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  1. I would like to see some man traps and zombie traps. If the npcs are belligerent, then i would love to make a shotgun/door trap, so that if they open a random room, BLAM. Or a fire bomb trap, that sets houses on fire. As well as home made bear traps, guilitines behind doors, pnumatic spike launchers, and creative ways to use a fire ax to protect my stash.
  2. PTSD is a lot more complicated than that. Worse still, nasty long term situations change people. Its why they rotate people out of war zones. A good example, is to look at the stories about people that lived in nasty regeimes like the chemer rouge, or others that have survived long wars. People are different, and react to situations differently. Maybe there is a ptsd problem until month 3, then they suvivor turns into a hardened person. Look at walking dead. Rick is a hell of a lot different now, then when things fist got bad. This type of slow change would make the game a bit more immersive.
  3. It might be possible. I do not use fire arms until later, when i want to clear out very large hoards. I usualy end up with 400 rounds hoarded up. Part of it, is i have the lucky trait, and i search the dead offten.
  4. I think this is a great idea. I have wondered why the player character panics around zombies, despite killing hundreds of them. I would assume that after surviving a few weeks around them, figuring out how they move and operate, that you would be less afraid of them. One thing that annoys me, is i have a ton of perk points, but no open skill slots to use them on. It would be nice to use the excess points to either remove negetive traits, or unlock positive ones. Earining badges after meeting certian criteria, would not only make this feasable, but also more realistic, AND balanced. so you survived starvation, earn a badge, and for five points, you can unlock the light eater trait, or remove the negetive one that makes you hungry, OR remove overweight.
  5. I believe that for the guns, you should have your hearing range debuffed. this is to represent the ringing in you ears from shooting a loud gun. If not for the pistol, at least for the shot gun.
  6. Spiked doors:, you make them with butter knives and forks, so when a zombie tries to break it down, it kills itself in the process.
  7. this is why the game needs landmines, and pipe bombs, and other traps.
  8. an escaped con would be a neat starting class. Here is how his prison skills would translate into the game: Shives- extra health and damage for spoons,butter knives, pencils, pens etc when used as a weapon breaking and entering: Quicker and eaiser opening of windows watch your back or don't drop the soap: awarness for when zeds are behind him/her This would be a fun class to play, especially if his starting cloths are all orange. Right now, the classes need some work as the only ones with any real benefit that i notice are the cop, construction worker, or the security guard.
  9. That would be soooooooo cool, to see zeds with weapons sticking out of them. I would not mind at all if that was the case. Especially if it was a zed that killed a previous character....
  10. kinda like real life a bit isnt it? I worked retail in high school I saw LOTS of shoplifting. So i understand things like:ammo, handguns, knives, and small stuff not dropping and being seen. WITH THAT SAID: How can you hide a 3-4 foot long fire axe, crowbar, shotgun, or any other large item? Do zombies have some sort of interdimensional pocket that i do not know about? The larger objects are what bother me. Then again, i am OCD about stuff like that. I understand backpacks will be visiable in the future, so i understand that. but the whole invisiable fire axe thing drives me nuts. I mean, where are they putting it?! Also, i would not mind a volume based inventory system, that made backpaces necessary. It does bother me that you can have 20 items stashed in your pants. esepecially in a game that has grocery bags and backpacks .This would be a great opptunity to utilize the whole "backpack on the back and in the secondary equipment slot feature" and it would make sense. Granted, i have heard of shoplifters caught with a bunch of stuff in their pants before, but still that is too much stuff for an average joe to just carry around. Maybe if there was an "observant" perk or a looting skill, that made things like that visiable, i would be ok with that. BUT i can not stand the larger items Just being stashed like that. Sure the weight affects how much you can carry, but still, larger objects like pool cues, sledge hammers, crow bars, and axes are too big to fit in a pocket or backpack.
  11. Sometimes i find fire axes on the zombies, yet they do not have a back pack, so where are they carrying the fire axes? This came up after i killed 30-60 zombies in a choke point. The area was safe, so i had all the time in the world, but the search option for this in the games just SUCKS when it comes to 4 or more zombies in an area. its sooo easy to lose track of what has been searched and what has not. Granted, when dragging is implimented, this will make it a lot eaiser, as i can drag the usless bodies away.
  12. looting from zombies is hard, especially if you kill 50 of them in a choke point. One means to make this eaiser is have all the non-backpack, non-clotheing items that they were carrying drop onto the floor upon death. This would make looting eaiser, AND be more realistic.
  13. Not stackable like in inventory, but stackable like sandbags. The idea is that if there are a bunch of dead zombies around you, you get a build option for "corpse fence". That way you can not only tidy up a bit, but you can block off certian areas to prevent "walkers" from roaming in.
  14. I think you would be better off asking for swords to be in comic book shops instead, or in an antique store, or a gun store even. Then again, it could be a skill book in the libary. "medieval blacksmithing" and lets face it, if ash could make gun powder in army of darkness with just a college chemestry text book, then a REALLY board/panicking suvivor may decide to try to do post apolcylptic blacksmithing based on books they have read. BUT This is assuming they are smart/skilled enough to do this, and lets face it, if this is just an average joe, then even the building of fortifications is going to be out of the question.
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