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  1. It worked for me after I restarted the game.
  2. Zombie population is an issue for me already for years. It's either not enough and the game gets boring quick, or it's too much and you don't stand a chance at all. What is needed - imo - is more variation here. Give the player a phase of OMG and a phase of peace. Zombie migration could play a role in that - just let a huge horde traverse the map from left to right and if the player gets stuck in them, so be it, he has to deal with it (or wait it out, in his fort, if the food supplies allow for it), yadda-yadda. /Edit: To add to that... For me it's just too predictable right now. The way zombie respawn, etc. works ... the moment I see huge hordes of zombies, I know that we are nearing the max population arc and from now on, that's what I will have to deal with. It's annoying, boring, tedious, no surprises anymore. It's even worse with fixed spawn points: In my last game in build 40, every two or three days, huge hordes respawned on exactly the same place and I had to lure them away / kill them. This is what I mean with lack of variation. You see it once, you know it'll always be like that.
  3. My opinion about the crafting discussion: It should be kept as simple as possible. I do not want to bother with 10 materials just to craft 1 item. This stops the game from being fun and just adds more tediousness again. Making a spear from sticks and knife is totally fine to me. Hell, I don't even mind the plank, even though I, too, would have rather guessed on sticks being required. Can't say much about spears being OP or not, haven't used them much yet (not enough duct tape available).
  4. I'm using the fireman suit in my current game and survived a lot thanks to it. The times I got hit by a zombie, it did no damage to me... so I'm guessing it works?
  5. I, too, think that OP is judging the new combat system a bit too harshly, HOWEVER, I also agree that there are certain WTF moments. The player gets bitten very fast at time, and two zombies being able to over-topple you seemingly at random IS annoying as hell. Same with the "open door, get bitten"-thing that apparently is also an issue now. At the end of the day I thought that this makes guns more useful, because you can effectively / more safely clear out larger groups, but... honestly, I still don't think guns are useful. You're just causing more zombies to appear, which with the combat system, is something you really don't want (again). PS: I also didn't liked the old combat system, because it was boring as hell (easy to keep a full group in check with just walking backwards and swinging the axe) and always the same. So going by that, the new system is a big improvement... just needs some more improvements.
  6. I think it is important to differentiate the input devices. From the post above I can read out that he is playing with a gamepad. Personally I only use mouse and keyboard, so my experience is completely different.
  7. I thought the same at first. Now I'm a couple hours in and already got used to it. The only thing annoying me is the extra step that happens if you try to turn (via sneak / weapon ready) while running. Also the mouse cursor needs improvement, but that's it from me.
  8. I'm good on the way there. Not sure yet if I will actually make it that far, but my car and gear make it look like a possibility. Just need a sledgehammer to demolish stairs and then we'll see.
  9. As this is a mod idea... why does it matter that the game is set in the 90s? Aren't there also gun mods that add non-90s stuff? Why is it nobody complains about them? (That's a rhetorical question, I know why.) Theme consistency shouldn't be enforced hard when it comes to mods... after all, nobody is forced to download and use them.
  10. Wait, so putting a fridge in front of a door does nothing now?
  11. I haven't played much yet, but I guess it's all futile once you got your roof farm up and running again, as Zs will be unable to reach you.
  12. Same issue with the saving. It seems character progress isn't saved, while everything else is. I have no mods running.
  13. My first impression is that it's really damn hard now. Not sure how to get around all the zombies, because usually they are everywhere and any sound draws them all to the player, who now has a much harder time with fighting them. Honestly not sure what to do once 10 zombies are behind me, because I can't even run away -- that just draws more zombies. I'm guessing the game will be much easier in multiplayer mode, where players can lure groups away and stuff. Also got scratched and bitten a couple times because I've apparently swung my weapon in the wrong direction -- aiming got harder for me. /Edit: I think my aiming troubles are caused by the mouse cursor, because the character isn't exactly rotated to where the cursor is? Like, the mouse is on a zombie, but the barely visible shadow aim thingy is in a different spot, thus I won't be hitting.
  14. Lexx2k

    When Dabs Go Wrong

    Looks like it will be easy to implement segways.
  15. Lexx2k


    Wait, so will this inventory change make everything better or just introduce even more annoying clickery?
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