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  1. So... what about the link to the multiplayer version?
  2. If you want some help filling those building shells, let me know. I'd be happy to help you do some of the tedious work of furnishing and room building.
  3. Thanks for updating them!
  4. You should have to wash up after, fo sho.
  5. I didn't state it explicitly, but I'm no coder. I'm really hoping someone will take this up. It seems like something doable. I have thots 'bout it. (Ripped sheets as toilet paper) (maybe Incontinence as a trait...)
  6. Everybody wants to talk about realism, but one thing never seems to come up. What happens to food after you eat it? Two words: Poop Moodle. Stages of poop moodle: 1. Kinda gotta go “Could use a trip to the restroom” 2. Gotta go “Need to dump out. Get to the restroom.” 3. Getting backed up “At risk of hurting yourself. Get to a restroom. Now.” 4. Prairie-Dogging/Crowning “Do you really wanna push this? You know what happens next.” Obviously you should be able to ev
  7. Do you have a non workshop link for the current build of this mod?
  8. And what about the complete mods package you use? Some of the mods I can't download because they're only available on steam.
  9. I'd like to play with y'all. How do I sign up?
  10. Yeah, I was imagining *all* of the zombies crying, laughing, and screaming at the same time. That doesn't sound extreme, does it?
  11. The whole umbrella category of zombie variation really interests me. I was just about to post two ideas I had on that: 1. I'd love to see more models used, i.e. child and overweight zombies. Or have body parts be able to come off, like arms and legs. 2. I've also been thinking about sound mods, especially for crying, laughing, and screaming/yelling zombies. I find the idea that reanimated corpses would have weird behavioral tics from randomly firing existing neural pathways super creepy. Because... When it comes to the zombie apocalypse, nothin
  12. I would love to be able to use your updated mods. Haven't been able to access them since you switched mostly to the Workshop. Can you share a download link for those of us who don't have/use steam?
  13. Here's your answer, months later. W=17 http://www.headcannon.com/HCGE/Docs/KeyTable.html
  14. So do sprinters become fast shamblers over time? That would be pretty cool. Who doesn't like a real challenge?
  15. I'm really loving these mods. Especially like Survivors Die Off and Dynamic Zombies. I have a mod idea for you that is similar to aspects of both. The concept is that fresh zombies would be faster than long dead ones by virtue of the fact that their bodies haven't begun to decay significantly. So like Die Off there would be a change over time, but, like Dynamic Zombies, there should be variation between zombies as well. So say it's 6 months later and your fellow survivor just died from the infection, they would be a sprinter while the majority of the zombies in the world will be 6
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