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  1. A nice stir-fry, salad, or fruit salad! Yum! Early game, I am always going door to door with a couple bowls and a frying pan. Late game I love fishing and/or trapping to add a nice happy boost to my meals! <3 Oh and lately I've been loving foraging. I can't wait to get to higher foraging and experiencing the wonders of frogs and insects that stay fresh until you consume/butcher them. ^-^
  2. On February 14th, 2015 Steam was having a sale for Valentine's Day that featured many multiplayer games and buy 2 for a reduced price type of deal.. My husband and I discovered Zomboid while browsing the games that were participating in that sale. I think multiplayer was pretty new and that's probably why it was being promoted "for couples" during the holiday. It was definitely right up our ally! Some chocolates.. a nice bottle of red.. and some zombie killing survival fun! Talk about a romantic day! <3
  3. Does anyone else have the issue where if you set a day's length to 2 hours real time for 1 day, the game counts it as two days on their Co-Op server? We created our Co-Op server and left the time scale on the default 1 hour real time for 1 day game time, then later increased it to 2 hours real time for 1 day game time. My character should only be a 3 month survivor, but the game thinks that it has been nearly 6 months.
  4. Thank you so much for the new map updates! ..I found THINGS! Things hinted at in the Mondoid teaser map picture with the arrows.. Checked some areas close to Muldraugh and now I am giddy as a kid in a toy shop, and extremely glad I've been collecting certain tools!
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    This would be very nice!
  6. Thanks for the response! I have noticed that I have random injuries sometimes immediately after creating a character, if that is what you are referring to? I am/was unaware of the chance of waking up, after sleeping on an established character, with a scratch. Especially when nothing dangerous is happening.
  7. Hey Miguel! Thanks for the response! Playing on COOP we have not woken up randomly with panic or anxious. Not sure if that is working in COOP yet. We can wake ourselves up by moving our character. We HAVE been eating big meals right before sleeping.. I just tested this while typing this response. I went to bed "Very Well Fed" and he went to bed with no food buff. He woke up fine and I woke up with slight damage! Thanks for the tips!
  8. But at least random pains, cramps, and muscle spasms IRL can be located. When I have a back spasm I know that it is in my back and then maybe I can figure out why. Maybe my posture was terrible the day before, or I carried something too heavy. When I have stomach pains I would know that maybe I shouldn't have put so much hot sauce on my dinner the night before. It would just be nice to know a general location of the minor pain/damage so we can try and figure out why it is happening. We've been sitting pretty in our base for a while now.. So the only defects we've had when going to sleep in our cozy bed are Very Tired or Exhausted (not from Exertion but from sleepy). Maybe going to sleep when Exhausted makes us sleep extremely hard and not move all night? That usually causes IRL issues for me when that happens. Thanks for the responses guys!
  9. My single player and local COOP characters (as well as my husband's COOP character) randomly have Minor Pain and Slight Damage after waking up in the morning. We can't figure out why this is happening. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I thought there was a chance it could be a bug. We only recently started playing again, so I think we've only seen it happen in build 35.19. My SP character is Obese, feeble, and out of shape. So I thought perhaps maybe she was getting muscle pain from so much exercise. She slept on a couch one night that it happened and a chair the other night it happened, so I thought perhaps sleeping conditions were too uncomfortable and that caused the pain. But then in our local COOP game my husband and I had this happen to our physically fit and strong characters, who were just hanging out at the base doing some gardening/cooking all day, and slept on a game built bed. So that threw my first assumptions, about uncomfortable sleeping and/or overworking muscles, out the window. My last theory is that maybe all three characters (SP and COOP) are loosing weight too fast, and the pain is a side effect of the body not having enough time to adjust. Anyone else have any thoughts on why this random minor pain and slight damage is happening once in a while? Thanks for reading!
  10. We are seeing these same occurrences on our COOP server. Only two of us play, no mods are used, and started the server during build 35.18.. Every time it rains SO MANY bowls, cups, buckets, and cooking pots are spawned around our area. It's getting WAY out of hand and I am starting to worry about the future of our server if this massive item spawn keeps up! (Is there a way to dispose of items somehow? Put them on zombie bodies and burn the bodies, maybe?) I think it's neat to see a spawned item like that here and there (Makes us feel like we're not alone)...But 30+ bowls and 12 cups on the same tile during one rain shower is a bit much! They are named as if they have water in them (Ex. "Bowl of Water") but the progress bar stays completely empty. Even after months of game play and lots of rain. The same is true for items we drop on purpose to collect water. The progress bar just does not fill at all. Whatever tiny percentage of water it thinks it is holding upon dropping is considered "Fresh" also. ..I may have to start thinking about making a big "HELP" sign with bowls..
  11. I'm also curious if this is still running!
  12. 1) I 2) E If voting hasn't closed yet.. This one sounds interesting!
  13. I am really excited to try this mod! Thank you Blindcoder!
  14. I really hope this mod is updated!
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