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  1. Had this idea when I thought what I really would do first in case I was trapped in the Zombie Apocalypse... like if I was a Mechanic in Rosewood and had a GF working at the Diner in Dixie. I mean, who wouldn't put all his efforts into finding her? Once NPC come out, this could be a real story / campaign mode but for the meantime it could work on a smaller scale, too. So if I'm in Rosewood and am pretty sure that my girl is most likely a walking dead, wouldn't I want to find her, put her to rest and burry her? How this could work: After Character Creation, have the Player design another Character (or several of them, like parents) and have them choose a personal item to identify the corpse, like an ID Card, a locket, a ring and so on. And let them specify where this "Special Z" starts. Then in game, do the following: Display a Question Mark above any Zombie that looks similar and that roams the "Target Area" and also above the one Special Z, of course. Could give this game mode actually an end goal without any fuzz about rescue or cure.
  2. I can confirm this for 41.27, too. There's two of them in front of my car, one very close and the other some 10 meters away.
  3. Hi, since I'm no native English speaker, I don't know how to explain it better. Testet the Zoom Build today with insane population and a Fitness+Running Char. The Z's arrange in patterns that look weirdly off after running past them and they loose interest. I think it's best seen in the screenshots. Maybe this is no Zoom Build issue, but happens in IWBUMS also. Can't tell because I never run
  4. 11. Normally, you can't get out of a moving car and that's good. I found out the hard way that there's a way to jump out at high speed stuntman-like: I ate some chips and accidentally pressed E (wanted to press V to start the heater). Upps. Well, I thought, he will not get out of a moving vehicle and so I accelerated. But as soon as the eating was finished he jumped out.
  5. So here's some new ones plus a fact check on #2. 2. Went on a window smashing spree and couldn't reproduce. Maybe that was just a one-in-a-time weirdness. 6. The Storage Facility near Riverside has two toilet rooms that are missing doors. You have to sledgehammer your way in. 7. Graphical Glitch at the Clothing Shop in Riverside (I play on a Mac btw) - somehow the mannequins are "mirrored" outside the shop. 8. PLEASE do something for cars flipping over (few) bodies on low speed. I just lost a promising character this way. I cleared maybe 20 Z's outside my base, 10 of them already on the ground, very low speed because it was a scrap limo with low hp, was not driving in circles, when all of a sudden the car flipped. That's just not physically possible. There wasn't a pile of bodies and with like 10 kph at most I don't see how a 1.5 to limo would ever flip when driving over was what maybe 6 bodies. I consider this to be a bug but have to cope with feeling a cheater if I activate my backup 9. Now I'm perhaps a bit pedantic but the char died when the driver side window broke due to zombie attacks. Thing is, the limo was lying on the driver's side window, the windshield was intact, and their should be no way for zombies to reach you, as it is when you park close to a building. Edit: They shouldn't have been able to reach the driver's side window in the first place to damage it, as the car was lying flat on that window without moving. Edit2: forgot one. 10. The sound radius function for attracting z's with vehicle sirens, honks, house alarms etc. is larger than what the player can actually hear. To reproduce: start the siren on a police car and go away. After some distance, you won't hear the siren anymore but there will be lots of z's who follow that sound. This makes no sense lorewise since the living should be able to hear better than the dead On Singleplayer, this is not so important but with Multiplayer I see problems, when you have hordes moving and you have no chance to have a clue at wtf is actually going on. Edit3 - I promise it's the last one also zombies inside buildings seem to be agitated by a close siren the same way as the ones outside, while if you're going in the building, the siren will be not as loud as outside.
  6. Cool and thank you, Pandorea! 2. I tested it on more windows. "Normal house" windows work, and I also had similar looking "Business" windows that were smashable. Currently I have the impression that it could be an issue with the direction the window is facing? I'm quite sure that while I wasn't able to smash the windows mentioned above that were facing south, I was able to smash similar ones which were facing north. Will check again and report back.
  7. 1. Cars can spawn with more fuel than the (damaged) gas tank can hold 2. Windows - again. Found a Window that can not be smashed with melee weapons. Makes the "thump"-sound that you hear when banging a door with your weapon. Rightclicking and choosing "Smash Window" works, though. Found on these windows at the Riverside supermarket, had a Baseball Bat equipped. Didn't test on other windows yet. 3. Ok that's a minor one but spelling Police T-Shirts are labelled "Tshirts". Gesundheit! 4. Not sure if it's a bug or balancing issue or just me having really bad luck 5 times in a row: Has the risk of tripping when running through hordes been raised? I'm a very experencied player and used to crowd control with running and shouting. I got into some really tight situations that way and of course I know it's supposed to be risky. But after some 250+ hours in builds 41.xx I never tripped when running around and through crowds. Yesterday, I died 5 times in a row that way It's always the same build, Burglar with Athletic, extreme Underweight, Runner and Gymnastic traits. 5. I'm not sure on this one, if it's a vanilla thing or just rumours. I read somewhere that if you're playing standard modes like Apokalypse and Survivor, that after roughly two weeks in, spawns of military and survivor special Z's will raise. A played Apo a lot, but always with mods like Unique Z, so I can't tell if that's true or not. For some time now, I play vanilla 6 month later with insane population, and I've never seen any military or survivor special Z ever. Some characters made it close to two months. So if it's true and there is a function for spawning these zeds with time, shouldn't they spawn in 6 Months later from the very beginning and in greater numbers?
  8. Had an Error where the Main Menu Screen wouldn't show that I could solve myself. So I'm leaving this here, if anyone runs into the same issue. For mods, I was using the great mod "Mod Presets" that lets you save said Presets in the OLD Mod Menu. Obviously, this is outdated now. I deleted this mod from default.txt and now the game runs again.
  9. These are great Ideas. PBL_Gaming had another one while streaming, which would add well imho: Have every Z that climbs the fence have a small chance to damage it. So that it eventually breaks, more so if you lure a whole horde over it.
  10. In tight situations, I don't use "E" but instead "V" and then the radial menu. That's also not perfectly safe, but saved me many times.
  11. That "Window Bug" sure is frustrating. Died several times to that one now. It's always the same: Zombie right in front of me, but the PC hits the window behind it. Or Zombie in the doorway in front of me, but PC hits the window next to the door. And always, PC's orientation / combat stance is perfect in relation to the attacking zombie. Also not panicked or other bad moodlets. That really shouldn't happen. So right now there's several kinds of encounters you've got to outright avoid in order to stay safe.
  12. This works fine, but can be dangerous, too. Notifications like Update Reminders from other programs etc. will now randomly interfere and steal the mouse & keyboard focus from the PZ process. If this happens while fighting, you are dead.
  13. I did this and it still crashes Can I do anything else to help? Maybe uploading the savegame?
  14. Ok I tried it with the Kingsmouth.lua you posted. Sadly, it still crashes when I try to sleep. Or was I supposed to start a new game?
  15. Wow, thanks a lot! I will test that tomorrow (it's already 10 pm where I live). Glad you found the cause of this issue
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