must be fun, not a hassle. Players should be expected to want to use the feature. And all that measured against the dev's time invested versus other time he could invest. In the end I'm not the one to judge your idea though. When the real zombie apocalypse comes, you and me can climb a roof and put down all the water containers we can find.
  12. I try to get a single point on most stats... to make the character an all rounder. But as said, I do always base it on a carpenter because I don't want to have to grind carpentry just to put up the occasional shelf. It's fairly doable. I don't really get the difference between skills and professions... A profession is really just another skill wrapped in a different package.
  13. The thing that comes to mind is "eight months later" mode, though I don't play it much myself. Also, if someone wanted to focus on fishing, trapping, foraging, and/or farming without having to invest a lot of time and effort into other professions, that player should have a sustainable way to collect water. Also, from an if-PZ's-zombie-apocalypse-actually-happened-in-real-life standpoint, it seems obvious to me to use containers that already exist (like in the screenshot in my original post) instead of going through the trouble of building one. If you're in an area where it's safe to settle down, then by all means build a larger, more efficient collector, but if Les Stroud has taught me anything, I'd say use what you already have. Well, the initial idea was to have other professions gain access to water, not just the carpentry branch. So focusing on foraging would yield water.. And what you say is obvious. IRL we would just open a garbage bin and use it as a rain collector. However, from a game standpoint water should be a hurdle to overcome. Having every garbage bin in the world that happens to stand in the outside serve as a water collector means that we lose that game element. I never played 8 months later. Maybe that is a good argument. I do not know. I don't know how players survive the first days in that mode now. I imagine they go looking for water bottles.
  14. It's not the distance they follow the sound that bothers me, it's the large empty spaces they leave... I made the suggestion elsewhere to trigger the zombies movement by adding a time value that indicates how interested they are in following the sound. A zombie close to the sound is seeded with a higher value while someone further away gets a lower value, they might not get to the origin of the sound but they will serve to fill up the large empty zones you now get around ground zero. Like I said, I don't mind the meta evens, they can be intimidating but that's the nature of the game. You know they can happen, and you can work around them.
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