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  1. This is going to be a blast form the past, but did you ever put together something related to replacing an item with another when it was warmed/thawed? Basically I was looking for help regarding the same exact issue you had, and found your post from yesteryear.

  2. What the title says. Tags like those in the title would be really useful to have, as it would give a lot more flexibility to recipes. Basically, freezing something in a fridge or thawing it by taking it out would change it into something else entirely. For example, ice trays. You could put water in one and freeze it, and it would turn into a different ice tray item. Taking it out and the reverse would happen. I think it would make a lot more recipes possible and add a lot of realism to the game. Also, something else I thought of while typing out the above. Additional modifiers to h
  3. I have a good suggestion: How about a "ReplaceOnFrozen" or a "ReplaceOnThawed" item modifier to complement the ReplaceOnCooked and ReplaceOnRotten ones? I've run into an issue while making a mod where it would make a lot of sense to have something freeze or thaw. Basically, An ice tray filled with water turning into one filled with ice. That would be a nice addition.
  4. What the title says. basically the idea is that certain items and face coverings could provide varying degrees of protection against the sickness caused by dead bodies/zeds. An idea I had for balance would be that bandannas would provide a quarter resistance, surgical masks would be half, gas masks would be three quarters while the rare Hazmat suit would provide full protection from the effects of decaying bodies. For added balance you could factor in condition as well, A hazmat Suit at 75% durability would only give the same resistance as a gas mask, for example. I think it would
  5. It's amazing work. I for one believe you should consider releasing it on the Steam Workshop as a modding resource. It adds a bit of functionality that plain doesn't exist in the game. A fair few modders out there would use it if they knew about this. Also, do you have a username/id on Steam? I'd like to add you as a contributor to the mod you've helped me with. It's the least I can do.
  6. Oh wow, this is amazing. I, just... thank you. You have no idea how much this helps me. When I first asked the question, I thought it was just a simple hidden variable somewhere. Again, thank you for your help and effort.
  7. Well, as I said, that was an example. I'm not sure how to implement the lua file inside the recipe. I was hoping you could give me advice in that regard. I tried the following: recipe Fry Chicken { keep Pan, Chicken, AAABreadingBowl;4, Egg, Water;2, AAACookingOil;2, NearItem:cookingUtils, Result:ChickenFried, Time:60.0, Category:Cooking, OnGiveXP:Give3CookingXP, } Adding that line into the recipe. However it didn't work. I also tried NearItem:Stove among others, with no such luck.
  8. Ah, okay. I had the lua file in the right place. Initially I thought it went in server at first but then I realized it belonged in client. Admittedly, I'm still really new to coding in lua (or any programming language for that matter) so I kinda apologize for coming off sounding newb-ish at this. As for the recipes file. Well, here is a good example of one of the recipes I have created. There are a few others, but they're all functionally versions of this first one: recipe Fry Chicken { keep Pan, Chicken, AAABreadingBowl;4, Egg, Water;2, AAACookingOil;2, Resul
  9. A bit late, but I have a question regarding the implementation of the lua code. I should have asked a couple of other questions, but does CookingUtil.lua go in the client or server folder inside the mod? Or does it go somewhere else? Also, is "NearItem.isCloseToCookingUtil" the correct way to implement it in the recipe, or did I completely bodge it up?
  10. Holy shit, you the real OG. It's surprising that stoves/campfires/etc are all unique to to such a degree, It's also a little surprising something like this doesn't really exist in the game. Now I need to figure out how to use this. Is " isCloseToCookingUtil" the part you add into the custom recipe entry, or did I misread something? Also, again, thank you. You're doing great things for the community.
  11. What the title says. I'm working on a mod that adds new cooking recipes, among other things. Basically, I want to try and make it so that you have to be adjacent or near something like a stove or campfire to create the recipe. Is this at all possible?
  12. So, I posted this in the Steam forums, but I'm going to repost it here since it's a little urgent and is related to farming. So, there seems to be an issue I have discovered with Hydrocraft and treating crops for Mildew/Flies. Attempting to treat diseased crops with Mildew Spray or Insecticide Spray results in an error: While this isn't as bad as the irrigation bug, it does prevent crops from being treated for disease. This can be a bad thing. Also, a couple of other small issues: -Broken icons (that I have found): Boiled Mussel (Fresh)
  13. Madman_Andre

    Soda Scream

    Reflective windows? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
  14. Madman_Andre


    I like this post. I like all of this post. The Mad Max cars, the post apocalyptic banjo, all of it.
  15. So, the 'Corn Syrup' item's icon is bugged: Just thought I'd give you a heads up about it, in case you didn't know. Build 39, only Hydrocraft, so I know it's not a conflict.
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