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  1. f3rret

    RELEASED: Build 37.14

    It's a licensing thing. The International Red Cross doesn't like it when videogames use their symbol.
  2. f3rret

    RELEASED: Build 36.4

    Wooo! Nice early present, thanks!
  3. f3rret

    IWBUMS 34.15

  4. f3rret

    Secret Mission Screenshot Challenge!

    Hold on a sec, is that seriously what the game looks like now in IWBUMS? Holy hell. You've redone all the art?
  5. f3rret

    Build 34 Discussion

    I'm pretty certain they said that going to the bathroom wasn't going to be included in PZ, ever.
  6. f3rret

    Build 34 Discussion

    RJ wants the main build thread to be for stats, so let's use this one for discussing the build. I don't want to try to overcomplicate things, but wouldn't it be a good idea to throw in a general "nutrients" variable to go along with carbs, lipids and proteins? The jar of vitamins would be an easy way to add "nutrients", and would give them more of a purpose. Spinach would be high-nutrient, and celery would be low-nutrient, for example. Food and nutrition is such a complex thing, it will be interesting to see how this all works out.
  7. f3rret

    Mash's secret project.

    I wonder if we find out what the secret project is in today's Mondoid? https://twitter.com/mashpotassium/status/691695193460965376
  8. f3rret

    What can we expect to have in Build 34?

    Just to clarify, I wasn't complaining about any imaginary delays or anything. I'm just pointing out what's coming in the next build so that we can talk about it. You've been really clear and open about why features are moved around, and what's coming next, etc. Except Mash's Secret Project. We need details on this.
  9. f3rret

    What can we expect to have in Build 34?

    Oh good, a hype thread! I like these. So far, they've confirmed Creative Mode for build 34, as well as Mash's Secret Project. Animations and combat updates are slated for 35 now. EDIT: Confirmed animations for 35.
  10. f3rret

    RELEASED: Build 33

  11. f3rret

    RELEASED: Build 33

    This would be the most awesomest sandbox option ever.
  12. f3rret

    Mash's secret project.

    Oh wow you're acutally...not even close Look at how the reply is formatted. Two line post, two line reply. "Oh wow you're acutally...not even close" is in reply to the "cars" line. The emoticon is in reply to the underground level line. He's giving us the raspberry because we figured it out. Good work, team!
  13. f3rret

    RELEASED: Build 33

  14. f3rret

    RELEASED: Build 33

    I would love it if we could remove the water bottles on top of the coolers and use those! Otherwise, what's the point of moving a water cooler if you just dump all the water out of it first? EDIT: Holy crap you guys. If you can move a water cooler, gather bottles, move a comfy chair and move a minifridge all without carpentry or electrical skills... You can now live ANYWHERE without being a carpenter or an electrician! You can setup on the top floor of the office building! You don't need a bed! The possibilities are endless...
  15. f3rret

    RELEASED: Build 33

    It's OK, we can wait. Actually, I love the fact that they're willing to break down the updates into smaller bits. The popping was getting a bit irritating last night, so I'm looking forward to a fix. Now, I'm also looking forward to whatever new thing RJ has cooking, but 33.7 won't be too far off.