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  1. I noticed claustrophobic carracter cannot sleep inside house. I think the panic level is way too high. Maybe if the negative was just them having a poor sleep quality instead of not being able to sleep at all.
  2. I have a little question... do loot respawn in moved furniture??? like what happen if someone move gun cabinet in their house???
  3. anyone else experiencing popping sound like old vinyl disk ... those "cric crac croc" sound are VERY annoying.. make the game unplayable with headphone ???
  4. build 33.2 report: Game is crashing at random moment, then there's no ambient sound or zombie produce zero sound. I can hear bird from my previous game when i save and come back in the main menue lol. Keep the good work guys, very awesome build but currently "unplayable at this state due to sound not working properly" PS what is the meaning of the red rectangle with number 1 or 2 when we crash???
  5. Hello fellow survivor! I been playing project zomboid for a long time and I mastered the old survival mode and started to play my solo game on insane difficulty in sandbox, but... wow the new survival mode is harder than insane difficulty. Just because of 1 simple reason, zombie are way too mobile ... they never stop running. They run in every direction and form huge herd so quickly. What do you thing guys? Dont get me wrong the game is fantastic and I love the new super hard survival mode but I feel a little bit cheated by zombie new weird behavior Build 33 is AWESOME keep the good work ! <3 <3 <3
  6. Im all lost now... I dont know how to make my paid/hosted server to work with the new steam(pzgame) can you upload a tutorial for peoples hosting server from a host compagny plz? nobody can log into the server since the new pz update ;(
  7. How do i downgrade my clien? Because now i cannot access my hosted server... or how do I upgrade my hosted server to work with the new steam feature? I cannot find where is the option to allow the nosteam?
  8. Anyone else think the actual generator gimic is REDICULOUS and useless? Collecting gas from gas station pump seem good. But why we cannot power those pump after electricity shutdown? And why there's no pump gas value to prevent infinite collecting ect? Now the only way to play and use a generator is to rush scarvenging gas can at the begening and trying to find and collect generator just to fill them and refill our gas can! This is ridiculous!!! Generator are suposed to give us some options and provide new gameplay. now they being useless endgame because there is no way to collect more gas from unpowered gas station. I feel like dev are developing potentialy cool features but ending up ruined them and providing poor gameplay... what the point of working on generator if they are barely usefull in game. Please work on concrete stuff and give us more option and gameplay instead of releashing "bummer and broken" stuff! What do you guys think of the situation? We should give them presure to fix this assap, because now the thing is just a frustrating waste of time and "half" useless build 32.
  9. Bar Fighter could be "BRAWLER" it sound badass too. Continuez votre beau travail les gars, votre jeu est tout simplement génial
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