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  1. Does this fix the mac osx client to work with Linux and Windows servers?
  2. Is it possible for mac to host a server in the current build?
  3. I imagine that it will. The current situation with OSX not being compatible with other OS's ought to be fixed soon. Thing is that it worked for me in the beginning.
  4. Anyone know if OS X will be able to host servers and join windows or linux server?
  5. Eprus

    Error with new patch

    Dida broke the first rule of our forums - on multiple occasions. Now he is gone forever Just wondering, what was the rule?
  6. Eprus

    Error with new patch

    Why can't I view dida55's profile?
  7. It's been fixed, if you haven't noticed yet You can't moonwalk anymore. Oh my bad, haven't tried in a while I guess.
  8. Thank you for making such a great and unique game! Best of luck on steam! This gave me another reason to look forward to Friday! YAY!
  9. Oh damn, yeah.... Run compatibility mode on mac for now, this is a known issue. It worked! Thanks lemmy! Just have some fps issues now.
  10. When I load up west point on mac the game crashes. :'(
  11. Eprus

    Older versions...

    If anyone has the OSX versions of these, that would be beautiful.
  12. Dang it Rathlord, you beat me to it. Well I guess I could show several months of work.
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