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  1. Damn, those animations are looking pretty sweet! Amazing how things like seeing backpacks, hats/helmets, more realistic moments adds to the overall feel.
  2. I had no trouble joining from here in NZ, (and at work...hehehe). Obviously have a fair bit of latency, but all things considered, seemed pretty stable during my short run
  3. Agreed. However, if you were to be using a water or food source near piles of rotting corpses, that might be a different story? Also, wondering if we can we implement the wearing of masks or similar, to help resist any possible infections/negative effects that may result from passing through areas with large amounts of corpses, or when moving them etc?
  4. " Wheelie dumpsters to be movable " Now we just need the wheelie bins to be moveable...
  5. Welcome Blindcoder! ....Do you take bribes?
  6. Oops! shows you how long since I've actually checked this thread! Apologies, just quickly updated the first link in original post, (and updated the link to the french translation) Must get back to updating this manual - soooooo many changes since I wrote it!
  7. All.of.them. ....my precioussssssss
  8. Glad it's sorted for you Floyd, but maybe you could mention the mod for future reference, may help others that run into the same issue?
  9. There probably is a good argument to be made for nerfing or re-balancing certain traits, and activities, (like roof farming). As far as the "unassailable safe house" - if you've managed to setup base in a good, solid building, knocked out the staircase etc, I don't have a problem with zombies not being able to get to you directly, but would definitely be good if other factors mean that you may be backing yourself into a corner - it'd be cool to be on the roof of your fortress, with food or water running low, and looking out at a zombie horde surrounding you and realising that once your supplies run out you're pretty much dead... Maybe we need more penalties for boredom, depression, or health issues in a situation like that?
  10. Although not disagreeing with the concept of the migrating horde, I think we need to look at some other factors first. After reading your post, my first impression is that maybe the problem is you don't have enough reason to take the risk to go on raids to more populated areas? If you're basically self-sustained, then yes, the game is going to become somewhat easy, and likely boring without any other threats, but if a player has been careful, smart, and even lucky to get to that point, I imagine it may be a little annoying for some to know that a horde is going to find you eventually, regardless of what they do. Determining where there might be an issue may be more beneficial than immediately looking at the zombie migration - is it too easy to farm for instance, should you be able to "roof farm", or should you only be able to use planters/containers when growing on roof tops, which could limit your harvest amounts? Just curious, is this survival you're playing? If so, what professions/traits have you been selecting? Is part of the problem that those areas still need balancing? Anyway, like I said, I'm not against the ideas you've posted, I just think we need to look at other areas as well to make sure the problem can't be resolved by balancing other parts of the game. (Also, although a way off, additions like NPCs may well have a huge impact the game, and possibly situations like you've described)
  11. Can't you achieve all of that with a few Sandbox options though? You can change the speeds of the zombies, but not quite as the OP is wanting, (slower during daylight, faster/sprinters at night). Would be an interesting mod...
  12. Or...you could be patient, and post your thoughts/opinions/criticisms in a slightly more positive way... This feature has only recently been added, to the IWBUMS branch, (which is for testing), so give it a chance to be balanced etc... I'd suggest if you don't like some of the new features as they stand, or find it frustrating that new features added to this branch aren't completely working and/or balanced yet, that you might be best to stick to the Public release branch of PZ?
  13. Hi Easy, are you sure the "zombie.ini" has been added to saves? I can't see that file if I load up an old save, or start a new game etc...
  14. Very cool - just in case I missed a reply - where is the config file?
  15. Awesome, great stuff Easy! Quick question - with an existing save, do we need to delete "zpop_*.bin" files to use the new settings?
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