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  1. shadows in death zombies looks sooooo weird can that be removed the way it was before was ok
  2. Combat around windows: -The attacks from crawler zombie that came from a window can queue so if u get hit twice u will fall twice also queue with the last action u made so u can be stun lock to death. -Crawler zombie become untargetable while he is launching his attack. So if u attack this one you will swing to the air and get hit by the zombie. -The attacks from crawler zombie has a long phantom range and also is a 360 hit box. *Suggestion make the attack from crawlers faster but also the make stunt way shorter also less chances to fall. Get rid of the phantom range and 360 attack. Also: -Sometimes when u knockout a zombie it falls and then he flips forward making weird to follow with a finishing strike to the ground. -Knife stabs sometime doesn't register i would say 5% of the times. -Zombies that become regular crawlers has weird hit box u have to move away from them to detect the hitbox properly.
  3. Loot all - Keybinding : the Botton loot all is quite small hot key would be useful specially when the house u looting is being overrun by zombies Consume vitamins Like food : Take all, alf or 1/4 to save a lot of clicking for the small benefit each take gives. Eating can food: was ok the way it was why add unnecessary steps to open and then eating, we already have tedious mechanics dissembling lots of furniture and lamps to get xp. Ability to assign categories to items: u keep adding items but not way to manage the inventory properly. We need to separate meds, fishing tools, electrics, tools etc etc. Ability to dissemble tvs like lamps so we don't have to pick them up and then dissemble same thing for radios. Autowalk-run button. I know we have click and walk but keybinding will be more confortable specially for people with wrist problems. Music changes when u fight one single zombie: make it when u have agro from 5 or more i think regular player can handle 2 or 3 zombies so the music don't need to change to a dramatic state
  4. Additional space on vest like the foreman vest, hunting vest would be cool 5 units just for medicines and some ammo the models already have nice pockets
  5. Here we go again somebody will ask "MP when" and somebody will say "MP will be ready when nobody ask for it in the post" LOL
  6. this happen when u drop ur offhand bag on the top floor of a two stores buildings. In the picture i dropped my bag on the floor and the sprite appear on the other corner of the room but u can pick it up and access where my character is
  7. -You can get Stun lock with zombies that push from the ground last to long an on top of that sometimes it queues with the last action like a swing of a weapon or even they can make u fall twice -If u enter a window that as a table or a box in front and a zombie immediately follows u get the it when a zombie push u inside and then u get hit by the animation from the same zombie on the ground basically the zombie will push u twice -If u are in a situation where u when exit a house that has been overrun, and the window that u chose to escape suddenly appears a zombie he will push u inside u fall and then he push again from the ground u fall again by the time u are up the room already is overrun the stun lock last so long, u have to take into account that players also fight zombies in different situations and sometimes its not fair to be stun lock for so long *I will suggets to lower the time u get stunned by zombies that come from windows an fences will be enough to stop abusing the mechanic and remove or lower more the chance of that hit will make u fall to the ground. And give the ability of make u fall to the ground to the regular crawler right now the only problem with crawlers is how hard is to find the hit box to kill them but they are just annoying to deal with, they don't represent a tread so if the can make u fall will give them a more important role in the game u can even add crawlers without legs or something more impactful. -Knife stabs sometime doesn't register i would say 5% of the times. Also sometimes even with a oneshoot stab it will alert zombies near like if was a regular weapon. -Zombies that become crawlers has weird hit box u have to move away from them to detect the hitbox properly -Sometimes zombies come from windows sometimes character can't find the hitbox and he just push -Problem with wood axe sometimes character push even when he has a perfect distance for a swing. Also is hard to hit a surprise attack to a zombie from the back cuz the swing is to slow and i guess the "sound" of the action reproduces when u pull the axe to do the swing and so the zombie gets alerted before the swing starts. -Sometimes character can't find hitbox even when the zombie is in front for perfect swing i would say this happen with any weapon 2%-5% of the time character launch swings without finding the hitbox
  8. Maybe higher chance to fail jumping or 50% slower jumping the fence
  9. Great update !!! i didnt believe u would do the offhand backpacks looks pretty cool some purses and the first aid kid looks kind of bright when in the dark. - Also u could make the animation of opening windows and looting be with one hand so the handoff bag doesn't disappear (totally not game breaking tho) and maybe be slower when opening/closing windows cuz just using one hand -People will not like this one but does the offhand bag should have the same carry capacity than the backpack or should have less capacity??? just a thing to consider or maybe just balanced with being slower to open and close windows or adding the vest with small space to the storage -Can u add the same thing of being bloody or dirty, when spending to much time under the snow having clothes with spots of snow would hugely immersive for winter
  10. can u add the military flash light that is L shape and be putted in the belt like the walkie talkie and made it a rare item to find?????
  11. Door disappear when its open, also zombies will go straight through those wired windows.
  12. There is a change that the character will fall on his butt when pushing zombies running been a certain death. Falling on the knees is fine cuz there is a chance that u will recover if there is no zombie on you but falling on the butt will always kill u.
  13. yeah i think devs should change the name of sneaking to just "crouching". it makes a lot of confusion since we have a definition of sneaking related to stealth. i made a little guide based on personal experience to sneak hope it helps.
  14. Is there a way to let the animation end just like u were pressing the aim bottom even if u already let it go, instead of being totally steady
  15. This the main weapon i use, and works just fine until u are in top spot. Basically if let go the aim button during the animation it will let u stock in the place just like the first attempt to fix it. This doesn't happen of course if u let the animation end keeping right click but it u let it go by accident or just because you want to move as soon as possible cuz u are about to be overrun by zombies it let u stock in place no moving an inch, i feel that actually adds some extra time to the animation being very punishing for the player. I hope it could be tested further and manage to polish it more. i feel something similar with the machete as well.
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