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  1. Lexx2k

    Waterway to Go

    Dunno. To me it looks a lot like... ... and I can't unsee this.
  2. Lexx2k

    40.31 (Truckbed vehicle repairment)

    You dummies, if you punch a hole into the trunk bottoms, of course you get more storage space! Just don't move the car after putting anything into the hole...
  3. Lexx2k

    Pea Super

    Just today I thought "would be funny to see zombies and items thrown through the map on the highest storm level." Other than that, yeah, weather should have an effect on characters. Make zombies go much slower in heavy snow or storm and stuff like that.
  4. Lexx2k

    RELEASED: Build 40

    They call me Lexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2k now.
  5. Lexx2k

    Two ways to move furniture.

    I really wouldn't mind being able to push furniture. It makes sense that not everyone can disassemble a couch, but PZ right now is ridiculous in its skill requirements. It pains me a lot how even with an increased skill/ exp modifier, I'll have to build Trumps wall just to be able to move a stupid desk... and then I still have a 45% chance to break the object.
  6. Lexx2k

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Same happened to me on McCoy second floor, so I'm guessing this is a general bug?
  7. Lexx2k

    Sway of Things

    The weather and wind effects look great. This really adds a lot to the game.
  8. Lexx2k


    Just give me something like this and I'll be happy. Land of the Dead was a really crappy movie, but the vehicle scenes are great.
  9. Lexx2k

    Zombies in Bloom

    I still remember how last year I've said "I'll wait for the new 3d models and animations to be out before I'll start another serious session, it can't take too long anymore"... well, shit. :>
  10. Lexx2k

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    Out of curiosity, if you drive offroad with a car, does it always take the same damage no matter the speed or can you avoid fatalities with driving very slowly?
  11. Lexx2k

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 39.67.3

    I still hate how cars disappear out of your vision once you look the other way. This happens to no other big objects. Not to houses, not to furniture, not to garbage bins... but cars for some reason disappear. Yes, they can move around, but if I just parked a car outside my house, then I *know* it is there, even if I look the other way for a second. There should be either a delay, or just stop them from going invisible completely, even if they are behind a wall.
  12. I don't need fully working sandbox NPCs (they will likely never feel very good anyway). What I want, though, is a fun singleplayer story mode. Doesn't even have to be one big story. I'd be happy with chapters or something as well. Imagine something like Dead State mixed into PZ. Heck, I'd do it myself if I'd be a more skilled programmer. We've seen already that crazy things can be modded into PZ, so a dialog system and semi-reactive NPCs shouldn't be unrealistic.
  13. Lexx2k

    RELEASED: Vehicle Test 41

    Honestly, I don't like cars disappearing out of your vision once you look the other way. This doesn't happen with other stuff in the game, like road signs, billboards, fridges, tables, chairs, plants, radios, .... It makes sense for zombies and other characters. Not saying cars should be visible at all times, but if I have seen an idle car in front of me, then do a 180° turn, I *know* it still has to be there. While I'm at it, I feel the same about human-esque characters. I mean, if you are out with a friend, you kinda know where he is or might be around you, even if you don't look at the person all the time. Also you have other hints such as sounds to pin-point the location, which we are lacking in pz. Maybe set a timer before fadeout happens? Jagged Alliance 2 was showing a visible ping on the screen once a character has heard something. Having such a feature in pz would be great too, imo. Yes I can hear something bumping on a door, but not always do I - as the player - know from where exactly this is coming from, while my character should totally know.
  14. Lexx2k

    New Model

    The lack of 3d character news makes me sad panda, though.