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  1. get a limb amputated due to infection/etc? basic wooden prosthesis should be a option with somewhat slightly more advanced prosthesis being available late game. wood would work temporarily for lost legs or arms. i assume you could have a metal spike arm prosthesis for stabbing zombies to death. but basic wood ones would be good enough. and if NPC's are added you would need a surgeon/doctor to preform this operation in a adequate room.
  2. all i remember about redboid is that you could sprint across the entire map and the old PVE base.
  3. nice. mod didnt realize that dicksword = discord 3 points now for a misunderstanding. funy ill accept it though. let mods be mods
  4. i think the ban reason was internally argumentative or something
  5. have a feeling your one of the CDDA dicksword mods now. no wonder you know my #6865 thing.
  6. on the other note forgot manhacks and computer hacking exists.
  7. futuristic stuff is added in by a content mod. core game isnt that futuristic
  8. Neat you have a almost carbon copy of CDDA. now its time to actually add elements for fun. -mutagens -underground labs -focus (affects reading speed etc) -stimulants/downers -autodocs -bionics -vehicle system from cdda (so you can make deathmobiles with methlabs) If you dont play CDDA your offically playing the almost carbon copy of it here. edit; forgot that tools can have qualities. that would be real neat so i can use a crowbar or anything heavy to hammer nails in. EX hammer has 2 hammering 1 prying
  9. is that the same thing from CDDA? saw a option for it screwing around.
  10. pbanned cause of a shitter threatening me.
  11. if i go to IWUMBS beta the interface for the menu loads fine
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