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  1. maybe, though since we can only kill them with Head Shots, unless they land on their head ....... it would not matter to them if they broke a leg or something in the fall, they just won't move as quick.
  2. the NPC will be coming. FAR too much time has been spent by Lemmy getting them right, acting and behaving the way TIS want and in a manner consistent with George Romero Lore, which is the games Lore. unsure why you think raiders and insane people would be outside the scope of possibility. too me, that sounds quite possible. fact is, their are people who would rather use their guns and physical advantages to just take what others have saved, rather than actually loot themselves. and i mean in Real Life. throw in a Zombie Apocalypse and people would change, in some it may be literally overnight. in others, they may have just been waiting for a reason to go nuts and start stabbing, shooting and killing everything in sight. then you have the ones who are so scared shitless, they may accidentally kill you if you approach from the wrong side while they have a gun and they just squeeze the trigger without checking if you are "alive" or Zombie. as for insanity....try to truly imagine the horrors you would witness each day. even the strongest mind just needs a little push, something that mind just cannot fathom, and over the edge we go into Insanity. and lets not forget the "real" possibility that a cooperative group of players and NPC has their base swarmed when a damn helicopter leads a horde to them. now these people just lost everything, and will need to restock/resupply with whatever they can find. this kind of thing could easily lead to a formerly friendly group turning to raiding tactics, if only to survive one more day, eat one more meal. NPC have been a target for a long time. no way TIS is just going to say screw it, and throw away all the code that has been written for them. instead of getting worked up over what MAY happen, just keep waiting with the rest of us and we will all find out together how it all plays out.
  3. had a character with no injuries or health issues die while standing in a kitchen.
  4. but was your inventory empty? if not, empty everything but your clothes and try it
  5. theres a lot of things we controller users cannot currently do. their attention is not focused as much on the controllers, but more on getting the animations right. so as much as i hate saying it, just hang tough and give them time. and i will be right there with you, wishing we could sprint.....or at least run.
  6. along those lines, taping a flashlight to your gun with the light beam showing wherever the weapon is pointed would be nice too
  7. in regards to the tailoring, will there be one type of string that will be stronger than the others? for example monofilament fishing line, which we have. it should be much stronger than regular cloth string, so would it be a stronger stitch than a cloth string stitch?
  8. this did we miss it? i see this line "- Fixed the player walking in the wrong direction while aiming with a controller." nothing else, so i was hoping it did not get mentioned, was forgotten
  9. syfy

    Runners Return

    happy to see controllers in the list, been hard to satisfy myself with just watching Twitch streams
  10. we controller guys will have to give them a bit of time to get other things handled. i know, combat sucks right now. and sprinting does not exist. have faith, they'll get it worked out. just a whole lot of other things to fix as well.
  11. oh well, gonna happen sooner or later. i can wait thanks Lemmy
  12. dont see it, may have missed it are controllers part of this? would be great to swing a weapon and have the camera stay steady. and be able to run would be nice as well
  13. syfy


    gonna have to sit and wait with the rest of us for the IWBUMS announcement
  14. syfy

    Cheat Menu V2.9

    ok, too long to read..... is it possible to use this to edit other players individual skill levels while in game?
  15. why do i find myself thinking of The Holy Grail, and Swallows? maybe a good mod idea though, could be interesting
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