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  1. So, these days, we got four towns to start in on the map. What is your favorite place to spawn and why? Personally, I love Muldraugh because it has several warehouses for all your hardware needs, including that's pretty easy to find next to The Highway. On top of wilderness being easy to find (just move through the north past the turn in the main highway.) Furthermore, that highway also has various other goodies in the stores next to it, like a storage unit, a police station, a few restaurants, etc. But what are your favorite places?
  2. Yeah, one of the points in The Zombie Survival Guide was that while pistols aren't useful as a primary firearm, you could use it at point blank range if you're grabbed and about to get bit. These days, pistols at high shooting skills are some of the best firearms to date because the standard 9mm can hold 15 bullets a clip.
  3. The idea is that if someone were to take both Depressive and Self-Destructive, they would have 40 free points at the cost of a character that could spiral into death by sadness at any time and sometimes without warning. Hoarder is only six points because it requires you to be at or over carrying capacity to avoid a slow decline in happiness/mood.
  4. I'd like to suggest some traits. Positive Traits: -Psychopath/Slasher (Increases accuracy with knives and greatly reduced chances of knives getting stuck.) (-6) -Martial Artist/Brawler (Allows your shove to do actual damage and even kill zombies wholesale.) (-12) -Repairman (Increases durability restored from all repairs and may randomly stop repairs from getting more ineffective.) (-14) -Regenerative (Increases natural healing speed, makes it easier to ward off zombification for longer) (-14) Negative Traits: -Klutz (Increases the chance of tripping while running, and would increase chances of injury from doing so) (+8) -Self-Destructive (Health declines if you become sad, can actually cause death.) (+10, doubles with depressive) -Depressive (Randomly becomes sad, makes it harder to restore relative happiness) (+10, doubles with self-destructive) -Hoarder (Mood declines if you aren't at carrying capacity.) (+6)
  5. I remember popping off a suggestion in December and part of it was sandbox options that would let the player decide things like how durable weapons would spawn in and even how quickly they would wear out.
  6. Sometimes the simplest things are the best. I'd like for sheets to have utility as a blanket item, but you know.
  7. Ahhh man. Well, look on the bright side, unlike forage zones, you can do this indefinitely.
  8. I mean, like I said, I feel like there should be sandbox options for those who want to decide that. Like, before Build 41, Hunting Knives were perfect for training up blade skills if you didn't want to risk using up your axe. But then they added the mechanic of stabbing weapons being able to get stuck in zombies. I mean, while it would be a neat idea, I feel like weapons falling out of your hands randomly would make combat even harder than it now is.
  9. Bruh moment. Just dig, remove, and rinse and repeat til you get as many worms as you want, right?
  10. Well, if you go crazy digging furrows with your trowel, you can find worms. I'm not sure if your chance of digging up worms is affected by the lucky trait or foraging skill, but it's worth a shot.
  11. This does seem like a neat thing that could make worrying about the character's mood more important. Let's be real, I've played PZ for around 200 hours and the only emotional moodle that made any real difference was panic, and only because being panicked now causes random tripping. But I'm not sure if insanity should be equal to instant game over. Here's how I'd imagine it: 1. Character has a sanity bar next to their life meter in the skills/first aid menu. Things like panic, not getting enough sleep, and being too drunk, sick, or bored slowly makes it decline. 2. As the sanity bar declines, the character starts developing tunnel vision, and then he starts moving slowly, and then he starts hallucinating. And by hallucinating, I mean hearing noises that aren't there, seeing zombies that aren't there and not going to sleep or eating. 3. The sanity bar when empty, makes the entire landscape and makes it hellish and the shadowy, hallucination zombies will run at you constantly, but killing them will slowly restore your sanity.
  12. Honestly, I'd only want an NPC Companion. Otherwise, I'd just want to fly solo.
  13. I think the reason for the fact that zombies keep damaging your hands is BECAUSE you aren't wearing gloves. Like, if you're wearing protective gear, it won't register bites or scratches on protected areas, rather they will degrade the clothes.
  14. This happened a long time ago... I was playing, finally finished my forest castle, then the helicopter came. I was confident that I'd be fine because no zombies come to the woods.... I was wrong. An entire horde beat down my northwest wall. But I didn't have a hard time killing all of them. (It was a modded superman run, I know, I'm a scrub.) But to this day, I still think it was funny that the helicopter ruined my fort. XD
  15. Yeah, the discomfort of sleeping on the ground could have a huge chance of causing pain. And I can only imagine how sleeping on cold, possibly muddy or bloodstained ground could increase the chances of catching diseases.
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