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  1. um...yeah no other channel i am in is asking for that.....
  2. theres a lot of things we controller users cannot currently do. their attention is not focused as much on the controllers, but more on getting the animations right. so as much as i hate saying it, just hang tough and give them time. and i will be right there with you, wishing we could sprint.....or at least run.
  3. along those lines, taping a flashlight to your gun with the light beam showing wherever the weapon is pointed would be nice too
  4. in regards to the tailoring, will there be one type of string that will be stronger than the others? for example monofilament fishing line, which we have. it should be much stronger than regular cloth string, so would it be a stronger stitch than a cloth string stitch?
  5. this did we miss it? i see this line "- Fixed the player walking in the wrong direction while aiming with a controller." nothing else, so i was hoping it did not get mentioned, was forgotten
  6. syfy

    Runners Return

    happy to see controllers in the list, been hard to satisfy myself with just watching Twitch streams
  7. we controller guys will have to give them a bit of time to get other things handled. i know, combat sucks right now. and sprinting does not exist. have faith, they'll get it worked out. just a whole lot of other things to fix as well.
  8. oh well, gonna happen sooner or later. i can wait thanks Lemmy
  9. dont see it, may have missed it are controllers part of this? would be great to swing a weapon and have the camera stay steady. and be able to run would be nice as well
  10. syfy


    gonna have to sit and wait with the rest of us for the IWBUMS announcement
  11. ok, too long to read..... is it possible to use this to edit other players individual skill levels while in game?
  12. why do i find myself thinking of The Holy Grail, and Swallows? maybe a good mod idea though, could be interesting
  13. yeah, i can confirm this. broke my femur on a strong character http://map.projectzomboid.com/?#0.552712788582441,0.08957351320261064,299.45202464674367
  14. syfy


    will we have the ablity to fix holes in clothes, maybe sew extra layers onto certain areas like groin, knee or elbow for a bit more protection. to expand this, what if we had, for example, a firemans jacket that had enough damage to it that it had to be retired. could we salvage the remaining good areas for patches and other things? hell, maybe we could sew certain "Colors" on our clothes in a server, so peeps knew who we were and where our territory was. or just to make our characters just a little more personalized
  15. yeah, i blew it, messed up the 3's damn rookie move
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