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  1. Might be good, but it's up to the devs, they might shy away from this sort of set story mode. No problem if both are able to be played right? I guess it's just scripting that's a issue. Although i would love a cop last stand or something. But remember nothing before outbreak
  2.  Hey Footmuffin, i belive you were the one that gave me my awesome profile pic on steam, if you ever read this, i want to talk on steam, SCP-That_SpyStaples! <3 loved you and this forum a lot. 

  3. Ah, interesting video. Thanks for sharing. Also i would like to point out that it's PROJECT zomboid. (hmmm, i wonder if they will just called it Zomboid as soon as they are done with the game)
  4. I love that they made it out of early access, and put out update 1! Love those people!
  5. All i want for christmas is a ps4 with fallout 4! (EDIT, and Build 33)
  6. New one, "Oh yeah i have lot's of ammo let's shoot the hoard that came because of that alarm" Killed the hoard, burned a few walls because the zombies saw a fire and decieded to roll in it.
  7. "Oh yeah this area was cleared out, it feels safe"
  9. Show me please! Still working on it! Please wait while i heal.
  10. I don't want to see any more safe houses, they are so good compared to my puny downtown westpoint fort
  11. Please be lovely! Although i get that you are mad that he thinks differently than you, but truth is that many people think differently than you. The best thing is to accept it. Saying things like "if you did you probably didn't get the concept of surviving." is not the way to go. Ughh, you remind me of TLOU fanboys, ready to rip out the guts of anyone that hates that game. (Reminder that i LOVED LOVED LOVED the TLOU) (I don't want to start a fight, TL:DR is be lovely.) If you think a post violates our forum rules please use the report function rather than replying. Thanks.
  12. It's your choice not to like it. I love this game. I think you will get a lot of replies to this saying "Wait till NPC's come out!" even as i am hyped out of my mind about NPC's, i think that NPC's could be the Half Life 3 of PZ. Although, lot's of the problems you are saying are coming, just not released let. In a AMA with the devs, they said that adding car wrecks and stuff is coming soon.
  13. Found MathasGames, Found PZ playlist. Watched some of it. Bought the game when i could. Then i found the forums a while back then i have been here ever since.
  14. By far the most zombie filled city i have ever seen. On normal zombies, doing loot runs is close to impossible. Groups are everywhere. But i love it like this. This is what it should look like. Finding a screwdriver was the hardest thing, but still fun. It might be fun for me, but others might not like it. I have seen some randomness, A group of about 5-10 zombies jumped though a broken window for no reason.
  15. Ok You know how everyone wants zombies to attack your base right? Well all that base building would attract a lot of zombies after a while. My idea is that boarding up windows increases a invisible bar that turns green, 1-2 zombies will take a look, maybe even knock there heads around, if the bar turns yellow, maybe a 10 zombie hoard comes by, by this time you should have built a wall right? Then if you make more stuff, you get into the red, a zone of zombies comes and attacks. Waiting in game days will decrease the bar. And maybe ingame you can get a skill that shows the bar? That means that
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