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    Lag Fightin'

    Well, you didn't say "No", so I'll take that as a "Prolly at some point down the line, although not any time soon." That said tho, my idea for the implementation of it (I think) wouldn't require any systems that don't already exist. It would basically work just like a car- You wouldn't actually "walk" inside, you'd just "enter" it (just like the cars). First, once inside, you'd have access to a few containers (Basically, the Gloves Box, but many and of varied capacities), some of these containers (fridge, cupboards, kitchen counter and the like) could be removable and replaceable with something else of specific conditions (just like we already replace car parts like the Radio). Sure, you wouldn't be able to decorate it or create a garden inside, but you'd have some allowance of customization, especially in regards useful devices (Radios, Microwaves, Washing Machines, Computers once they're in) .Then you'd either move to various places around (maybe to the kitchen area, or the bed area, and such) it using the number keys (just like moving from seat to seat in cars) or it would simply enable a radial menu with a myriad of available options (again, just like the cars) and use the ones you want (like Sleeping, using the radio, or putting something in the oven for cooking). Just like car, it wouldn't be Zed-free; it would have windows that can be broken, a door that can be busted, and tires that will pop if not taken care off. The whole place would be powered either by the car (having it serve as a generator; both in the sense of fuel consumption and noise) or with a series of batteries (which could also be recharged by your car) or by hooking it to a building (like a generator, but the other way around). Just my two cents...
  2. Blake81

    Lag Fightin'

    I'll say, I'm really looking forward to the towing. Does this mean we'll ever have the much-requested Trailer/RV? I actually have a few ideas on how one of those could work without the player actually having to "walk inside".
  3. Found two more while checking the Cubicles thing: Two-Slots Whiteboard: It's actually two three-slots school white boards cut up and put together. If you try to pick either side up, it turns into a 3-slots and can't be picked (same problem as the double shelves from before) Triple-Size Office Desk (found on the 2nd floor of the WP Office Building) This one doesn't even register when you try to pick it up. Also, found something interesting about the Cubicles (which may or may not be a bug), you can pick each side INDEPENDENTLY, and put down just like that. Meaning that you can split them and use them split.
  4. Glad to be of help! Also, forgot to ask, but I noticed that Cubicles got a strikethrough in the first post. Does that mean they can be removed now? Haven't tried removing them in a long while now (and I've really wanted to use them for a lot of things).
  5. Can't believe I had never seen this thread. So lemme add a few: Corner Bookshelf They've never been possible to pick up. Double-Slot Low Shelves They're actually TWO TRIPLE SLOT shelves put together, compacted using some kind of Dev-Only tool that makes the impossible to pick up. Secret Base Radar Dishes Even if you build a ledge up to them, they can't be picked up.
  6. Blake81

    Witness the Fitness

    MP is so close we can almost taste it now...
  7. Blake81

    The Walking Spiff

    Even if it's WIP, it's still a massive improvement over the last vid (where the other players moved like perfectly-unmoving dolls sliding across a board), so we can see that progress is being made, and MP is getting closer and closer.
  8. I'll say, this looks pretty solid, and yeah, it's something that should be on the Vanilla game. Maybe not with every car, but with specific tow trucks.
  9. Blake81

    PriZon Break

    Ah, OK... Pity... hope we can get that in eventually. Especially for the doctor's coat.
  10. Blake81

    PriZon Break

    Does this mean we'll be able to wear jackets and coats open?
  11. I must say I like this idea! A skilled tailor should also be able to modify their bag in various ways; more capacity in exchange for durability, more weight reduction in exchange for capacity, more durability in exchange for weight reduction, and so on. There would always be something you have to sacrifice to get something else. This could be quite helpful to have certain bags tailored to specific purposes; like say, a less durable but more weight reducing for hauling furniture around, or a bigger one with less durability and weight reduction, but with plenty of space, as you just keep it in the floor as a container. The possibilities here are many...
  12. I can confirm this, and it happens with the military bag too, specially the non-camo one which is more visible.
  13. Just found a bit of a bug with the new home page. The "View All News" button at the bottom doesn't work. It gives me a 404 error.
  14. TBH, trash disposal was never a problem to me. I just stuff my trash into a dead body and burn/bury it, and problem solved. Only things that gave me problems were car parts (broken hoods and windshields mostly) due to their weight. I wish we were able to "scrap" broken car parts (or car parts as a whole) for materials rather than just throwing them away. I mean, I'm pretty sure I can get some bits of metal plating from a wrecked hood or door. also a broken windshield should just vanish, just like headlights/taillights do already. IMHO, I think that'd be a much better fix than a magic trash can option; I do agree it feels videogamey, and I worry it may be abused on MP (unless, of course, it can be disabled).
  15. I think he may have been sarcastic...
  16. I'm officially dubbing that bug as "Blooosputin"; because no matter how many times you kill it, it will just not go down...
  17. Blake81


    Man, all good features! Can't wait for the next patch. That said @nasKowhat music track is that one on the last vid? I know all of the tracks that play in the game by heart, and I had never heard that one. Is it something new you haven't added yet? Or is it simply something I haven't heard yet?
  18. Found three of them, each on a different "suicide scene" at a random house (The ones that have a few non-zed corpses carrying guns/alcohol/bleach), and those were the lucky scenes that had it. All of those were 308 tho, the 223 remains mythical.
  19. Missing decals? Was that on cars? I'm not too clear about what was fixed here...
  20. Also, we could have a lore-bound reason for the faster decomposition; maybe the virus speeds up the body's decomposition by breaking up healthy cells or something.
  21. Blake81

    "Interesting Times"

    Dammit! Why did you have to phrase it like that!? No I am legally obliged to post this:
  22. I've literally set every loot type to Abundant, checked every single spawn location in the map, and then repeated the same thing in 3 brand new maps. Clips BARELY spawn, IF at all; I've found 5 Katanas for every single Rifle clip I've found....
  23. Blake81

    Zed Packets

    Sometimes I wonder if some of the COVID-19 conspiracy theorists play PZ. Because a while back, them crazies on 8chan were saying that there was already a cure for the virus; just drink some Bleach... Sounds familiar?
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