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  1. Hello all, I recently came back to project zomboid after a break playing other games, while doing so I gathered a few concepts from these games which I thought might help/improve zomboid. I would make these ideas into mods myself if I could code in Lua ( I'm currently working on learning it), but seeing as tho I can't i decided to post my ideas here, I understand completely if the devs dislike suggestions when the asker has no concept of feasibility...if you feel it has been suggested before please feel free to link it 1) restraints - zip ties or handcuffs My first idea is a restraint, something that can be used to hold a npc or player captive. Some benefits of this would be being able to use hostages for trade or ransom or perhaps you want to leave them for dead, or have no guts to kill them, it could also be used for players RPing as cops. 2) NPCs If and when the NPC survivors are released I think it would be cool if some of them still did their job I.E police, farmers etc. 3) military If and when the military are released I think it would be cool if they weren't just Kill on sight nuts, maybe they are cut off and become regular survivors and want to trade, or try and quarantine people. Thanks for reading there was a few other suggestions such as plugging bathtubs that have already been suggested that I left out, any thoughts are welcome!
  2. hey all just a quick suggestion, that sinks, baths, toilets etc could be plugged and filled with water
  3. 1. Where will you locate your safe house? The Isolated House with a perimeter wall, i will gate it and start a farm, as well as add an extension to the house. (http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.5571106419822124,0.1961431757753523,639.1455273698265) 2. What will your attitude be towards other survivors will you try to be the good guy, or the bandit who is going to steal the supplies of other survivors? Depends really, i will probbably be neutral to all survivors, from there i will try and determine their personality and their abilities and see if it is worth while to try and recruit them 3. How big will you try to make your group a small 4-6 or a large community of 15+? A small tight-nit group of 3 other survivors, they will be skilled in a area of importance and very reliable & loyal. 4. Will you accept all survivors or only useful ones? As stated above, well skilled, well equipped and loyal few. 5. Will you try to be a leader or a group member? Ill be a fair leader, basically i will take into consideration everyone's thoughts to make decisions, i.e food rations, war, etc but ill decide on roles, etc 6. (If i dont mind, ill add another ) How will you/your group deal with other factions or groups? Ill probbably try and become really good allies with a strong but stable group which has things i can benefit from (I.e control of gun store or a big farm or political power within the realm of Kentucky). With everyone else ill be neutral untill provoked. Nobody else will be allowed to join until i lose a member!
  4. A liquid or cream that's an antiseptic, similar to detoll or Savlon cream which can be applied to wounds and reduce infection chance/rate, if there is a bandage already applied there could be an option to remove
  5. Hey guys, I just got a few quick questions for you... 1) can you break handrails such as the one on the balcony on the second floor? 2) is the military concept still a thing? 3) ....N....P.....C's?
  6. Just want some clarity on the propane tanks, can we pick them up? Use them for other things other then the obvious BBQ? I've been doing some homework and found that you CAN use propane with some fridges... Most Motorhomes today use them!!
  7. This topic has been dead for 3+ months... Are u allowed to still continue it?
  8. Actually vomiting isn't recommended in a case of bleach poisoning.If you drank two bottles of bleach I think you well deserved to die then how do you get it out?
  9. So with the woodbury style safe houses built by NPCs be out with the first NPC build...? Or what
  10. So basically The AI director is a "roll of the dice" good luck/bad luck sorta thing?
  11. I hope this is toggable, because thats sounds stupid to me : / it probably would be in sandbox, but i feel like I cheat when I play there so I hope it would be togglable in survival!
  12. Sorry guys, I didn't have internet for a few as I stated earlier ", I'll change everything nowI guess it's already been updated.... Sorry guys I'll leave It to headshot from now on
  13. I am the key to knowledge... @Doomblood, you don't have to take it seriously we're just joking ... aren't we? IK IL anyway as I turns out I won't be able to post on the forums for the next few days (internet will be down) so if headshot would like to take over he may
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