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  2. Body Builder


    OMG!!! All beautiful, thank you Pz Staff!!!
  3. Body Builder

    Mist Me

    Exceptional work, staff!
  4. Body Builder

    Sasha’s Sense of Snow

    Thank you guys, you are the best!
  5. Body Builder

    Zombies in the Mist

  6. Body Builder

    Snow DaZe

    Amazing! You are the best, Pz's staff!
  7. Body Builder

    Build 39: Vehicles released!

    Oh my.....!!! This update is amazing, we can also shoot from a window and unistall/replace parts of vehicles!!! Always the best staff and the best updates! Thanks guys!
  8. Body Builder

    Death Cab for Zombie

    Sssssssssssuper!!! Only the best for the best game! ^__^
  9. Body Builder

    Bridge of Dies

    Nice, guys, really nice work!
  10. Body Builder

    TEA time

    SSSSSUPER! Excellent team work! (best team ^____^ ) You are the best, PZ's Staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ----------> P.S. Ehm, excuse me Nasko, i wrong or i have the sensation that the man into the church is...... only a bit in danger??????
  11. Body Builder

    Blends n’ Shades

    The staff of this game is building the best project of survival horror RPG game, and the direction is absolutely unique and superlative. The players of PZ will support you, PZ's staff, forever!
  12. Body Builder

    Blends n’ Shades

    Incredible!!! Thanks a lot, PZ's staff
  13. Body Builder

    Storms and Studies

    Oh my..... Congratulations PZ's staff, excellent work and awesome effects!!! Thanks
  14. Body Builder

    Performance Enhancements

    Nice news! The second/last video of the vehicle is very cool.... anyway it's incredible, the vehicles now are so realistic, and i don't know the reason but remember me a scene of "The Last of Us".... probably because on PZ we'll can play like Joel
  15. Body Builder

    Grave Intention

    AAaahhhhh!!! Are you the creator?? I didn't know it..... Thanks a lot!!!!
  16. Body Builder

    Grave Intention

    Great work guys..... the jeep is amazing and the colors beautiful..... A question for you, Nasko, it will be possible to see a military jeep for the future?
  17. Body Builder

    Test Track

    I can confirm... San andreas sounds are the best
  18. Body Builder

    Test Track

    I want the car of the video!!! Too cool!!
  19. Body Builder

    Map of Normandy, France

    Hurrà for the France!!! ... ..... ....... and Italy.... "cough cough cough"
  20. Body Builder


    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice work! I like so much the new dashboard, i hope there will be soon the new release with vehicles. Thanks Pz Staff P.S. one of my characters on Pz
  21. Body Builder

    Thank you George Romero

    Thank you George Romero, and rest in peace, everywhere you are in this moment.
  22. Body Builder

    Parking Lots (of zombies)

    Wow staff! AMAZING!!! You are building something of exceptional and unique!!!!! This isn't a game, this is an example of virtual real life ^__^ I'd like to know how is it possible to realize all these pixels that move into a game. Too difficult for everyone that hasn't the knowledge.... congratulations PZ Staff, the best project game. P.S. Thank you Nasko for your patience to do new threads for every news!
  23. Body Builder

    Skill: hand to hand combat

    I like the idea of the martial arts/Boxing/etc..unarmed fighting skill. But Pz's Staff?
  24. Body Builder

    [MOD SUPPORT 32.17+] The Walking Dead Prison v3.3 (TV Show)

    Oh my..... i didn't read this post, sorry. It was a pleasure to help you, my dear friend ^____^ Thank you. Now your project is complete, and i'll install your Prison's Mod.... congratulations!
  25. Body Builder

    Walkie-Talkies - How to Use Them?

    Mmmh, there is the knife... it isn't a bad weapon, if you are skilled with those weapons and you know how to use it. I can kill a group of 15 -18 zombies with a good series of moves and combat tactics (i am dead 100 times for to learn the knife's fighting with max efficiency). Anyway, in my honest opinion a character in game has to hold the Walkie talkie for to speak... (I am a security guard in real life, and for to speak with the Walkie-T. i have to hold it with one hand, when i have to use it).