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  1. Well...I don't ask for a tutorial for making a new map. What I mean is the tutorial for adding new buildable furnitures.
  2. For example, what process should I follow,if I want to add a new lamp into the build menu?
  3. I mean adding new buildings and furnitures without overwrite the original files.
  4. blackteapie

    Perishable Items

    Survivors can turn without moving, all we need to do is hold Ctrl button.
  5. For example,what should I do to add a kind of new chair into PZ's building menu?
  6. blackteapie

    Project Farmoid v0.75c

    Have this mod uploaded to Steam workshop yet?
  7. I already tried your idea, by using Moddable Farming mod, before I write this topic. But I prefer to have a building or device for such function.
  8. blackteapie

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    A roll-up door is something like this. In the game these doors are usually located in large warehouse. Players can't only destroy the door, but also the door frame, which means we will have to destroy all support at that tile.
  9. blackteapie

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    Something just cross my mind. I think there should be some change to the roll-up doors. In the current version of PZ, players will destroyed both of the doorframe and the door in a tile, which means all the supports for that tile is destroyed. Therefore, we will evitably got injury if we try to break a roll-up door inside a building.
  10. blackteapie

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    So, if I detroy all 4 sides of wall on 2nd floor of a four storey building, would all floors above 2nd floor collapse or just 3rd floor collapse?
  11. blackteapie

    Obey gravity, it's the law!

    I have 3 questions for this mod: 1. Would pillars be seen as support for a building? 2. Would the entire building collapse, or just the floors above destroyed wall or pillar? 3. Would this mod affect all buildings in the game, or just the buildings build by players?
  12. blackteapie

    sneaking past alarms

    I prefer to have a theft profession or some special traits, which allows players to find out whether there is a alarm system in the house and disarm the system.
  13. As mentioned in the above post, to get compost, players need to wait until the rotten food change into compost. And the changing process is automatic. So I think we may use the similar mechanism to make dry goods mod in PZ.
  14. blackteapie

    Composting - How Long Does It Take?

    So, all we need to do is wait? Or do we need to do what said by @LlostSoul ?
  15. blackteapie

    "Peek" through or around sheets/curtains?

    Well, I think the heli event is just a random event which caused hordes to gather towards players' location. But peeking through curtain or keyholes could be useful in the game.