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  1. PZ-NOOB

    Gaia Alpha 3 "A New Beginning"

    This map looks awesome beyond measure, how much is left to do before its completely finished?
  2. PZ-NOOB

    Z3759xy 's tbx-Topic

    This stuff looks awesome, hope its finished one day.
  3. PZ-NOOB

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    Hey ORGM been ages since i was on here, hows the mod going?
  4. PZ-NOOB

    NecroForge (OUTDATED)

    thanks for the re-post Svarog, just one little thing, how do I install it? I downloaded it but its just a file filled with many numbers and letters. Sorry I lack the intelligence to understand it. xD Thanks.
  5. PZ-NOOB

    NecroForge (OUTDATED)

    Any chance of the download link being fixed doesn't work for me :C
  6. PZ-NOOB

    The brutal truth about helicopters?

    maybe its the military's intentions to alert infected and to draw them back into the centre of Kentucky, to slow the spread of infection? Or maybe they want our survivors dead because we could be contaminated and escaping the quarantine (which being a living human we have a greater chance of doing) would lead to a pandemic of catastrophic proportions. Just a thought.
  7. PZ-NOOB

    Sleeping Bag Mod

    Hi just want to say this mod is awesome, keep up the great work
  8. PZ-NOOB

    Waffles vs Pancakes

    What if we combined a Pancake, with a Waffle, to make a: Waffcake?
  9. PZ-NOOB

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    YAY not long till PKP Pecheneg is added, BTW ORMtnMan the list of new weapons looks awesome, keep up the great work. We all love this mod.
  10. PZ-NOOB

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    when you say "new guns". Do you have some sort of list of what these will be?
  11. PZ-NOOB

    I survived for .... long

    currently survived 6 months and 8 days on build 33, I built a base hidden far in the woods, with only my trusty silverhawk shotgun for company, was going on a routine mission to find some water containers had been running low on supplies. I went the same way through the woods as I always did, but this was different, I saw a zombie and I made a catastrophic mistake, I shot him, there was only one but as soon as I shot my gun I knew I was in trouble. The woods shook and the zombies groaned as they closed in from all directions. I ran through the woods for some time, lost them after a while. But the damage was done I had taken so many turns I had no idea where I was, tried to find my way back but it was futile. I died of thirst. TIP: when building a base in the woods try and cut down the trees to make a path. Don't use signs, there not always easy to see.
  12. PZ-NOOB


    why are people so crazy bout NPCs? they should be the last thing that are added to a Alpha game. If they add NPCs now they will have to update them every time something else is updated. Yes, I want them don't get me wrong but, adding them now will create more problems down the road. I think we should all just wait, "the suspense is always better/worse than the actual event." EDIT: and TDL had a weekly blog that was released every Friday.
  13. PZ-NOOB

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    I was looking at the 2 do list and saw something about "Trophy weapons", would these be like really rare weapons for example a Browning Millennium, or would they have special perks or names like an extra large magazine or further range or an internal silencer. Just curious.
  14. PZ-NOOB

    Pemberton, Wigan, UK (Very Early Stages)

    looks good, I'm looking forward to this.
  15. PZ-NOOB


    In this game electricity means nothing to me, all it does is keep lights on, fridges humming and cookers cooking. Fridges yeah there ok but after all the foods perished fridges mean very little (don't like farming), ovens are good for cooking but there are BBQ's and camp fires to replace them when the powers gone, and lights? all they do for me is look pretty. I want new and interesting ways to use electricity, charging battery's, powering long range radios, making electric traps, maybe a fence that kills (or seriously injures) you when you try to climb it when electricity's going through it, electric doors that are stronger than your average door, cameras that adds cones of vision where they are pointing or in a window, electric traps. What do you guys think about electricity? Do we need more options with it?