SurvivorWarehouse.tbx (HIGHLY DETAILED)

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It's been a while, a few months while. Sadly during those times, I slacked off and did no work on my planned maps or creating new buildings.

Now I'm getting back to that and I finished up one of my many planned buildings. It's a survivor warehouse.


Just before the end times there are always fanatics who will prepare for the inevitable. They hole up, get armed, barricade their homes, stocked food, they have it made. Well, here's one of the fanatics castles. You may use it for your own maps. Dropbox link last.



  • Armory
  • Lots of details
  • Makeshift Medbay
  • Restroom
  • Office Room
  • Stocked Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • Entrance Room
  • Makeshift Garage Living Room








Download Link


(This is my first attempt of a download link, any problems with it, come tell me).

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