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  1. Altering days and nights would be cool, especially if you set zombies to only spawn during certain times.
  2. This makes sense, and it would make for yet another variable for a sandbox experience.
  3. Hmm, that would be a nice idea... Slowly building up your base and slowly getting the zombies to notice your base. Speaking of "tower defense," It would be nice to be able to set up static defenses that could kill zombies. Like nailing stakes into walls.
  4. Yeah, a lot games with zombies seem to feel obliged to throw in their own flavors of special infected (Killing Floor 2, Plants VS Zombies, Fortnite Save The World) or other monsters (Zombies Ate My Neighbors, Resident Evil) because the "baseline" zombies are just too easy. I do like how bleedout and having to worry about first aid will make the game feel more tense with or without infection. But like you said, Sandbox is the biggest selling point for this game, because there are so many variables to customize your own hardcore survival experience.
  5. That's fair. The Zombie Survival Guide can make you wonder how anyone would survive with the fact that the virus is 100% infectious, and 100% fatal.
  6. I feel like it would be cool for players to be able to recover from zombieism/make it function more like a permanent debuff. Sure, infection won't kill you, but it can throw you off track and make you more prone to wake up with nightmares. Imagine a sanity mechanic making it into the game.
  7. I remember having a conversation with another forum user, who insisted that disabling zombification defeats the purpose of Project Zomboid and ruins all tension..... But does it really? Bleedout has been much more threatening and Build 41 has made fighting hordes a lot of the time a veritable death sentence. Before, disabling zombification would honestly make the game way easier, and it still does, but to me, I've been more concerned about bleeding out thanks to Build 41. To me, getting bit with zombification on is just like: "guess I'll die, lol" but having a chance to be able to recover with bandages makes it feel all the more intense. Sure, you won't die from The Virus, but wound infection is still a thing. I feel like bites not being instantly fatal actually builds tension because there's now way more of a reason to worry about the first-aid system. But what are your thoughts?
  8. That would be cool to see. But in a more broad sense, considering the game is an endless game. Like the game keeps track of your kills and survival time if you have a watch. I'd like to see a leaderboard of some kind, yeah?
  9. Now all we need is a mod update that can be used to change Zombie Strength/Toughness percentages. Imagine clearing a horde through kiting, timing swings with your trusty machete, and suddenly the last zombie almost refuses to stay down. He gets up multiple times, and you run away and slam a door in his face but he breaks through almost instantly, finally you have to unload a shotgun before sufficiently pulpifying his brain tissue enough for him to stay down. Also Zombie Intelligence/Sensitivity variables. Imagine casually strolling past a horde that's milling about and one zombie from the horde spots you and gives chase, shambling slowly after you. You think "well alright, I can move faster than him," so you ignore him as you walk to your safe house, close the door, head upstairs and go to bed. An in game hour goes by and suddenly your character wakes up to find that same god damned zombie eating them and had not only followed you for the entire trek, what with having a good memory and senses, but also knew how to use doors.
  10. Yeah that would be cool to see. Like, being able to make a secondary set of zombies that are ungodly tough to spawn like 5% of the time if the normal horde is pretty much a gaggle of slow shamblers.
  11. Metal armor would be cool to see, like taking lead pipes and a saw to make leg/arm coverings to protect you from bites and scratches.
  12. I for one want deathblows with long blade or axe weapons to have a chance to decapitate zombies. Who's with me?
  13. Imagine the opposite of a panic moodle, which is when your character drops a couple of zombies who have caused them panic in the first place.
  14. Lucky! I'm lucky to find 1 machete in a survivor house, and you're just getting 2 katanas? XD
  15. I mean, there are only two long blade weapons I know of, Machete and the even less common Katana. I mean, The Machete tends to be my mvp as far as weapons go if I can ever get my hands on one, and I would imagine The Katana is just as good if not better. I guess the problem there is that Long Blades need more chances to spawn, I mean, with abundant everything, it's not uncommon for me to be able to be drowning in Fire Axes and Wood Axes, but only be able to get 1 or 2 Machetes.
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