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The First PZ Fan Art!

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Sir.. You are the most talented artist in the world



(Cries from happiness) heres what i draw insipired by you

(now im gonna go Kitten and eat something)


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Wow. I mean. I am really wowed by this piece of art.

It may be a picture to some. But to me it's not just that. It is not just a picture.

It's a picture celebrating the realization that pictures aren't going to change anything.

I draw pictures, too and this was close to making me quit drawing all together.

But I'm gonna keep drawing anyways. But unlike this picture, my drawings do not have the potential to change this mean, fucked up and down world of shit and more shit.

Now, on the brighter side of the landscape we have the prospect that this picture will become a part of the curriculum of eight class art classes.

And when the teacher says Rathlord's name, everyone is gonna smile real pretty and say that he was a good guy.

This picture clearly shows he could could change the world if these assholes gave him the chance.

Everyone starts out small but from this picture you can tell he ain't gonna stay small.

Even if someone decided to wipe his ass with this piece of art, he'd be glad to be of service.

This piece of art uses your mind like other people use spit or vaseline.

I totally lost where I was going with this. So I am going to call it a post here.

Thank you from letting me get to know you before you got popular.

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This is the finest art I have ever seen. I can't even match such a brilliant master piece crafted with sweat and tears. Every time I view this it makes me think of the amazing talent you must have and such a keen eye for detail and precision. I am truly  jealous of your talent to draw with such elegant grace then add passion with the mix. You sir are a master among artists and you surely prove it with this refine art piece you've posted here on this site. We are astonished with this and can't thank you enough for sharing this with the world. 

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