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  1. Something i'm thinking about for a long time is the different look of the car windows in comparsion to the other windows / glass in the game.
  2. Game looks cool, but i'm really done with platforming games. I'm sure people will have fun while playing
  3. This one sounds classic - endless space tune
  4. This is the soundtrack for my next video
  5. i uninstalled it for doom
  6. http://www.gamesradar.com/sony-arent-sure-there-will-be-a-ps5/
  7. I also read about that, they call it "5D" storage. They are storing the informations in the atomic nuclei, looking up the direction of the spin and the position of the atoms in the molecular structure. Very cool Well, when i look up Steam and other digital plattforms for downloading and its rising, i think this will be the future. It's like in the end 90ths, where they said, MP3 and digital music won't grow. They did. Five years ago, i never thought about buying games online. But Steam and games like PZ changed my mind. As someone born in the earlys 80th, i also don't like that direction too. I also try to stick with solid media. This change will last another decade, like in the past - an other generation will decide about it.
  8. Yes of course, but you won't need any extra device (except a controller which you link to your tv or tablet). There will also no need for physical media like cds or dvds or b-rays or anything else, no need for installations (except the app running on your tv or tablet). The backend (streaming service) requires a good amount of high end cluster "pcs". For the manufacturers, like Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo there won't be any need for different devices to run/stream the software. This progress won't have any conflict to the selling strategies of the manufacturers. There will still be Playstation, Xbox and others. The difference for the customers will be the form of subscription. You'll still stick with Playstation Plus (or Playstation Now, whatever they'll call it), Xbox Gold and whatever they'll bring up. But it's a huge difference in production of the games. No game ports anymore, no different hardware specs you have to compare from, less testing. They will spare money at the production, they will spare at publishing (no more cutting disks) and they will spare the subsidy for the device. Don't worry - the market for games won't die - but the whole concept of different devices will disappear. Edit: And also don't worry - you'll have fun with your PS4 at least 5 to 8 years. Depends on how fast the market will change.
  9. I dunno understand what you like to say. If the game won't run, you can't play it anyway. But even for GTA V it's possible:
  10. Cross gaming: Gaming between different plattforms like Windows, OSX, Linux, tablets, smartphones - like Rocket League, where PC players are able to play with Xbox and PS4. I'm talking about the future, but you also will find such concepts today like GameFly from Samsung (streaming games to tv), Playstation Now for Sony tvs (streaming PS3 games) or remote streaming for Xbox One to Windows 10 devices (streaming Xbox One games). So yes, the next step will be the reduce of the console. No need for physical media anymore. There will still be exclusive titels, like Microsoft does with it's new store. This is also a winning situation for the manufacturers, because they always subsidize the hardware itself. They will spare a lot of money.
  11. We're at the point, where smartTVs get an equal performance to consoles. Everything is changing to clouds and downloads and also crossgaming is a comming market. In the next few years, there is no more need for extra devices - everything will be build in. So yes, consoles will die - next generation will be somthing different.
  12. I insta mute them and try to suppress that i'm losing against 12 year old
  13. Then it's time for the 30th to finally get a change of voice - they always sound like 12 year old.
  14. Am i able to switch between the styles? The new look is a big improvement, but i also like the pixel style
  15. few days so far and for me it feels like "nothing" changed - everything works like before - thumbs up. but yay, i can't get used to the + and Quote button at the left side, don't know why
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