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  1. How long do YOU survive?

    My longest playthrough yet has been 2 months, and still going. I hope I can experience longer survival times since I haven't even used most of the games different survival systems and mechanic, due to dying very often in early game.
  2. Pyrozednics

    So this? Because this isn't an exaggerated anti-zed vehicle.

    Will this make it to this update? Because I was expecting to see this at some point in this build, or is it for anims/post anims content? Just curious because this would go very well with the update. I mean we got wind now, except no trees are swaying....
  4. Hey man, I get that you want the map to look as apocalyptic as in the picture, but I am sure the devs will get to it once it releases. They haven't even finished the map, nor did they ever say they'll leave the current towns the way the are already, I am sure they'll keep adding little thinga here and there and expand according to the actual state of Kentucky. Of course it looks "baren and empty-ish" right now but I do agree that it could use more buildings/scenery. Right now I am sure that isn't priority as no one seems to mind it. Just hang tight, I bet they'll do something about it once the game is close to release.
  5. The outfits are photoshopped as confirmed by the author himself. The police car theme is a workshop mod that re-skins the cop cars.
  6. Ammo counter

    I get that you want it but I prefer this to never be implement as a feature. It's ok the way it is already, and its already good enough as you can hover over the weapon to see the ammo count....
  7. Vehicle mods

    Yeah hoping TIS releases a patch allowing for more "non-replacing" vehicles to be implemented from workshop. Filibuster does good work and love the car mods he has made.
  8. I recently saw a very good post on the PZ steam community hub that someone did, the user "ArtyomRex01" shared the image I've attached and would like to share for you guys to see. He gave me permission of course. I would like to know what your thoughts are for something like this to be implemented into the game once it releases. Though frankly, I remember the devs saying they might not do something like this. But then again, why are they putting hints in the game to how the outbreak happened? (Radio stations talking about this, TV news broadcasts etc...) It would be very cool for this to be in the game in my opinion and would only make sense as a visual to the broadcasts and talks about it. EDIT: I might have not been clear enough, I want something like this only as an opening cutscene when starting up a new game in "The First Week/Initial Infection" NOT a scenerio to play as, since devs confirmed there will not be any "before" outbreak stuff to play with. Just kind of like a short cinematic that shows chaos right before the phrases that go with the black screen "This is How You Died" . Also, thanks to the author for letting me post this as his artwork here is very good.
  9. It sucks how name changing isn't a thing yet. I have been wanting to ask this question, as I use Icy Motto for pretty much everything now, so that's why I would like to ask if I can please have it changed to "Icy Motto". I also don't plan on changing it every again, as I quite like it.
  10. Thurs…weather…shaders….chat!

    I am glad you've made the decision to leave away optimization for decade old PCs. It seems that it has used alot of you guy's time to just try and optimize every single thing possible just so a few users can run the game. It should not be a problem to just save up some money and get with the times. With that out of the way, it seems that more work can be done towards other stuff like anims etc... Great job guys.
  11. So sad :'(

    Lol this was great.
  12. Too Hot For TV

    I agree with the window reflection on buildings.
  13. Basements

    Agreed, but most people want it as a feature from what I've seen.
  14. Good sources of metal bars?

    There are some stores like the one on Riverside where you can find plenty. Idk where else since I've never survived long enough to use metalworking.