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  1. i may just be talking for myself then but no matter how hard and how powerful you stomp, it just a simple leg movement. like walking, you can walk for miles straight and not get tired at all cause youre simply just moving your leg back and forth, its not like punching for example. unless they add the ability to lift rocks or other items in the environment and smash em on their heads for a mushy instakill i wouldnt want this tiring from stomps feature added. it would just end up making the game too hard on something that isnt hard at all.
  2. stomping really doesn't tire people lol
  3. Fuck yes, no more room in hell style Also can't wait to see actual brain splatter and holes in the heads of all the piss poor targets that enter my line of sight >:D HARR
  4. Well they've shown the player sneaking / ducking in the 2 videos so I would assume sneaking's implemented now
  5. Awesome mod! I tried something just like this but since I used an older version of jabs import export tools, the bones kept messing up on me.
  6. I am speechless, been trying to do backpacks for months now and no matter how hard I'd try you'd still do better haha. The alice pack looks so good no words can describe my opinion on that except for some made up ones like "awesomificiently supergreatcool"
  7. I've been spending tons of time trying to get female tops to work, but whenever i do anything it ends up with every female character looking like the thing.
  8. I can 100% feel with you. It's always a hard time for me to push the export button, lol. I'm about done with the female clothing same concept - Vest > Sweater, Blouse > Jacket / Parka. Uploading soon. Tomorrow / today I will try doing the tutorial on customizing with gimp.
  9. Update: I added shirts to all male characters, added 2 gimp files to create your own skins (colorable due to grayscale) I will now start working on some accessory models, and female shirts + skins. Once I have enough time I will organize everything and make it as easy to use as humanly possible . I will try to make a video on customizing your Char via gimp. Also, sorry if posting this isn't allowed. Im not sure if this is considered bumping, but I want to update the people whenever a new update comes out.
  10. I am interested in finding out what customization options most people use. This will be useful for general statistics but also for mod creation.
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