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    Hi there everyone. :)
  1. This thread has made me excited for something I didn't even know I wanted. Definitely downloading this update soon.
  2. So when do I get to make a ship my safehouse? xD
  3. I think in the old days there was actually a few collaborative maps? It'd be nice to see one can't wait.
  4. Well not ALWAYS MisterLock. In the very very old days bites were 100% death. And I THINK scratches were too, if I can recall correctly. But it's been quite a while. This was changed to keep players from going on a crazy rampage and basically giving up on their characters, because there's always the chance your character isn't infected.
  5. I can not wait for the fishing! I assume we'll be able to mod in our own types of fish if we so desired? Like Blue Gills and some of the other fish I hear people talk about catching? :3 It would be great if we could! And I'm assuming we can.. Anyway, the new cooking system is going to be super awesome too.... But fishing is still what's got me the most excited haha.
  6. I got yelled at for yelling "I accept" at my monitor.... xD
  7. nuget102

    Nuget102's Food Mod

    Thanks. c: Link will (hopefully) be up soon, i'm having problems getting the recipes to work. Cuz I suck at coding lol
  8. nuget102

    Nuget102's Food Mod

    I seem to be having problems with my code, it appears as if my mod is messed up (somewhere) so I will link it but IT MAY BE BROKEN!!!! So please, feel free to poke around and fix it Here is my first ever mod c: This started with Strider saying he wanted Baked Potatoes.... This is the result... Please post any request you have in this topic, I will try my best to get to it. I will gladly take any art anyone wishes me to use for whatever food you want, just PM me! Link: http://pz-mods.net/weapons-items/NugetsCraftingMod/ Planned: Pizza Bread Wheat (Maybe?) Tomato Sauce Jams
  9. Use to you could move the wheelie bins around (the green trash cans with wheels) but they removed that due to some glitches from my understanding. So if you be patient i'm sure it'll be back eventually?
  10. I noticed that as well, use Fraps for the time being? I can't help you much, but if you can find a way please tell me. :3
  11. I prefer waffles, they're crispier and I like that c:
  12. I guess your question is answered? -loves the doom song-
  13. I'm probably going to barricade myself in the school at West Point. There I will eventually set up a group of meager survivors (probably 10-15 at most) I'll set up little look out areas on the roof. At the highest roof is eventually where we will be 'living' (sleeping, cooking, eating, storing things) and we'll farm on a walled in area on the ground. Our rain barrels will be scattered around the place, wherever I feel necessary. If I can't get an NPC to join me he will be food for zombies. C:
  14. I believe Desura gives you a Steam key I think Desura gives you a steam key? I may be wrong? I think there have been suicides by drinking bleach.. And I think it's pretty commonly known that bleach is toxic... XD
  15. What about something similar to what the recipe mod does? The one that lets you see all the recipes? Instead as you discover recipes or read books that contain new recipes you unlock them, and they appear in the book. That keeps the right click menu from being crowded with "Make __" when you don't have the items for it. I tend to use the right click menu a lot so it's something I don't want to be all that crowded
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