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  1. I'm surprised screws and screwdrivers can't be used for carpentry in general.
  2. Uhh, I'm pretty sure that being in a state of panic can make your character trip and fall whilst running.
  3. Combat Shotties? Sorry, just have to get over Fortnite Season 9 and X flashbacks. XD But I think military grade versions of certain weapons would be a pretty cool concept. Like, they could be direct upgrades in multiple ways but even harder to obtain than the civilian versions.
  4. To go with what trombo said, I feel like a plot with like, and ending would work against the idea of you staving off your character's inevitable demise.
  5. Good games? Free? Well, I've got stuff to look up now.
  6. This DOES seem like a pretty stock question to ask, and it has been asked in an archived thread, but I wanna get the ball rolling again by asking the community what their favorite Non-Zomboid Zombie Games are. I'll go first by sharing mine. - 1. Zombies Ate My Neighbors A classic run and gun game starring two teenagers named Zeke and Julie on their quest to stop not just a zombified menace, but a rogue's gallery of various B-Movie monsters like killer dolls, chainsaw maniacs, martians, werewolves, and more... And to do this, they have waterguns, exploding soda, bazookas, potions that turn THEM into werewolves, and more. It's so varied and the level design still holds up. It is super hard though, so you probably won't be able to beat the game on your first try. - 2. Plants VS Zombies 2: It's About Time! "What?! Who would put PVZ2 ahead of the first game?! Heresy!" I can understand, as some of the microtransactions are very much on the predatory side. But in spite of that, PvZ2 takes everything cool about the first game and amps it up several levels with some of the new(er) plants like Laser Bean or Lightning Reed as well as using the time travel aspect to make for some interesting level gimmicks. For example, in The Neon Mixtape Tour, the background music not only alters The Zombie's Speed, but the unique zombies also start using their special abilities with different tunes. - 3. Fortnite: Save The World (NOT BATTLE ROYALE!) Now I know what some people are thinking, "Fortnite Bad," I know, I get it. But Save The World is a fun and unique hybrid of class-based shooter, wave defense, with a ton of rpg elements to go with it. The basic gist is that The Storm killed 99% of everyone, and it's up to you to fight the storm and rebuild humanity. The main threat are The Storm's minions.... The Husks. They're not quite zombies, they don't eat flesh, and they have enough smarts to try and take alternative routes to a point they want to attack and ranged husks know enough to try and keep their distance. It is grindy, but the variety of weapons and heroes make it worth it.
  7. I mean, if a weapon is rare and powerful, I for one think it would be great if people could stick with them for as long as they're alive. Or at least, letting the player decide, like if there was a sandbox option regarding durability. You could be able to set certain weapons to having infinite durability for example.
  8. That is true, but I was just thinking of a short term benefit to building a rope ladder rather than just simply using sheet ropes.
  9. Yeah, build up a moat outside of your fort once you've got farming and pickling rolling, and the most you'll have to do is occasionally drop a molotov into the pit when the zombies have formed a pile.
  10. So, a lot of you use sheet ropes to get up through windows to build second floors, and while zombies can't climb them they can tear them down. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to craft a sturdier rope ladder with sticks and sheetrope? And the main reason you would want to is because you can pull the rope ladder back up.
  11. Imagine being able to dig basements with this system, like putting down a sheet rope into a hole as an entrance whatnot.
  12. I was not aware we could light up bodies with gas now, but I do know that any kind of fire can incinerate bodies down to skeletons.
  13. Oh yeah, I agree. A good hazmat suit should protect you from illness. I feel like you should also be able to cremate corpses with gas or whiskey and a match or a lighter/ripped sheet. Just dump it on a pile and light it up. (Be careful that you don't do it near your base, though. XD)
  14. I feel like that instead of breaking, bladed weapons should dull and rust. The idea is that if you split skulls or decapitate zombies, they'll eventually lose most of their combat effectiveness until you sharpen them and polish the rust off. I have seen moments where rusted or corroded metal could break, but a weapon like your trusty machete should be able to go for a long time before that should even be possible. But if they added a sharpening mechanic to force people to maintain their blades for optimal combat effectiveness, that may actually be better in the long run.
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