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  1. psrkallez06

    Super Survivors!

    There is a hotkey which spawns a random survivor. Any idea how i can "force" spawn only a doctor/farmer? Thanks!
  2. So, I play Solo most of the time, and let's just say that i suck at this game and die often, i do have the cheat menu etc installed so i CAN use god mode but i find that too booring, so instead i tried the "prevent death" option, which only heals you up if you ALMOST die, when the health reaches 0 it heals you + removed any damages etc. What I want, is a modification that does the same as "prevent death" BUT instead of healing me back to normal, i want the health to freeze at let's say 1, i.e I won't be able to die, but i still need to heal every wound to get back to full health, is this possible? If so any file i can modify? Cheers!
  3. psrkallez06

    SurvivorWarehouse.tbx (HIGHLY DETAILED)

    Looks great, how do i install this? since it is a .tbx file I'm a little lost. Thanks.