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  1. I was like "What are you talking about it is on the front page." Your right, there is no other way to download.
  2. Zombie disappearing no. But with the invisible one odds are it is a zombie out of range but is looking at you so it sets off the zoink alarm.
  3. Then why repair it at all if the final result is a smaller space? Should work that you get a larger space based on your mechanics skill. And the lower you are the less overall space you can have.
  4. Not sure how they do something like this but it would be nice if they added a variable in the system on how things are done with all traits but it would be in the background and we would not know it. IE a random number gen for each trait. Say from 0-75. If you pick the trait you have 25-100. With bravery. So say if you do not pick bravery you could panic very quickly and be nervous most times if you have a low number. Maybe you get lucky and roll a 75 and in most situations you are pretty calm. If you take the Brave trait you get a 25 point bonus. At one point I asked about this and staff stated that you are supposed to become slowly desensitized to the whole thing. Less panic the longer you play/more you kill. Not sure if this is true or not as I tend to not last more than a couple months at most. Some how there is a always a zombie that sprints up to me from a dark corner and has an instant kill bite.
  5. Have you tried bringing up the option settings? The key V and changing seats?
  6. I read above that you said that you only update for the public releases. NP I can imagine that trying to update each time the beta changes something would be a PITA. So my questions. I just installed on my work machine which is very low in power so I am using a pre-vehicle build to play. When it comes out of beta vehicle build will we still have an option to be able to use Hydrocraft since once you start updating it to the new release it will change many things that would not be backwards compatible. So going forward will there be an option to use Hydrocraft on the older release or will it just be broken for the older builds. If you make separate Hydrocraft builds would you be wiling to do many of the update/bug fixes on the pre-vehicle build as well.
  7. Sux most for me is when they are behind a door and can get me and I have no idea they are there. Here is what your kinda looking for so take a version you like. Steam Workshop :: No More Hidden Zombies (x2) Steam Workshop :: No More Hidden Zombies (x3) Steam Workshop :: No More Hidden Zombies (x4)
  8. Trees growing in less than a year on pavement? Heck there are known towns that are still standing that were abandoned all through the world and no trees busting up through the streets. Even after 20-50 years. Leave the trees out of it and I can be cool with grass and bushes being grown that maybe I can remove say if I was wanting a clean looking safe house area.
  9. That I do agree with. They probably would be better at figuring that one out.
  10. This would be an interesting idea. It is basically death but kept at bay so inattention is not a good idea. It would have to spawn on zombies as well but as a super rare chance. But it might work out better if you gave out points on the severity of the condition. In the times it is not take you steadily get weaker (loose a point in strength and fitness) and start having vision issues along with nausea. 4 points for a mild condition where you take 1 pill a day. Dead in 4 days if not taken. 6 points for a worse condition where you take 2 pills a day. Dead in 3 days if not taken. 8 ................................................................... 3 pills a day. Dead in two days if not taken. 10 ................................................................. 4 pills a day. Dead in one day if not taken. You get more points for the more severe the issue yet you pay for it by constantly having to find a supply. The only thing I would say is that there should be some big scores in houses as many people get 90-180 day supplies in the 90's.
  11. Since so much has changed over the years and mods become outdated since the coders are updating and changing things all the time to fix and improve the game you think maybe that an API type for modders might be created and you can update the API without changing how mods hook in? As a layman would this simplify things for both sides? Or do the mods try to overwrite the vanilla with their calls and this is where the errors tend to come in? So far was not able to reproduce the death from overweight.
  12. It would be nice that once a car is below a certain damaged threshold you should be able to take a torch to it and remove it from the world.
  13. I will see if I can reproduce it as I am certain it has happened to me where I was overloaded and my health just kept dropping. Freaked me out so I searched the forum and found the answer about weight damage.
  14. Simplest solution is not to log out with Extremely Heavy Load. I am not saying this to be an ass. Just if you happen to know this is an issue then why not stop doing it. I have never played on a MP server so I can only imagine why this is happening. In sandbox mode if you carry to much for to long you strain your back critically and you must drop all the weight. Only way to fix this is to get someplace safe and sleep it off. Sounds like you log off and time passes on server so when you log back in it drops all that critical damage on you. Have you tried dropping everything and get some sleep?
  15. Thanks for pointing that out. Something I should have already thought of as I have been playing for a long enough time to know that the cut off by the game is firm.
  16. So does this allow you to grow things in winter?
  17. Just stood next to it with a propane torch and welding mask. I have many mods in so not sure if vanilla or not but you might need a magazine or be a certain level.
  18. Working on dismantling cars and found that if an empty torch is first it wont allow you to work. You have to move it to a bag or drop it to start.
  19. Not a bad idea. Could be hooked into the cooking skill as well so that a higher level cook would be able to make better calls on the quality of the food. This way a higher level cook can easily see food is bad for you where a person who never cooked would still might eat the food. Most of us can tell when something is rotten. What would get most of us is the iffy stage. Give a high level cook a very small iffy stage. Get rid of the actual numbers and go color code. This way it is blind luck for a low level person it can still be yellow where as the high level cook would know it is red and drop it.
  20. OK. Thanks for the heads up. Been a bit since I played a vanilla game so my ideas seem a bit off. Thanks for answering. -edit So if the mods that are not using the new method kinda implies that when using a mod made item I might have been running around naked. I see the new conditions added to the base game. Is there anyehere I can can read up one what they mean? ( ConditionLowerChanceOneIn, ConditionMax, Insulation) Reading between the lines I understand what they are but I was wondering about an official description of them.
  21. Yes and understood about the clothes. What about the idea of being able to drop fuel onto a heat source or expanding the context menu?
  22. So started in March and the biggest issue is staying warm. Even with a down jacket I pretty much am freezing to death most times. A few times I was freezing even standing next to a lit BBQ grill inside a building. So I was wondering if for warmth rating that smaller rooms are easier to heat up to a very warm rating while trying to warm up say a warehouse would make it only a few spaces next to the heat source being any good. Lets say a room 8x8 can be warmed up at the outer reaches by a small amount while slowly going in warms up more. The room being larger the over all warmth would be low. In a room that is only 2x2 a heat source would/could be blazing hot so that even the coldest nights would not bother you. Also wondered about the ability to add more to a fire instead of one at a time. Logs and lumber is not to bad but trying to add coal it takes ten clicks to use a bag. It would be nice if we could just drop the fuel on a heat source and it uses all that was dropped into it. Maybe another option on the context menu when over a heat source you get the option of one half or all, similar to the grabbing of loose items.
  23. How about an going back to the original and they lead zombies in a certain direction. Hover in other locations to draw them there. Another really random on just for kicks (maybe 0.01 percent) they paint areas colors to try and note zed movement.
  24. I do kinda of like the idea that if the chopper comes around and your willing to try and be in a area long enough for the chopper to "see" you that there is a chance of a care package.
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