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[MOD SUPPORT 32.17+] The Walking Dead Prison v3.3 (TV Show)


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Now The walking dead prison is officially working as a mod, meaning you don't have to replace original files anymore. Big thanks to EasyPickins and Body Builder for their help in making this new version come true.


Main post updated with download link.


Download v.3.3 here (for the lazy ones)


Also updated the readme file with both English and Russian instructions on how to install or find the prison within the archive. Enjoy!

Oh my..... i didn't read this post, sorry. It was a pleasure to help you, my dear friend ^____^

Thank you.

Now your project is complete, and i'll install your Prison's Mod.... congratulations!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey folks, I've kind of stopped working on this prison.

Somebody else decided to remake it, despite this version still being updated and constantly expanding, and an overwhelming majority of people already migrated there. This one just feels obsolete, and updating it now is only going to be for the small portion of people who, for some reason, don't enjoy the redone version. 


I've had a few huge plans about this version's expansion, but at this point it's going to be useless implementing them, and I'm just too burnt out and exhausted to try and integrate those ideas into the new Wolfe's version. I see no point even uploading my map on the workshop, let alone making it possible for server owners to integrate it on their maps. Really sorry for the inconvenience. 

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