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  1. Yes, that player-floored part of the Warehouse has been bugged since forever. I even reported it here over a year ago: Still the exact same error. And you may also notice that the outside wall doesn't render properly. Which IMHO may be the main problem.
  2. People have actually been suggesting Refrigerated Stepvans for a while now, which would make more sense (powered by engine and car battery) and are something that existed in that era.
  3. Blake81

    Slaying catch-up

    Since ya folks are adding neat yet smaller features, can we get a way to repair the trailers? They're basically a big trunk on wheels, so we should be able to repair their bodies like we do with normal trunks. And also, maybe a way to turn billboard trailers into something useful; maybe we can dismantle the billboard for plenty of metal sheets, and somehow make the trailer into something that can hold items.
  4. So, someone posted this pic on another Bug Report about a Valley Station pop problem- And I noticed one thing I had been suspecting for a while; McCoy has no population spawn. More than once I was there looting some wood and stuff, and had the alarm sound in one of the places and... nothing happened. Not a single Zed spawned. Even tried firing a shotgun there once and not a single Zed came. I'm guessing that the Devs somehow forgot to include it in the spawn map.
  5. Yup! This is already in game since last patch. Just remove it and use some metalwork.
  6. One of those many new places (added this patch) in Muldraugh seems to have the wrong loot table. It's furnished like a Grocery Store, but all shelves (except the fridges) have what I presume is a "Bookstore" loot table. Place is the located on the same storefront as the "Adult Education Center, just south of the Electronics Store. It used to be just an empty place.
  7. I can't find any screenshots right now, but there USED TO BE something like this in the early days of the Vehicle Patch, and if mind serves, it worked like a charm. No idea of why it was removed or when...
  8. So, since trailers aren't quite spawning yet in the normal way (they only spawn as Vehicle Stories), you find most of them with very low condition (I've found 5, all of them below 20% on all parts). You can replace the tires and suspension OK, but the trailer's body itself (under Bodyworks) cannot be repaired or interacted with in any way. So, any chance we can repair it? Since the trailer is basically one big trunk on wheels, we should be able to repair its body just like we repair trunks; with a bit of Metalwork.
  9. Uhm.... am I the only one who knows that dismantling car wrecks (which are plenty at the south crossroads and the Mul-WP Road) yields Scrap Metal now? Now they all yield all 5 metal parts (Small Plate, Large Plate, Pipe, Bar and Scrap).
  10. I can say I've had the same problem. Happens a lot after looooong drives, and my PC reports it's working slow.
  11. The Warden's Desk (Rosewood Prison), yet another cool or unique piece that can't be picked up...
  12. Title says it all; when wearing a Jacket (leather or otherwise), the Fanny Packs no longer seem to render. Which is kinda weird, as my Ammo Belt will render even across my Police Bulletproof Vest. Is this intended, or is it a bug?
  13. Gym Mats (March Ridge Community Center) can't be picked up.... pity, as I was building a "gym" of sorts now that Fitness is a thing....
  14. Blake81


    Y'know, since you guys are adding lots of "Cool but small" new features while the MP Turkey is done cooking, would it be possible to add more SIgns to paint? Just want to have more options (and maybe an option to paint it higher in the wall, so it can be visible if you place a box in front of it) than just the skull and the arrows. Don't think that'll be too hard compared to bigger dishes like the new Fitness system, or the new Trailers.
  15. Yup! Prolly the most wanted feature since forever.
  16. Can we get some details on these? I've already noticed the new Chicken restaurant on Mul, and that big house (which is screaming MAKE BASE at me) at Mul's northern outskirts, but is there more?
  17. It seems like all Vans do now; even the ones showing a door on the side. Might be a bug.
  18. Any chance of getting the Screws rebalanced in loot tables? While they DO drop from some things upon disassembly, the only REAL way to get any meaningful amount of them is from the Hardware Stores, and even on full Abundant, they barely spawn 2-3 boxes each.
  19. You know, this has gotten me thinking... If your trailer gets flipped, it SHOULD be possible for a non-weak character to just flip it back on.
  20. Hallelujah.png Finally an use for the (until now) useless screws, and a way so I don't have to steal every hood in all of Mul and beyond. That said tho, was the screw boxes' spawn rate rebalanced/buffed a bit? They were rather rare before, and I reckon they shouldn't be now. Maybe give them a similar balance to the Nails?
  21. Blake81

    Lag Fightin'

    Well, you didn't say "No", so I'll take that as a "Prolly at some point down the line, although not any time soon." That said tho, my idea for the implementation of it (I think) wouldn't require any systems that don't already exist. It would basically work just like a car- You wouldn't actually "walk" inside, you'd just "enter" it (just like the cars). First, once inside, you'd have access to a few containers (Basically, the Gloves Box, but many and of varied capacities), some of these containers (fridge, cupboards, kitchen counter and the like) could be removable and replaceable with something else of specific conditions (just like we already replace car parts like the Radio). Sure, you wouldn't be able to decorate it or create a garden inside, but you'd have some allowance of customization, especially in regards useful devices (Radios, Microwaves, Washing Machines, Computers once they're in) .Then you'd either move to various places around (maybe to the kitchen area, or the bed area, and such) it using the number keys (just like moving from seat to seat in cars) or it would simply enable a radial menu with a myriad of available options (again, just like the cars) and use the ones you want (like Sleeping, using the radio, or putting something in the oven for cooking). Just like car, it wouldn't be Zed-free; it would have windows that can be broken, a door that can be busted, and tires that will pop if not taken care off. The whole place would be powered either by the car (having it serve as a generator; both in the sense of fuel consumption and noise) or with a series of batteries (which could also be recharged by your car) or by hooking it to a building (like a generator, but the other way around). Just my two cents...
  22. Blake81

    Lag Fightin'

    I'll say, I'm really looking forward to the towing. Does this mean we'll ever have the much-requested Trailer/RV? I actually have a few ideas on how one of those could work without the player actually having to "walk inside".
  23. Found two more while checking the Cubicles thing: Two-Slots Whiteboard: It's actually two three-slots school white boards cut up and put together. If you try to pick either side up, it turns into a 3-slots and can't be picked (same problem as the double shelves from before) Triple-Size Office Desk (found on the 2nd floor of the WP Office Building) This one doesn't even register when you try to pick it up. Also, found something interesting about the Cubicles (which may or may not be a bug), you can pick each side INDEPENDENTLY, and put down just like that. Meaning that you can split them and use them split.
  24. Glad to be of help! Also, forgot to ask, but I noticed that Cubicles got a strikethrough in the first post. Does that mean they can be removed now? Haven't tried removing them in a long while now (and I've really wanted to use them for a lot of things).
  25. Can't believe I had never seen this thread. So lemme add a few: Corner Bookshelf They've never been possible to pick up. Double-Slot Low Shelves They're actually TWO TRIPLE SLOT shelves put together, compacted using some kind of Dev-Only tool that makes the impossible to pick up. Secret Base Radar Dishes Even if you build a ledge up to them, they can't be picked up.
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