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Found 5 results

  1. There is an issue, when hosting a server via private ISP connection with dynamic IP range. When the IP changes, players will have to rename their local savegames. For a workaround, players will have to manually change the IP to the correct hostname of the server in the favourite bookmarks. Please change the behaviour of the server, so he announces the hostname first and falls back to IP address if no hostname was configured.
  2. • Version? • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? • Host or dedicated? • Mods? • Reproduction steps: • 41.65 • Multiplayer. • Dedicated. • Yes. • Reproduction steps: 1. Write a lua script or something that make player emit custom sound (Code example: soundID = getPlayer():playSound(soundName) ) 2. In the script in step 1, write a code to set volume and pitch for the sound id returned. (Code example: getPlayer():getEmitter():setPitch(soundID, 2) 3. Start a server, joined with 2 clients as 2 players. Get the 2 players together, so they can here sound emitted from each other. 4. Mute one of the clients as clientA, and make the clientA emit a sound by calling the script above. Then you should hear a sound with unchanged pitch and volume received by the other client as clientB. Similarly, unmute the clientA and mute clientB, emit sound from clientA again, then you should hear a sound set with intended pitch and volume. The conlusion could be that when playing a sound from one client, the instruction DOES pass through network to other clients, so all the clients can hear the sound. However, when setting the pitch and volume of the sound, they DO NOT pass to other clients. Therefore, the client which emits the sound can locally hear intended tuned sound, but clients from the othersides of the network only hear the original sound. Although this problem seems trivial, but I really hope the devs can look into it, thanks!
  3. All I want is to send unique number to all clients, so it will be the same for all users. For example, on the server: textureNumber = ZombRand(10); How can I send this value to client, so all users will see the same texture?
  4. Greetings, kinda stuck with LuaNet and really need your help guys. I want to transfer an inventoryitem (basically a table) with LuaNet, but for some reason it doesn´t send the table as payload, instead I receive an empty table transmitted. So what I want to do in a nutshell: local player = getPlayer(); local inv = player:getInventory(); module.sendPlayer(getPlayer(),"senditem", inv); (Maybe @turbotutone might know what´s going on there)
  5. I start this page like electricity network to centralize idea of a plumbing network. I post here an adaptation of electricity network. Each square and wall could be declared waterable if a metal tube (or copper) is posed on it. Pose or pick a tube with blowtorch + tool of surface (hammer for wood, trowel for dirt). Auto generation for houses : tube from each square with water object (sink, washing machine,etc..) and garage to a mandatory point (ie kitchen sink). 2 waterable square (with tubes) are connected by one of the four edge. A water object is connected if placed on a waterable square A variable for each square : Water in tube and height of source if source is higher than sink , then "drink" If Water decrease, check if one of the four edge is waterable and Water>0, then share close square water. mandatory point give height = infinite barrels give Lvl_Water if lvl > Water and height_barrel > height barrels retain Lvl_Water if Height_barrel < Height tube (if connected to general network or an other barrel higher). And in the real case, Lvl_Water + Water = Lvl_Water then overflow hided tube system, viewable at metalwork skill 4 with show/hide layer option. Metalwork or special plumbing capacity ? More : tap(or/and detector) on tube wire tube on ground : possibility of perforated tube to irriguate. if you forget to switch off water, you can drown plants. What is your opinion ? your idea ?
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