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  1. I thought basements would be a great addition, yes I know....it got suggested alot, but I still wanted to write this, because I have a good idea for basements! In basements its obviously a bit more cooler than in a normal room. So I thought you could kinda use it as a fridge to store food, so the food stays good for few more hours, or maybe even days! I think about 10 celcius in a basement would be the perfect temperature
  2. Well the title speaks for itself. And maybe, the harder a rainy day is, the faster the car gets clean!
  3. I wanted to make a list of new items that could be added, and some features! And I also apologize for my bad english and words I wrote wrong - Items - + Leather jacket + Leatherette jacket + Secateurs (The big one´s) + Sub-machine guns (In Police and military locations) + Lawnmower (To turn on, and attract Zombies) + Gas burner + MRE + Chainsaw + More fruits (Mango; Lychee; Blueberries; Raspberries; bag of frozen fruits; etc) + More vegetables (Olives; Cucumber; Brussels sprouts; bag of frozen vegetables; etc) + More herbs (Be
  4. The title speaks for itself. I´m not sure, if money in PZ has a crafing recipie, or anything else, as far as I know there is nothing you can do with it. So why not give it a purpose? Collect money from cash registers, or maybe beeing able to open a wallet to take the cash out of it. And then using the money to pay at the vending machine for snacks and drinks. Maybe like 1 bag of chips 3 Dollars, or 1 can of soda 3 Dollars. But I think, if they add such thing they should also put the option to brake the window of a vending machine, which of course make a glass braking sound, and before grabing
  5. The title speaks for itself! I know, that you can dry yourself with a towel, or with a bathtowel. But I think adding "Wring out clothes" would be helpfull too, if there are no towels in a house, and your completly drenched.
  6. I like the new song! It sounds sooo atmospheric! Now all I have left, is to find the new SECRET zed-storie!
  7. I hope you understood me right, what I meant is loading a magazine with youre hands should be difficult. And I dont think that exhaustion should affect the reloading speed/strength of loading.
  8. So I thought of an idea for loading magazines of guns. For those people who dont know how a magazine works, a magazine has a spring, and with every bullet you insert it gets harder and harder to put a bullet in the magazine. So I thought about a new dis/advantage, for weak and strong players. Weak players arent able to fully load a magazine, while strong players can load almost every magazine. But, if something like this gets added, you should be able to find a magazine loader, so every weak person can load a magazine completly. (and strong of course). And you should load a magazine slower wit
  9. So I thought about a feature that would maybe safe lives! I think it would be cool to be able to push Zombies while they are walking up the stairs. So when they fall, the fall the whole stairs down, and the Zombies that are behind the falling Zombie, are falling down with him, when the falling Zombie hits the others. But I think I would give it a - point, it should create alot of noise. I apologize for my bad english*
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