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new variants of tinder-wood shavings and dry grass

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wood shavings-side product of woodcutting(chopping down trees and carpentry),that can be used as good tinder (i tested it many times in real life)

hay-character should be able to keep grass in his inventory after pulling it out of ground,after some time it will become dry and turn into hay that will burn perfectly

both wood shavings and dry grass would become renewable tinder what would be especially useful if character is far from cities,or just in cases when we dont want to dispose magazines,newspapers etc.

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Found a variety of different natural tinders here which would could be useful:


Here are the different types that they recommended:

  • Birch and Cedar Bark
  • Cattail and Milkweed "Seed Down"
  • Dried Grass
  • Birdnests
  • "Fatwood", usually from dead tree stumps (Conifer Heartwood, usually in sticks then shaved to start fires; something my father always swore by)
  • Tinder Fungus

Which of these would be suitable for Project Zomboid would be up to the devs discretion of course, but I personally have used Red Cedar Bark, Dried Grass, and "Fatwood" quite successfully to start small fires.

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