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  1. syfy

    Cheat Menu V2.7.2

    ok, too long to read..... is it possible to use this to edit other players individual skill levels while in game?
  2. why do i find myself thinking of The Holy Grail, and Swallows? maybe a good mod idea though, could be interesting
  3. syfy

    Build 41 Ballpark ETA?

    yeahhhhh.... see, they don't "Do" ETA kind of things its bitten them in the butt a few times back when, so they stopped giving them. watch the Thursdoid, and keep in touch here or in the Discord channel for the latest and greatest
  4. yeah, i can confirm this. broke my femur on a strong character,0.08957351320261064,299.45202464674367
  5. syfy


    will we have the ablity to fix holes in clothes, maybe sew extra layers onto certain areas like groin, knee or elbow for a bit more protection. to expand this, what if we had, for example, a firemans jacket that had enough damage to it that it had to be retired. could we salvage the remaining good areas for patches and other things? hell, maybe we could sew certain "Colors" on our clothes in a server, so peeps knew who we were and where our territory was. or just to make our characters just a little more personalized
  6. yeah, i blew it, messed up the 3's damn rookie move
  7. not sure why, but the password listed above don't work for me
  8. syfy

    Puddle of Zudd

    geez. getting crazy good since i last played. nice job to all teams involved. send the Solid Gold TIS Chopper to gather all for a drink at the pub!!
  9. syfy

    Bedford Falls V3 (Steam Workshop),0.18125,0.9 click on the Bedford overlay, plan out a route. lol, dont get lost in the forest main map is not 100% current, but it will still help
  10. hmmm... these lead to speculation, and people often times coming in to bitch at the Devs for not having them ALREADY done lets hope we dont get those kiddies in heree. i say 2018, first half
  11. syfy

    Tree scratches

    Lone Star and American dog ticks are most common in Kentucky
  12. syfy

    Zombies and Trees

    Yeah, that could be cool indeed. Hope some modders find a way to get that in the game.
  13. syfy

    Weather control

    sounds like a movie for the Syfy channel (no relation)
  14. syfy

    Zombies and Trees

    nah, the Devs gave been quite clear, there will be NO Zombie the Vanilla game
  15. syfy


    Very nice, i see some awesome base options there. But did i overlook a pond or water anywhere? (On phone, bad pic quality)