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  1. I'm not sure if I'm just unlucky, but in my last couple games I've found cigarettes to be rarer than sledgehammers, this is both looting buildings and cars and checking corpses. I'd love to see this balanced at some stage, as it makes for some cool RP/immersion. Loving the updates, the game looks great at the moment. And thanks to the dev team for their ongoing hard work, cheers!
  2. I've used 0.1 a few times in the past, which is good if you want to gather supplies relatively undisturbed without removing the danger altogether. Setting it to zero completely stops them spawning for the duration of the game, as far as I can tell. I have found that certain buildings seem to have a number of zombies inside regardless of these settings, ie the hotel in West Point. Haven't tried this in a while, so not sure if this is still the case.
  3. I like every idea in this thread, but I feel that leather, kevlar, and denim clothes counting against scratch/bite chance in particular would be game-changing. Maybe safety gear in general ie dust masks, leather gloves/aprons/boots, etc could be worked into the occupational and hobby items and loot? More period-correct clothing (and also decorations) could add a heap of flavour too. T-shirts, flannel, vests, boots, too much denim, long shorts, hoodies, and cut-off camo pants were all staple. I recall there being quite the flower-power resurgence at that time too, but I didn't like in Kentucky. Lennon shades, tie-dye, white linen clothes, bell-bottoms... ugh. Obviously you don't want to step on any toes in terms of trademarks and the art and IP of others in general, but there are certain images and styling that could bring on the vibes without causing too many issues. Eg a white stick figure on a black and/or blue background with red impact lettering underneath might not be appropriate, but there are a lot of other ways to reminisce: Lots of bold black and white lettering, black and white portraits (particularly of sporty-looking gents wearing jewelry), long hair on everyone, cartoons, cut-up effects, squiggly lettering, gritty and washed-out sepia images, and of course skulls absolutely everywhere. Nobody owns that : ]
  4. I imagine MP will really pick up after the anim update, especially now that vehicles are in. Hopefully some bigger maps and regional servers are also in the pipeline? I'm very interested to see how SP ultimately ends up with NPCs included, but am far more interested in stable local vanilla MP servers myself
  5. Big thanks to Damntry for all the data in this thread : ] Not sure how useful the below info is, but just as FYI: I've had a recent character die from a fever brought on by a scratch that was neither infected nor zombified in vehicles 35 survival. I don't recall for certain if it bled, I believe it did though. After a couple days of gorging and sleeping pills, I went down and got the "deceased" skull moodle with the "high probability of becoming rat food" message (or similar) and didn't reanimate. This was after getting scratched through a wall at WP town hall... and will be the last time I have a character with 'restless sleeper' and without 'thick skinned'. If something similar happens again I'll try treating it with antibiotics, having turned loot spawns up to normal in sandbox since; last time I found/tried them, antibiotics did nothing for a zombified infection.
  6. Does anyone who isn't still holed up in the woods on an old save from several builds ago have anything to add?
  7. I would love to see some kind of option between curtains being closed or completely open, maybe a severely limited field of vision where the player is only visible to zombies adjacent to the door or window? The reason I ask is that during helicopter events, even if the player immediately steps back after opening the curtains to see which way the horde is moving (ie "have I been spotted?") it seems the heli can still see the player and brings a horde the the safehouse. I like what the heli events do for the atmosphere of the game and don't want to see them nerfed, but it's frustrating when your player makes it inside in time, but gets spotted looking out the window; especially when it's 12pm in-game and you're not even breaking curfew.
  8. Just a quick question/request; could we make the sound effect for the helicopter event louder, and/or easier to distinguish from rain? My last two survival characters have been lost as a(n indirect) result of leaving my safehouse when thinking that what I was hearing was a weather effect, and walking out into heli events in full swing. Cheers
  9. Initial Infection is only intended to be played briefly, I would assume. I believe that there is such a thing as Too Many Options, but in this case it's a welcome first step between installation and near-certain death in 90 minutes, AKA Survival mode.
  10. I don't want to live in a world where I can't climb up a sheet rope with one hand while carrying 30kg of gear and a refrigerator
  11. A jogging option would be very handy, rather than only being able to either walk or sprint. I'm guessing movement in general is going to get thoroughly overhauled in the animation update tho
  12. I'd like this too. One can never have too much tobacco in an apocalypse.
  13. Foundations should really be added to the game, not necessarily concrete foundations but at least wooden posts. Generators that can run a fridge and a 240V light circuit, and generators that can run a welder for hours are not the same thing. I have no idea how portable this kind of gear would've been in 1993, but I would think a big generator, a welder, and a (Duffel+) bag containing the cables, tools and consumables would have to worth several logs and/or ham radios of in-game weight, even now. I'm quite skeptical of smelting. Melting various metals with a gas torch may be more appropriate, but I'm still not liking the concept.
  14. I agree on the weapons; I'd be happy just if there were more than one type of screwdriver, and there were more hammers than the small carpenter's hammer and the sledgehammer. I also really like the armour idea, particularly the concept of trading bite protection for field of vision, movement and endurance; these mechanics are already in-game, so these could basically go straight in (I would hope). Sporting gear, workplace safety gear, and some basic woolen and leather clothes would be sufficient for me as armour (I play SP). Personally I'm concerned that metalworking etc is going to change the game into some medieval fantasy RPG thing, but that's just my opinion, and off-topic.
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