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  1. syfy

    Bedford Falls V3 (Steam Workshop),0.18125,0.9 click on the Bedford overlay, plan out a route. lol, dont get lost in the forest main map is not 100% current, but it will still help
  2. hmmm... these lead to speculation, and people often times coming in to bitch at the Devs for not having them ALREADY done lets hope we dont get those kiddies in heree. i say 2018, first half
  3. syfy

    Tree scratches

    Lone Star and American dog ticks are most common in Kentucky
  4. syfy

    Zombies and Trees

    Yeah, that could be cool indeed. Hope some modders find a way to get that in the game.
  5. syfy

    Weather control

    sounds like a movie for the Syfy channel (no relation)
  6. syfy

    Zombies and Trees

    nah, the Devs gave been quite clear, there will be NO Zombie the Vanilla game
  7. syfy


    Very nice, i see some awesome base options there. But did i overlook a pond or water anywhere? (On phone, bad pic quality)
  8. syfy

    Bedford Falls V3 (Steam Workshop)

    thanks for doing that, RingoD123 love that map
  9. syfy

    NPC's and vehicles?

    sticky thread in this very forum
  10. syfy

    Heaters and Airconditioners

    Wait..... Are you suggesting this game have NUDITY? I wonder if that would affect its rating..... And of course how detailed they would dare get with the body.
  11. syfy

    NPC's and vehicles?

    Gotta remember the number one rule around here. Be Lovely. Or Kirrus has something to say Sarcasm is one thing. Telling a person repeatedly to go fuck themselves is on a whole different level. Kind of tells me a bit about you.....if ya know what i mean. Ask about NPC development all you want. But be aware of the official TIS No ETA policy. And as i said before, they have been told off by so many people for the same stuff you wrote, they won't discuss NPC development in any public forums. Doing so has shown to have a steam roller effect, as it quickly gets misinterpreted to mean NPCs are imminent if they give us anything to show how its going. Suddenly people who have been waiting play the game again, get pissed off when there are no NPCs, and create gripe threads in which they attack the Dev ream, publicly ream them as taking WAY TOO FUCKING LONG to do get the idea Its a vicious cycle. And we the community are along for the ride. No one said this would be a quick fix thing to add NPC or Vehicles. A lot of that has also been heavily dependant on Animations getting polished off. Probably other little issues that arose as a result of the animations that we dont hear aboutas well....the weird glitches the IWBUMS is intended to help with... Once it hits that development stage internally and they are ready for IWBUMS. Again, have faith. Shit, as bad as WE want it.....imagine how nice it will be for the Devs once V1.0 is out and they can breathe. But keep in mind, its a game. Nothing more. Whether you have 12 steam hours or 2100 steam hours, its only a game.
  12. syfy

    Make Dixie a Spawn Point

    damn, thats FAST Customer Service there.................. thanks Batsphinx
  13. syfy

    Make Dixie a Spawn Point

    yeah, i'll second, third and fourth this. would be cool to have that option
  14. syfy

    NPC's and vehicles?

    gee whillikers, how DARE the TIS team decide what THEY find to be important. how DARE they decide to (GASP) expand the map as they have said many times they were planning on doing anyway. how DARE they choose to add something as unusually bizarre as VOIP to the game. i'm sure the community did not want or hope for such a thing, after all its pointless and irrelevant.........right? how DARE they continue to work on NPC's without mentioning what is happening. surely thats not because of the all the positive, supporting messages and emails they have received...right? i mean, who doesn't find it easy to continue busting your ass on something you intend to be among the best ever made (NPC) and getting told over and over and over and over and over that you suck, your game sucks, and you don't know what you are doing or how to PROPERLY develop a the HUGE money guys at EA. next time you want to gripe, please save it. we've heard it ALL before. just keep having faith, it WILL work time.
  15. 87.5 out of 103.5 why would a sly wolf want a taller tree?