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  1. Bedford Falls V3 (Steam Workshop),0.18125,0.9 click on the Bedford overlay, plan out a route. lol, dont get lost in the forest main map is not 100% current, but it will still help
  2. After PZ, where will The Indie Stone go?

    try to get Apple to buy PZ for 2.3 Billion dollars and retire? if Minecraft was worth 2.2 Billion.............. Golden Helicopters for ALL the Staff....
  3. Tree scratches

    Lone Star and American dog ticks are most common in Kentucky
  4. Zombies and Trees

    Yeah, that could be cool indeed. Hope some modders find a way to get that in the game.
  5. Weather control

    sounds like a movie for the Syfy channel (no relation)
  6. Zombies and Trees

    nah, the Devs gave been quite clear, there will be NO Zombie the Vanilla game

    Very nice, i see some awesome base options there. But did i overlook a pond or water anywhere? (On phone, bad pic quality)
  8. Bedford Falls V3 (Steam Workshop)

    thanks for doing that, RingoD123 love that map
  9. Heaters and Airconditioners

    Wait..... Are you suggesting this game have NUDITY? I wonder if that would affect its rating..... And of course how detailed they would dare get with the body.
  10. Make Dixie a Spawn Point

    damn, thats FAST Customer Service there.................. thanks Batsphinx
  11. Make Dixie a Spawn Point

    yeah, i'll second, third and fourth this. would be cool to have that option
  12. 87.5 out of 103.5 why would a sly wolf want a taller tree?
  13. Power lines,0.12347666957375364,10.699320537907196 that wide empty section is where big power lines run in real life. so hopefully, based on realism of course, they will show up in the game as well
  14. Thirty fivin'

    with the strict No ETA policy, we won't know until they tell us. so don't be surprised if you are off a bit
  15. Commonly Suggested Suggestions

    no point even asking about it, that is one of the Confirmed NO's that the Devs have already decided on.