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Bean's Building Packs (update 29-01-2014 - 11:27) Vote for next Buildings! Poll added!

Next Pack  

66 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you want in the next pack?

    • Cheap small houses (30 buildings)
    • Big mansions (8 buildings)
    • Stores and retail (20 buildings)
    • Street Furniture (50 lots)
    • Nature and scenery (12 lots)
    • Flats and appartments (6 buildings)
    • Public places (toilets/parking lots/picknic area) (15 lots)

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Last update: 2014-01-29 / 11:27


Last added:

  1. Poll for next pack release
  2. Made changes to layout in topic
  3. Old parts in spoiler now

Please if any suggestions, make a comment!


All buildings are free to use and manipulate.
I distribute my buildings in ".zip" files containing ".tbx" and ".tmx" files.
I work with Dropbox, so you can easily click the name of the building and download it. No adds included!
All buildings are fully furnished


Beastly's Pack 1 (all neatly packed!) (Click the link)





Below is the old thread, soon to be removed including Dropbox links. As of now everything will be available in building packs.



Garage duo box

Distribution used
Lost Church


Highway restroom



Sheriff department



Alpha road pack (only contains one road piece!)


WIP Contractor
(1st release "Trails Of Fellow Survivors" upcomming.)


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Damn, those are some awesome buildings.



Question, how do you show the vegetation(trees, grasses) on the buildings, is it a option on TileZed or BuildingEd?



Once again, awesome buildings.


I use the BuildingEd. It is all placed by hand.


Cool, so you placed the grass on the ground too?, i always attempted to make a porch on my house building though i can't even figure it out. :P

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