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  1. Are you playing on a Mac, too? Or did you experience the bug with the Windows version? I'm thinking about running PZ with Bootcamp & Windows to finally have access to Kingsmouth... I'd love to be able to play that map
  2. It happened again. I was hoping that with the following guide I'd be able to play Kingsmouth. But again in the 4th or 5th night: crash when sleeping. This time it crashed on waking up. All else was exactly as described above.
  3. I've encountered the same Issue. Mac Version 41.20, Kingsmouth. Game crashes when trying to sleep, about 5 or 6 days in. When you restart PZ and hit "continue", you begin sleeping and the came crashes upon waking up. Restarting again, all seems to be fine, but all or almost all zombies are gone. Ironically, I got an Helicopter Event that very moment. No zombies anywhere. Game crashes on Quit Game. No sleep related traits if I remember correctly. First zip is after first crash, second zip is after second crash. 2.zip 1.zip
  4. I get massive FPS Drops and Crashes whenever I go near the newly transparent tall fences. PC and Mac version. logs.zip
  5. Hi nasKo, yes, that would be great. Thank you!
  6. I assume that you are referring to the greenhouses? As far as I know, the game makes no difference between rooms with glass walls&roofs and any other rooms. And this is only a map mod without any scripts. I never tested if you can grow things inside during winter... but the greenhouses will be of no help, sorry...
  7. one more... reduced image quality due to upload limit.
  8. Here's some more WIP screenshots. Will release in some days (I hope...)
  9. Hi to all I started to work on some small map mods, the intention is to add some locations and points of interest. The first mod will be "Greene's HQ": it's located southwest of Riverside and adds a Greene's store, a small office building, a villa and a lot of greenhouses. I finished all the buildings, but the surroundings still need some polish. I hope I can release the map soon. Here's 2 teaser images:
  10. Hi, it'd be great if you could change my displayed name to MECR. I'm planning to release a map mod, and MECR is my username at steam, so to avoid any confusion... a big THANK YOU for the best game I played in years
  11. MECR

    tree wind

    Afaik it's already being worked on. There was a video from the guy working on the weather effects, several Thursdoids ago, or even back in the Mondoid Era...? Edit - here it is:
  12. This may be an older bug. I experienced this issue once or twice in 37.14. This game was heavily modded, so I didn't care to report - I was certain it was because of the mods. Now that others experience the exact same issue, I'm not so sure. Maybe it is worth noting that this bug may have already existed back in 37.14.
  13. Thank you a lot for your quick reaction to this issue. Now I can play again... the game that I love so much
  14. MacOS Version crashes to Desktop Have tried with or without mods, new game or existing save. After "Click to begin", it crashes. 39.56 worked fine.
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