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  1. IndigoRebel

    General Creativity

    Im writing some books for kids and illustrating them. Here are some rough drawings when I started And here was a little character I drew for laughs
  2. Ah sorry for the double post delete this plzzz
  3. Ah okay got scared for a sec This thread indeed got too petulant. All I ask is make old style building toggleable in Sandbox because I haaaaate having to cut down more trees to build a base... just sooooo time consuming. Anyways if you take off the rosetinted zomboid shades you see that your complaining about NPCs in a game that has not had a crowbar model for years. Yea.......
  4. Wait that hasnt been implemented yet?
  5. IndigoRebel

    Union City

    Oh snap havent noticed all this. Makes me want to make some buildings ^^
  6. I admit too there are just some "immersive" additions to the game that have made it less fun to play. I hate the multistage building system. I now have to spend double time of my life to build a safe house. To me that addition to the game was a clear waste of time and total feature creep. I dont build safehouses in zomboid anymore because of it :/ Also the TV and Radios sounded cool on paper but the execution of it sucked and its usually just ignored by most players. I do admit the Vehicles is an amazing much needed addition and thats one of the few praises I have of their new work. Vehicles was something i thought would never be implemented. I dread the devs updates sometimes. They want to make weapons weaker and all these little useless balance changes with only the multiplayer experience in mind, this is a game, it shouldn't be a chore to have fun in a game.
  7. IndigoRebel

    IndigoRebel Buildings

    You only need the two sides. it will look like the railings provide their own floor but they dont. Thats just a highlight of the tiles underneath it. You also already made your own corner in the pic above. If youre not satisfied with it then maybe use one of the corners thats just a stick to fill that little gap. Just keep aligning the edges with the fence as you were doing in the pic.
  8. IndigoRebel

    IndigoRebel Buildings

    Another Apartment to help fill those empty spaces in your urban environments. 4 Apartments and a ToyStore below. LINK BELOW Apartment 1.rar
  9. IndigoRebel

    IndigoRebel Buildings

    I got you Buddy! If youre making a city map I will do my best to help you Atox, just ask, Because I would really like a city map to play the game in Puedes hablar espanol conmigo soy Cubano ALL BUILDINGS RE-UPLOADED BELOW Buildings.rar Feel free to edit them Or Make different variations of them.
  10. IndigoRebel

    IndigoRebel Buildings

    I have emerged from the foggy forests of this apocalyptic wasteland to embark on a new project in TileZed.... Mansions. ... Ive noticed a lack of mansion properties. And have been itching to try and survive in a Mansion in zomboid.... a Mansion based off real life mansions instead of one based of a games mansion Just high income housing that should own acres of property. I dont use custom tiles and whatever I make is free to use by anyone
  11. IndigoRebel

    So I want to start creating my own map

    Get the feel for it and find out what it is you do best. I had a knack for making Buildings but I found I was Not very good at decorating the streets and arranging the buildings. Find out if youre a City planner or Architect you get me? And If you have a talent for both of them then youre a gift and deserve all the help you can get lol.
  12. IndigoRebel

    All player made Building Archives Verison: 2 - 5/3/2019

    This has helped because my links were inevitably going to die. Still have my buildings on my comps and externals if I ever have someone who needs me to reupload
  13. IndigoRebel

    NPC Faction Ideas

    Zomboid is not black and white. There are tons of ways to die. Ive seen more people die from food poisoning and construction falls in game than by zombies