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  1. Lexx2k

    When Dabs Go Wrong

    Looks like it will be easy to implement segways.
  2. Lexx2k


    Wait, so will this inventory change make everything better or just introduce even more annoying clickery?
  3. Lexx2k

    Drink to the Memory

    That was my thought as well. The pickup is a tad too tiny now.
  4. Lexx2k

    Zed Inn

    Am I the only one who thought he'd actually pull out a baseball bat and hammer the postbox? To me that feels like a very 90s America thing. Especially if you can do it while driving past it in a car. :>
  5. Lexx2k


    A simple workaround could be to make these Z-spawns "weaker" over time: The longer you play, the less likely it is to find location specific Zs. The argument would be that - even if you aren't around - after a while, the natural critter movement would spread them out over the map.
  6. Lexx2k


    I'm curious if the special zombie spawns are one-time only or if they are repeating. Would feel a bit weird if I've cleared out that one fast food house 10 times already and each time Zs with specific fast food clothing (re)spawned there.
  7. Lexx2k


    I really hope so. Probably would be a lot easier to just have a doll icon where you drag&drop clothes and items on. Always hated this right click -> wear -> etc. stuff.
  8. Lexx2k

    Puddle of Zudd

    Nice. Never expected to see stuff like puddles.
  9. Lexx2k

    Waterway to Go

    Dunno. To me it looks a lot like... ... and I can't unsee this.
  10. Lexx2k

    40.31 (Truckbed vehicle repairment)

    You dummies, if you punch a hole into the trunk bottoms, of course you get more storage space! Just don't move the car after putting anything into the hole...
  11. Lexx2k

    Pea Super

    Just today I thought "would be funny to see zombies and items thrown through the map on the highest storm level." Other than that, yeah, weather should have an effect on characters. Make zombies go much slower in heavy snow or storm and stuff like that.
  12. Lexx2k

    RELEASED: Build 40

    They call me Lexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx2k now.
  13. Lexx2k

    Two ways to move furniture.

    I really wouldn't mind being able to push furniture. It makes sense that not everyone can disassemble a couch, but PZ right now is ridiculous in its skill requirements. It pains me a lot how even with an increased skill/ exp modifier, I'll have to build Trumps wall just to be able to move a stupid desk... and then I still have a 45% chance to break the object.
  14. Lexx2k

    RELEASED: IWBUMS Build 40.18

    Same happened to me on McCoy second floor, so I'm guessing this is a general bug?
  15. Lexx2k

    Sway of Things

    The weather and wind effects look great. This really adds a lot to the game.