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  1. First I want to say this probably belongs in the suggestions subforum. Next I want to say that I was thinking about zombie bites early this morning and came up with what I thought could be a solution that doesn't fit zombie lore, so it could be a custom sandbox option.. I play with zombie infection turned off, I've died enough times that I'm sick of re-doing the grind for skill XP over and over and over just because of an unlucky bite, the first couple of hours of gameplay gets old eventually. Animations update did something though that makes me want more punishment for getting a bite: If you're bitten on an arm, your attack speed lowers to about half. If you're bit on the leg, you're forced to limp slower than walk speed and cannot do ANYTHING but limp when you move. No sneaking, no running, nothing, your bum leg makes you a sitting duck for zombies if you try to go face them. And I found that I actually enjoyed holing up to let my leg heal, even if the bite didn't infect me it was still punishing for me and delayed my scavenging for a few days. If I didn't have supplies to last a few days, I would've even had to go out and put myself in huge danger to gather some, so I started thinking: What if there was a custom sandbox option for a treatable infection? If you get bit, you'd have to take careful care of the wound to avoid turning into a zombie while also potentially dealing with slower attack speeds, or a dangerous limp. The bites become survivable, but the injury still heavily impacts your gameplay and there's this anxiety of: "What if I don't clean it well enough? Will I get sick and die?"
  2. There's a similar problem (now that we know the cause) to the rain puddles that I encountered back in 41.16: I killed a large horde of zombies that progressively (one at a time) advanced onto my safehouse, and eventually I had at least 20, maybe even 30, corpses laying around it. Every corpse played the fly buzzing sound effect and caused performance issues similar to puddles, I actually had to abandon that safehouse because I couldn't find any shovels anywhere to dig graves to deal with the problem
  3. First this isn't a "cruise control" function for the cars, the Discord came up with the name "Cruise Mode" for this suggestion This suggestion is simple: While driving, holding shift would have your character limit the throttle so that engine RPM will stay in the quieter levels, somewhere between 1k-2.5k RPM with around 2K being ideal. The speed you'll end up going will be determined by what gear the car's in when you begin holding down shift. This accomplishes two things: You can cruise quietly when you don't want zombies to notice you as easily, and you can easily limit your speed if you're on a stretch of road you feel is too dangerous to drive fast on.
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=566115016 This workshop mod adds a Lua function to change only specific item variables when Lua is initialized by the game, so mod authors don't have to completely redefine items and cause incompatibility between other mods, and small unrelated changes the devs do to items. (ie, when IWBUMS 41 came out mods that changed the pistol's weight reverted its name change from M9. With this function that would not have happened, and the mod would not have needed an update.) It would be great to have this integrated into the game's scripting directly. Furthermore, creating similar Lua functions to tweak other things in the game (like vehicles) would be great, too.
  5. It seems that if you're bit in the leg and forced to limp while it heals, you become invisible to zombies. For the past few days in-game the zombies can hear me but not see me. Edit: Nope, nevermind, the zombies think I'm just as tasty with a bum leg after all. How long until amputation so I can replace this thing with a peg leg? ;D
  6. Hey there, thanks for mentioning your investigation into the FPS drops due to rain/puddles! I wanted to note that my FPS drops were primarily late into a long storm and after a storm had passed, when the puddles are their largest. My testing of puddle quality (which had no effect whatsoever on the game's performance around puddles, unless I put it to "off") happened after the rain had passed entirely, so I don't think the rain had anything to do with it. Another problem I had was sound clipping and ducking around a lot of corpses. I think every corpse received an instance of flies buzzing over them, which overwhelmed the audio system. I might have it wrong though, and the clipping could have been a side-effect of some other performance problem. Usually I put more effort in investigating bugs like these before reporting them, but frankly I'm having too much fun right now
  7. UniqueZ just updated a few minutes ago, so it shouldn't cause any bugs anymore (assuming people let it update!) Thought I'd let everyone know here
  8. I agree to the Fire Axe name change. Which reminds me, firemen also use a Halligan Bar alongside their axes, that could be added as a direct upgrade to the crowbar now that you guys can actually add weapons!
  9. In build 41.16 the rain puddles were causing the game to micro-freeze (much worse than just simply stuttering) every second, to the point of making it unplayable. I was going to investigate if the puddles themselves caused the problem, or the environmental reflections (because I assume they have reflections) but restarting the game to apply display settings made the puddles disappear and I couldn't fully investigate. Is the huge puddle lag a known bug, or should I try to investigate some more and report my findings?
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