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  1. Not sure how a helicopter would work out but cars/motorcycle,boats,bicycles,or trains should do the trick... You know that annoying helicopter that is ingame? I hope in the future there's a way they drop a box that contains food/supplies if they see you or actually try to shoot you down.Increases difficulty, same with npc's inside a vehicle...
  2. What about using the ropes too much causes to rip off and actually fall off?That would add a challenge especially if it they allow it to have a durability and it gets affected greatly when it rains or when a zombie keeps pulling/ripping it from the bottom when your climbing or descending...They could implement a proffesion (thief) Special trait: ability to picklock doors and create powerful sheetropes that would last longer... Would be nice to create a rope just to break it on your first try depending on your + and - traits...
  3. Those buildings looks amazing! i must say, it will take a while to fill the interiors, but take all the time you need... Also where is it located at in Paris? i can imagine when pz developers add npc's and cars will some roads be blocked like a quarantine type of place?
  4. "How about a prison or maybe a mall or better yet a hospital thanks if you wanna build any of these and your work is awesome" Well im actually already doing them,that old prison is old gone, created a better one instead.Im creating various types of buildings from hospital,apartments,mechanic shop,all the way to a house that had been ruined by zombies...so far it's 21 i want to post them when im almost done with them and bugfree.I'll send it to the community so we can increase maldraugh map size ...Here's a few of them (will look better when i post it) Any types of building ideas let me know ....(will test them so it's functional to the latest version)
  5. i would love to hear the sound of rain indoors, it could be relaxing and thrilling when you found out there was a zombie hiding beneath the stairs.....
  6. I don't have shadows still, but that isn't that big of a deal for me. Did you noticed that in v26 zombies spawning in buildings is back? Im glad, it creates a suspense every time you reach into a room especially in a small bathroom just to find a group of them.
  7. Is it just me or did v26 allowed zombies to spawn in buildings? Im glad it's back, now all we need is those big hordes/migration as well as npc's of course....
  8. quick question, are there more zombie spawns? I would love to see as many as dreadwood has if not EVEN MORE! The loot is too valuable to be infested by few zeds Also any hint on what buildings/new location to expect in V3?
  9. !!!!!PZ developers the sooner your release the version that allows to import custom tiles the better...This is just to good to wait!
  10. Anyone knows if the horde migration system is coming back? as well as zombies inside buildings?Those 2 features created suspense,increased difficulty and forced you to move from one location to another....
  11. There's nothing more you can do to it,looks perfectly...
  12. Is it just me or this few releases they made it easy to get away from zombies?I think they disable the zombie migration/big hordes or what about zombies spawning in buildings? Hopefully they bring it back next update because those really affected the game difficulty.Also i would love to see a zombie being able to grab you or knock you down to the floor, same goes when your in a horde of zombies Overall i really want to see those features to come back...
  13. needs to be a little dusty/darker similar to the dumpsters,cardboard boxes or trash cans that you have in your picture but the map editor can do it just fine.....
  14. oh man a soccer/footbal stadium would be sweet and really good for it to be as a base for everyone to gather up in mp....
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