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  1. Why? It's realistic and a lot of people do it in real life
  2. Will you add horses that we can ride? That would be a very realistic form of transport
  3. ludo0777


    This is one of those moments where you must sacrifice realism for gameplay. Let's face it, many gamers ( such as myself) love to dick around and screw things up if presented the chance. If a tank was added for example, people would drive them into things, namely buildings. Having total realism would say that the buildings must collapse once hit with a tank. This combined with the fact that every zombie in a mile and a half range would be drawn to the sound would cause so much stress on the game that it may crash. Project zboid would be much better without op classified vehicles But zombies outside of view aren't loaded so they would just theoretically move without using much memory
  4. ludo0777


    There is no such thing as "OP" in a realistic game. Tanks exist in real life. If you got in a tank you would be completely safe. But then what? You can't drive anywhere for long because of limited fuel and you will run out of supplies quickly.
  5. Name- Simon Riley Race- Caucasion Age- 34 Sex- Male Role/Division- Soldier, later Special Forces Character bio- His traumatic childhood led him to join the army, he was only travelling through Muldraugh on his way to some place better when the disease hit. Time Zone- GMT Usually Online- Evenings/weekends/all day during holidays
  6. Yes, hearing protection should be added and wearable too You can definitely find a few thousand pistol rounds with lucky
  7. Instead of this, add the ability to surrender by pressing a button. When you do this you go down on your knees and can be tied up or looted. So a bandit can threaten you and then rob you but only if you surrender If you don't then they will have to kill you
  8. Hammers are designed to be durable and good at hitting things, nobody would make a hammer that breaks in 3 hits because nobody would buy it
  9. I saw it on youtube or something and thought, holy fuck I want that game So I got it But then lemmy tracked down my secret discussion about it and I was forced to buy an extra 100 copies
  10. Police spawns with either keys to police car (when vehicles are implemented, to save you having to find keys or hotwire) or a baton or pistol Builder spawns with a random assortment of nails and other small things in his tool belt Security spawns with a flashlight Fireman spawns with either keys to the firetruck or a crowbar Outdoorsman spawns with a hunting knife
  11. It works if you chmod it and change it to a .command
  12. Scopes, grips, carrying straps, custom magazines, faster trigger
  13. Grab my guns, laugh at the rest of the population of the UK who don't have guns and then rule a group of land pirates.
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