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    Shotgun slugs

    second type of ammo for shotgun that should appear in game-significant(maybe even highest)ranged damage-but only one bullet per shot unlikely to standard shells
  2. MrTrololo

    more weapons

    it's really starting to be a buttpain(at least for me),because since(probably)beginning no new weapons were added and here is few ideas: -knuckles-not deadly as much like other weapons,but better than nothing,character will punch(only one zombie simultaneously)instead only pushing when using LBM and that will deal damage,eventually kill both zombie and other player -hatchet-lkie fireaxe but one handed and less damage output -lead pipe-obtainable by dismantling water instalations like showers,toilets,sinks etc. -revolver-higher damage per shot than pistol and lower firerate and 6 rounds magazine -submachine gun-automatic weapon that consumes 9mm ammo -pickaxe-for now no more uses other than a weapon -machete-can be used like knives,except jawstabbing,can be swung -assault rifle along with 5,56mm ammo -lupara-double barrel version of saw off and shorter what equals even wider spread of buckshot -bows and crossbows(something what should be added long ago,silent ranged weapons with recollectable arrows and bolts) -police baton-light and durable,but low damage -meat cleaver-only knife that character would swing instead stabbing obviously
  3. MrTrololo


    Something what would be useful in multiplayer games-player would be able to teach another player by performing actions near him welding,carpentry,cooking etc. Then that player would receive some proper XP just by watching actions(would only work if teacher is more experienced than student),also teachers would be able to teach students recipes currently unknown to them,he would have to craft item near him and repeat it certain amount of times before student finally got it(slow learner and fast learner would also affect it)it would be also the only way to teach illiterates new recipes
  4. MrTrololo


    something rather for future updates-crafting stations... here's first one that should appear: Wooden workbench for carpentry to craft items that cannot be crafted in hands ingredients : -6x wooden plank(my suggestion of required amount) -1x hacksaw -1x claw hammer -1x vice (not implemented,but i can't imagine good workbench without it in real life) -1x screwdriwer some of them would appear already assembled in some places like power generators it would be useful when more craftable weapons like wooden bows would appear
  5. MrTrololo

    Iron bars

    character would be able to weld and install iron bars on windows instead only welding it completely,players and zombies can look through bars but they are unable to pass through,player would be able to safely shoot and stab through
  6. MrTrololo

    Military signs

    there is something what im missing since very beginning-any signs of military presence,and here's idea to introduce few of them: -APC-bulletproof and very durable vechicle zombified soldiers-at least to add sprites -military trucks with supplies-driveable of course -MRE(meal ready to eat) -automatic weapons
  7. MrTrololo


    maybe not,they also shouldn't be able to use doors,but we can turn it on in sandbox settings
  8. MrTrololo


    would work like rope sheet,but would be placeable on ground floor to get to windows on higher floors,unlike to rope zombies would be able to also climb on,but character would be also able to pull ladder up through window. normal ladders would be craftable and also be spreaded on entire map rope ladder would be also not bad idea-unlike normal one it would be placeable only from high floors to lower floors,also would be lighter
  9. MrTrololo

    Locked containers

    that was mentioned in another post by someone
  10. MrTrololo

    Locked containers

    character should be able to encounter locked containers,such as drawers(also in desks),cupboards,wardrobes,small metal chests. he would be able to open in three ways: -by finding matching key -by prying with crowbar -by just smashing container
  11. MrTrololo

    Wall safe

    hiding them behind pictures for example also would be not bad idea
  12. MrTrololo

    Wall safe

    safes should be spread in world in some buildings such as -Banks -Hotels -Motels -Gas stations -Some shops -Sometimes in houses Safes would be openable only by entering proper combination or with key depending on safe type,items inside would be worth of effort, it would be also resistant to open by melee smashing
  13. MrTrololo

    more throwable objects

    we should be able to throw certain object such like stones and/or glass bootles(rather stones,because glass bootles can be used to create molotovs) to for example break window to distract bigger groups of zombies,or throwing directly into single ones to eliminate them one by one
  14. MrTrololo

    "don't fall off from stairs"

    zombies pushed downstairs should be more vulnerable to pushing back,easier to knocked down,eventually get injuries from falling. domino effect also would be something worth of watching if we have to fight off more than one zombie. these features would be especially useful to everybody who decides to have safehouse on higher floors.
  15. As everybody know lots of peoples spreading trash in forest,so we should be able to find some of them and use for character andvantage. here is list of my few ideas for items that could be found: -plastic bootle -trash bag -glass bootle -paper sheet -empty can -old newspapers
  16. well... maybe thats right,maybe rather fragments of newspapers so... just paper sheets. we can reject that from list
  17. MrTrololo

    Ammo counter

    we should be able to see in HUD how many ammo left for and in our gun only unpacked ammo in main inventory would be counted in
  18. MrTrololo

    Sleeping inside car

    We should be able to sleep inside cars,what else can i say
  19. MrTrololo

    "build your own bunker"

    character would be able to weld rebar frame,surround it with planks and fill with cement mix(bucket+water+sand/gravel+cement),then wait until concrete dries,and receives extremely durable(if not indestructible for zombies) reinforced concrete wall
  20. MrTrololo

    Ammo counter

    OK... but you should first give me any arguments
  21. MrTrololo

    Subtypes of zombies

    they should be splitted on categories depending from occupation,what would also impede on loot type. My few ideas: -Infected police officer-would carry pistol and/or ammo -Infected firefighter-would carry Fireaxe and/or extinguisher -Infected student-carries packpacks with books,magazines,pens,pencils and maybe breakfasts -Infected survivor-carries food,especially canned and/or melee weapons
  22. MrTrololo

    Starting items for characters

    characters with occupation other than unemployed should receive appropriate items Police officer:pistol+9mm ammo box Firefighter:fireaxe+extinguisher Lumberjack:fireaxe(at least until another axe or chainsaw would be implemented) Doctor:Medkit Burglar:crowbar+maybe big hiking bag Carpenter:hacksaw+box of nails+hammer Fisherman:fishing rod+bait+fishing line Chef:kitchen knife Hunter-it,s not a profession at least yet,but character with that trait should be obviously owner of hunting rifle, 308. ammo box and hunting knife
  23. MrTrololo

    Armored/Bulletproof glass

    some buildings should have reinforced windows- they would be significally harder to break both for zombies and players
  24. well i have better idea: we should be able to replace broken glass with glass pane and glass cutter instead taking entire window with crowbar
  25. MrTrololo

    new utility for empty cans

    empty cans should be accesible to store and boil water in heat sources yeah,yeah... i know we wave so much of mugs,pots,bootles etc. but just why not