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  1. yeah i think devs should change the name of sneaking to just "crouching". it makes a lot of confusion since we have a definition of sneaking related to stealth. i made a little guide based on personal experience to sneak hope it helps.
  2. Is there a way to let the animation end just like u were pressing the aim bottom even if u already let it go, instead of being totally steady
  3. This the main weapon i use, and works just fine until u are in top spot. Basically if let go the aim button during the animation it will let u stock in the place just like the first attempt to fix it. This doesn't happen of course if u let the animation end keeping right click but it u let it go by accident or just because you want to move as soon as possible cuz u are about to be overrun by zombies it let u stock in place no moving an inch, i feel that actually adds some extra time to the animation being very punishing for the player. I hope it could be tested further and manage to polish it more. i feel something similar with the machete as well.
  4. -Zombie spanning inside unaccessible areas like under stair in the prison and bunker at the train bunkers. Yellow vest clipping way to much with the hoddie. Sheet not showing when putting on doors. -Making coffee will be consume the hole bottle just to make a cup
  5. The picture show how its seen from behind the bunkers, you can see trees and zombies inside the unaccessible area in the bunker
  6. Blood seems to be very bright mac version
  7. So far its been good for me, i try it on a mac mini late 2012 intel graphics card 4000
  8. Can u specify what u mean with strangeness on mac? also when all zoom out it gets really blurry (mac version)
  9. In the start menu you select apocalypse mode and it says "stealth focus, combat better avoided". I tried a character with no skills on steal an zombies detect me from far away, then i try a character with burglar skills and inscompicuos and there is no evident difference between the two characters, there is no way to be stealth and avoid combat with zombies. Im ok if u wanna leave it like that i have more than 800 hrs into the game i can handle it, but new players will not have a chance and will drop the game immediately for sure. I hope u can make more test on it.
  10. Thanks for the update keep it up!!! I know u have more important things to fix just suggestions: to allow to change the color of aim reticule cuz in winter it may be hard to see with the snow i fix this taking out transparency, different color for front door and back door instead of all squares green so player can be sure he entering driver seat, be able to se weapon durability on the radial menu so player can select according to the situation. Precursor moodle to excertion and tired since now affects combat would be nice to know before it affect player strategy. More positive moodles like content so there is a point to gain happiness with food. Idle animation according to moodle like crying when depressed so player can empathy and will be more interested in to keep the character content and not abuse negative moodles with fast forward time. This is not only my ideas but things that we spoke in the community. Again thanks for listening to the community.
  11. would be cool for combat be still while you swing a weapon but while recovering the swing be able to move it feels way to static to be still during the hole animation even if the movement is slow but been able to move give more fluent combat feeling
  12. Some clothes are appearing pitch black on item menu and world (mac version). Also where is the best place to suggest improvements for gameplay, i want to suggest allow player to rename category for items to improve inventory management, since there is every update more items for fishing, capentry, metal work, canned food categories etc.
  13. I had 300 hr before build 41 now i almost have 700 hr thats how much i love this game. BUGS: -When player runs against 3-4 zombies it pass them and sometimes fall backwards resulting in certain dead. -When player runs against zombies and fall and recover it does a little sprint on recover but if there is and object in front when recovering he can get stuck. -When player opens a window to a zombie trying to enter zombie looks backwards and then enters, taking precious time to escape -Wood axe animation cancelling also it should weight 4 kg to balance -Carrying over 50 kg capacity pumping gas cans -Sometimes bandages can't be removed when exit and re enter the game with them -Player prioritize aiming at windows instead of zombies with guns -Wet clothes can warm player instead of giving hypothermia, thats fact -Cars can traverse double door -If zombie is clipping under a broken window it can't be hit -Cant clean backpack Suggestions to improve gameplay: * Allow player to assign category to items to improve the inventory management * Combination of traits to have a more rich gameplay exg. cooking 5 and trapping 6 can allow to make dry meat *Small chance of zombie crossing fence standing up this will make player to be always aware of some risk and won't be to easy to abuse *Crawlers should make player stumble if running over them *Miner helmet with real flashlight also a lighter version of flashlight 2 kg is to heavy i mean and axe weight 3 kg *Allow to use batteries on video games and disk player to reduce boredom *Crossbow (not bow, not crafftable) for hunting update with very slow recharge and not totally silent and can only make bolts at level 8 carpentry, balance to not clear zombie hordes Thanks and happy new year Devs and players *
  14. - Sometimes when passing over trees no branches sound -When zombies break windows and player is no looking at the action it wont sound -Zombies keep making the chasing noise even when losing the player and been idle -Snowstorm looks great but muted no wind and cracking branches sound -Birds sounds during winter -Zombies don't ear windows of car been broken -If player saw logs and then build wall it will keep making the saw logs sound instead of hammering -Sometimes footsteps of player don't sound on grass *Soundtracks are great but random not according to the situation of the player (planting carrots with intense music lol) Please comment if u notice more sound problems.
  15. had the same problem. Also sometimes zombies can bite o lacerate my character and the clothes didnt get damage at all so i don't know if the armor system is working properly.
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