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  1. So I want to start creating my own map

    Get the feel for it and find out what it is you do best. I had a knack for making Buildings but I found I was Not very good at decorating the streets and arranging the buildings. Find out if youre a City planner or Architect you get me? And If you have a talent for both of them then youre a gift and deserve all the help you can get lol.
  2. All player made Building Archives Updated 3/29/17~

    This has helped because my links were inevitably going to die. Still have my buildings on my comps and externals if I ever have someone who needs me to reupload
  3. NPC Faction Ideas

    Zomboid is not black and white. There are tons of ways to die. Ive seen more people die from food poisoning and construction falls in game than by zombies
  4. Feel free to use my work I do Multistory buildings
  5. NPC Faction Ideas

    Humans are the bigger threat. Zombies are dumb and easy to manipulate. They have always been one of the biggest chumps in horror because they rely solely on infection and numbers. Late game, humans would be the threat. And I think the best way to create factions is to not look too deep. The best you can do Is have a raider faction which will attack the player on sight and a Militia faction where they will act as a post apocalyptic society and help protect you from raiders. But I would love to be scavenging and walk into a random encounter event of just two NPC groups in an all out firefight.

    Project is not dead. Have alot on my plate with School, work, and my writing. Recreating a small section of the map to have something out. Srandiny hasnt stopped helping me so he is a big contributer to this getting done. His building skills have definitely improved.
  7. New Dawn Heavy RP New lore

    Dude the emoji well thats what the skull is for. I love the rush of seeing a skull come up on me, it means openseason. This is not thumb wrestling there is no countdowns. If you got caught in the open by a raider thats on you, not the shooter. You have to learn how to survive thats the point of zomboid. You have to eventually realize maybe taking the main roads all the time is not a good idea. Now A RolePlay server with already established factions... its a thought. Role Players are very compliant with established groups. Simply from the established groups presence it will incite others who dont want to be part of it to revolt against it, and it will spark some of the best RP of your Zomboid life. But it takes a very objective kinda admin to run this kinda server. Because that Admin will have to be on the field aswell acting as a secret Character. Because people arnt going to just make open ended factions out of thin air. Usually those raiding party factions are between friends. Establishing groups partially run by admin controlled players will bring alot of loner players together to do some Roleplay. As ive seen it done before in this game and other games. But as I said, you need an extremely objective person to admin it, because they cant discolse anything meta.
  8. Vegetarian, Vegan, Carnivore trait

    Some people dont have the stomach for redmeat. Its not exactly the most healthiest food. Hell my father has issues digesting redmeat, he has to puke it out. And the Vegatarians who move to the city. Well They come from somewhere. Vegatarian is a decent negative tradeoff trait. Vegan would be a little harder to implement. And Carnivore, that ones kinda stretching it.
  9. New Dawn Heavy RP New lore

    Role Play Servers always have some of the worst Admins. Yet some of the Best players. And its mainly because there are so many things to mediate. And that the servers are so rule heavy that it just creates flaming. Also I dont get Role play servers issues with killing on sight. Because this is a real life issue that happens in real life warzones so I dont see why an zombie apocalypse scenario is any different. And then the rules create a dichotomy of players who want to raid or want to play house. And create huge disputes over kills not being by the rules. Instead of punishing people for killing in the apocalypse. Idk maybe reward players who stick to the RolePlaying, with recognition maybe even admin magic or special admin controlled events. And just put rules on griefing. Kill on sight is not. Griefing. Lighting someones camp while theyre ofline is. And if you dont refine your rules then your server will hit an eventual huge drama block and the players will slowly begin to drop out.
  10. Group campaign creation

    Also make all your bad ass planned events happen early. Because you might lose this game too and might not be able to do those bad ass scenarios. So do what you have in your head early, trust me youll have lots of new stuff as you play
  11. D&D 4e Characters and Races

    I like to break down the Hengeyoki Because there are very stark differences between a Bear, Rabbit and Badger.
  12. Group campaign creation

    Its not an Idea, it advice. I run my own homebrewed fallout/RoadWarrior game And im telling you. You dont want your land to feel small you have to put the perspective of distance to the players and make them feel as if there is a massive world to explore. A country doesnt just have 3 small towns. You have to consider old world city ruins which is a part of the geography now, its almost like a different kind of forest. You have to flesh out what the old world was like before you consider the new world. And thats why trying to work on a whole world at once is risky, there is far too much to cover. Whats the purpose of fleshing out places your players may never visit. To give you an Idea here is a map of the Country where my D&D Fallout game takes place Every area with red outline is oldworld city borders. Areas outlined with green is wilderness. The blue lines is the dry river highway And the dotted line is the old world highway. Every banner is a major faction fighting for supremacy on this Country. So thats a total of 6 old world cities Each city has in depth writing on the city districts, the major factions and minor factions which reside in the ruins. Each one has thousands of potential dungeon crawling locations, their own politics and even New World Towns and Villages. Like a Town of scoundrels built under a bridge. Or a impressive New World City made within a Gated mansion community. Im not asking you to scrap your whole idea, im advising you to tone down the scope, because as you can see from my map. There is alot that can be done with a single country. So your game is it the post Apocalypse like road warrior or is it a Cyber Punk Dystopia like BladeRunner?
  13. Group campaign creation

    Instead of focusing on the world. Put your focus in one country in that world
  14. The Truth Game

    Hell no, its a kid, what the fuck does he know. And im full aware I can obliterate a child with 1 right hook, Rather use the right hook to defend a child than inflict pain on a child...... Do you eat it off the floor when no ones looking?