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  1. i had the same laceration to the neck. On the same hit zombie took out my helmet and hit a laceration wound. Zombies should even been able to take out the helmet i think.
  2. Hemophobic now gain stress which leads to depression in less than a day u have 2 bad moods to the top, should it cost more than only -3 points or make it more slow the stress gain??? i mean smoker give u -4 points and never get tho moods to the top negative and is also easier to manage than cleaning your clothes every time u kill a horde cuz u need soap and a lot of water to do it.
  3. Game star getting a lot of lag just a few seconds into the game, i already try reinstalling. Maybe a memory leak. (MAC VERSION)
  4. "Some weight related traits now reduce fitness." character will recover the fitness points after be in proper weight???
  5. Any one else have a lot of lag with this new patch? (mac version)
  6. if u still have the problem try re installing the game it worked for me
  7. i been playing CDDA and after quitting the game and trying to reenter i can't because it say my character is dead and ask me to star a new one. I try playing again and most of the time it does the same thing. Im on mac version.
  8. Its cool to have these little fixes so soon, thank u debs. Looking forward for the new updates.
  9. Even cooler than survive a bite would be able to chop your arm with your axe if u were bitten there LOL and only be able to use one arm.
  10. I think that dragginn a weapon from the belt might be to fast, i doesn't look as smooth like the others animation maybe lower the speed 30-40%. Also i notice that eating small portions of food take to long, like berries or small can of soda and still can eat frozen food. The animation to take water from lake could be made in the knees? maybe foraging as well or 50-50%. Also now that we are wearing a lots of clothes we have to scroll down more to get to the bottom inventory maybe consider add a fold window for the clothes wearing, also the clock might be consider as a clothe item to wear it. Medicines splinters and medicinal plant might be consider as medicine instead of item to help sort the inventory. If u add wild life later would be cool to have wild dogs and wolfs as a threat in mid game, would be nice to die to a bear as well. Combinations of skills like mechanics 8 and metalwork 9 to reinforce car with metal sheets to encourage player to leave their bases and grind to get cool stuff. Also thank u for your work with the new built i died like 30 times before passing one month, love the new game mechanics .
  11. I have the same problem, on a mac mini late 2012
  12. The sound of the rains are missing on mac version also wind inside building. great work greeting.
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