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Found 3 results

  1. All I want is to send unique number to all clients, so it will be the same for all users. For example, on the server: textureNumber = ZombRand(10); How can I send this value to client, so all users will see the same texture?
  2. Greetings, kinda stuck with LuaNet and really need your help guys. I want to transfer an inventoryitem (basically a table) with LuaNet, but for some reason it doesn´t send the table as payload, instead I receive an empty table transmitted. So what I want to do in a nutshell: local player = getPlayer(); local inv = player:getInventory(); module.sendPlayer(getPlayer(),"senditem", inv); (Maybe @turbotutone might know what´s going on there)
  3. I start this page like electricity network to centralize idea of a plumbing network. I post here an adaptation of electricity network. Each square and wall could be declared waterable if a metal tube (or copper) is posed on it. Pose or pick a tube with blowtorch + tool of surface (hammer for wood, trowel for dirt). Auto generation for houses : tube from each square with water object (sink, washing machine,etc..) and garage to a mandatory point (ie kitchen sink). 2 waterable square (with tubes) are connected by one of the four edge. A water object is connected if placed on a waterable square A variable for each square : Water in tube and height of source if source is higher than sink , then "drink" If Water decrease, check if one of the four edge is waterable and Water>0, then share close square water. mandatory point give height = infinite barrels give Lvl_Water if lvl > Water and height_barrel > height barrels retain Lvl_Water if Height_barrel < Height tube (if connected to general network or an other barrel higher). And in the real case, Lvl_Water + Water = Lvl_Water then overflow hided tube system, viewable at metalwork skill 4 with show/hide layer option. Metalwork or special plumbing capacity ? More : tap(or/and detector) on tube wire tube on ground : possibility of perforated tube to irriguate. if you forget to switch off water, you can drown plants. What is your opinion ? your idea ?
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