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  1. That's not how that works. That's not how that works. You can't even use black powder in modern bullets; this is the case and point of this entire discussion. You would be dead, because you don't know what you're doing. That's the entire reason this idea is so wrong. That's not how that works. For one thing, museums don't keep functional weapons around- they're kept plugged, with the actions removed, are replicas, etc. And even if they did work, you wouldn't have any ammunition that worked in them. Do you really think museums keep live explosives sitting around? Sorry for not knowing the name of a special kind of gunpowder. This game is not in the real world, if it were you would have to piss and shit. Zombies would stink so much you would vomit from being around them, there would be people running around lighting shit on fire. Zombies would slowly rot away, there would be crashed and working cars everywhere, and there would be dead bodies everywhere, they don't gotta be that realistic.
  2. Too damn complicated. Will replacing sound files with music work?
  3. Say If i fuckin bought it, i download it, could i just take out a music file from the game, rename the song to that music file and shove it in, and it will work or no? I did it, not to distrubute, but for my own legal use, they can't do absolute shit because i am not doing anything with it outside my own personal shit. Playlist of songs it is i guess.. OH SHIT MY GRAPHICS CARD IS FLIPPING OUT! I AM UPDATING DriVErSBUT iCANt Se WHAR I|M TYPING
  4. As long as you don't make money off it, companies don't usually go at it, and it is for private use so... I don't think you quite understand the concept of 'copyright'. Also, just because something is on Youtube (for what may well be a lifetime for some of you) doesn't waive the associated copyrights. It's not even a question of whether the record companies may or may not take action over the copyright breaches, but one of simply breaching the copyrights to integrate the music with TIS software. Not being a lawyer myself, I wouldn't know the specifics, but I'm pretty certain that if TIS was to take no action themselves over a breach in copyrighted music being distributed via a mod for their software through their forums, something's gotta give. Anyways...
  5. Apparently in zomboid, you're the only human alive inside of the Knox Exclusion Zone... Nothing would be looted...
  6. As long as you don't make money off it, companies don't usually go at it, and it is for private use so... Plus all dis stuff is on youtube for over 7 years, and they don't care, john murphy is a single artist, i don't think he is even part of a big record company, neither is midnight syndicate, i dunno about creature feature and other bands, but i could, buy the songs and put them in myself, and this would be perfectly fine. And they don' copyright random unpaid actors moans and gargles i don't think. Is changing the sounds as simple as renaming files and replacing them? Or is it more complex than that? Otherwise i could just get a playlist of songs and play them in the background of youtube instead, you should get some forum members and record alot more zombie moans, there are only like, what, 5 sounds?
  7. I would enjoy a mod where the zombies make various sounds of zombies from shows, movies and games. Also for zombie-esque music to replace the current, Like: in the house in a heartbeat, The resident evil theme, Creature Feature- Aim for the head, Midnight syndicate- Grisly Reminder, and much more...
  8. Simpler guns like revolvers shouldn't be hard to fix. And by gun factory i mean not turning it on, but it having a ton of surplus guns in supply because the gun making-machines never turned off, and made hundreds of guns before running out of resources and power. Casting ammo is not hard, grinding down primers and getting sulfur for black power is the hard part. And some museums should have working weapons from past wars, with limited amounts of water, soviet era Rpg's, Nazi era machine guns, Veitnam era grenades, civil war cannons, ect.
  9. Fixing a firearm is a rather specialized skill… perhaps only with shooting 5 or something- but the reality of it is, without major arms manufacturers firearms aren't renewable resources, and shouldn't be. Sure, you can fix a striking pin maybe, clean out the barrel, that sort of thing, but at the end of the day, guns are going to slowly break down and there's not much we can do about it except find more. Then give us a gun factory in a very distant place with a ton of zombies, or a bunch of downed military convoys and choppers to scav assault rifles, grenades, and other military weapons so we can get guns in places where we know they spawn.
  10. Ammo is renewable, ammo is commonly found on zombies. We need the ability to fix guns with renewable things.
  11. No. How many times have you gotten a calve cramp from tensing up closely around zombies?
  12. You are walking in a field and get bit in the ankle by a severed zombie head, you turn and get shot by a scavenger.
  13. Most likely. I have been sniffing sharpies... Anyways... Whats with the wonky loot spawning? I went into the cop station, 1 pistol, no ammo. Some house full of guns... No sledge hammer anywhere... And a partridge in a pear tree.
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