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Found 9 results

  1. United States Military Pack V2.2 Created by W.Williams What does it do ? Where are the soldiers and their equipment ? I decided to fill the void by adding military stuff, during your game you can find holster, plate carrier, uniforms, backpacks.... Screens In-Game Features - Military items - 2 Camo available [UCP & Multicam] - Color system, you can't find pink uniform, always their camo [UCP = light grey / Multicam = light green] - Meta-container, when you have a holster, you don't have to equip it to acess to his inventory - Realistic items, update items if they are cheated - Necroforge compatibility - English / French / Spanish traduction List of included items [V2.2] Change Logs Suggestions Mod To-Do list Credits fluffe9911 / MoutainSage / Cyrrent Eiledoll for helping me with icons problems and items distributions francogp for fixing bags openning on floor and adding Spanish traduction Download
  2. I think we need a city zone full of high skyscrapers ,highway roads full of cars blocking the drive way, tons of zombies roaming in the streets ,crashed useless helicopters that are like fun little set pieces ,military /swat vehicles that should be very hard to reach because of the large population of city zombies ,some of them should be difficult to fix and obtain like broken ,jammed military vehicles ,this should add more to players imagination ,giving a sense of deeper lore ,believability ,i really want this game to appeal a much bigger player base. even basic stuff like more types of detailed clothing (which would require , kinda increasing the resolution of playermodel) adding basic dialog like cursing while panniced etc ,would really give us more entertainment while playing ,and i lovr the new extreme weather system. also ,who wouldnt want to destroy everything with a tank in multiplayer with their friends like a small army of our own ,kinda like the governor from the walking dead . also ,i really would like to see players being able to hunt wild animals in this game like having a pet dog attacking zombies ,searching the ground for us ,or maybe wild wolfs ,and hungry dogs attacking both zombies and the player. oh man ,that would be so fun to mess around with !
  3. Could we also be looking forward to seeing military hazmat/nbc suits ? Military presence should own this since the virus is understood to be mostly airborne, hence a gas mask and suit. Made from rubber and different layers, it should provide some protection against bites, though I have to tell you, these things are hot and heavy, but they offer a wide variety of protection against anything nuclear, biological and chemical. This one is a Romanian gas mask and full NBC suit that can be found on military guards stationed at the Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant and around some gun/chemical facilities. This one is mine,a rare model that is standard issue in Romania for anyone working in a highly dangerous place or keeping guard over. Excuse my background, it's hard to get it on and then walk around to do a good picture. Here's an example. Anyone who wants to see more I'll post other pictures. Didn't put the filter and gloves to take a picture. Coal based filters. The game already has coal, makeshift gas masks could be possible. I think it would be a good idea for corpse management also and so on Good mobility for arms, legs, only if you wear boots inside.
  4. i think it would be good idea if developers eventually go and put some "military grade loot" had such idea when this popped up http://imgur.com/gallery/EM5oU
  5. Houses Bugs: -Some of the grafitti "glows" (are highlighted) in the dark. -Zombiebungeejumping from windows (sadly I were dead already and can't watch this from outside ). +Fixed stair-bug Building is now 1x1 tilerows larger Download: InApBl_by_7.zip Military Bugs: - experimental wire fence door won't work; sledgehammer will work Download: military_base_by_7.zip Military Trainingground 1 V0.0 Download: military_tg1_by_7.zip Military Trainingground 2 V0.0 Download: military_tg2_by_7.zip Military Trainingground 3 V0.0 Download: military_tg3_by_7.zip Military Watchtower E/S/W V0.0 Download: military_wte_by_7.tbx.zip - Watchtower East Download: military_wts_by_7.tbx.zip - Watchtower South Download: military_wtw_by_7.tbx.zip - Watchtower West Military Base Entrance V0.0 Bugs: - experimental wire fence door won't work; sledgehammer will work +Forgot some outer lightsources - added! Download: military_entrance_by_7.zip Military Hospital V1.0 Bugs: -Some lightning bugs -Cell Door in security room don't work, other cell doors do; Player can walk trough +Fixed machineroom containers by changing room definition +Fixed stairbug (Helicopter landing platform is now reachable) Download: military_hospital_by_7_v1.0.zip Military Tent (Wood/Desert/Urban/Marine) V1.0 - heading east and south Bugs: None Download: military_tent_ALL_by_7_v1.0.zip Military Airport V1.0 - heading west, so the runway should be on the westside Bugs: None Download: military_airport_by_7_v1.0.zip Military Hangar V1.0 - heading east and south/opend and closed Bugs: None Download: military_hangar_ALL_by_7_v1.0.zip Military Heliport V1.0 - It's more than a "H" Bugs: None, maybe the "pipe" (I used it as cable canal) can block the way. Download: military_heliport_by_7_v1.0.zip Miscellanea Thank you TIS! Feel free to use and/ or change! Have Fun!
  6. I know in the "Common Suggestions" topic, that one of the things that will not be implemented will be military aid. I think a more likely (and difficult) senario would be having individual soldiers shooting at anything that moves out of panic. Like in the "Code Red" scene of 28 Weeks Later, where, at first, the military tries to kill everyone to stop the infection, but get overwhelmed. Of course, in the game, this would have happened much earlier, so that only a few personel are still alive and scattered all over the map. They could already be infected, or just in shock from being the only survivors of their units. They could be armed with marksman rifles (Hunting Rifles with 4x or 8x scopes), shotguns, or pistols, assuming that assault rifles or semi-auto civilian rifles will not be added to the game. Effectively, they are just raiders/bandits but better armed and with better shooting and fitness stats. The only major issue I can foresee, other than balancing issues, is needing another set of models with military uniforms. I would even suggest having a group of 3-5 hostile soldiers patrolling for more realism, but that would be more complicated to program, and it would make survival almost impossible if unlucky. Another possibility is to have destroyed military vehicles and bloody fortifications scattered showing where a final stand happened.
  7. I got an invitation for the group to join magnum2016's role-playing server, i accepted and once he sets it up after build 28 we will help him build the town. This is a Role-Playing group about the Kentucky National Guard after they are sent in to quarantine the towns of Muldraugh and the surrounding areas. We will have multiple roles, ranks and divisions for people to sign up for. Like medic, foot soldier, sniper (when the developers implement the hunting rifle), CDC Expert, CDC Scientist, Officer, General, CDC Director of Operations etc. Once we get things under control we shall border off the town of Muldraugh and establish a base of operations outside the town just off the highway coming into Muldraugh. The sign up sheet is below, copy and paste it into your reply box to get started! Don't copy and past the words in (this). Name(As in Jack Brown or Gordan Freeman, not Ult!m@t3amA$0r)- Race- Age(18 to 40)- Sex- Role/Division- Character bio- (Optional,just to flesh out the rp) Time Zone- Usually Online- First people 5 people to sign up get high ranks. List of people already signed up- CDC Director of Operations-Jackson Paul (Jacksonap) General- Officer- Navy Seals- CDC Expert- CDC Scientist- Richard Cheug (Orman) Foot soldier- Cpt.Miguel Rocha (-snip-) Pvt.Adam Lambert (noxiousd) Pvt.Simon Riley (ludo0777) Pvt. Marc Masters (superking333) Engineer- Sgt.Daniel Fodor (rotacioskapa) Medic- Lt.Alex Cartty (Neltarin) Sniper- Ssgt.Garett Hart (GreenSilo) Pvt.Casey Marks (LemonCutie007) Police Chief- SWAT- Officer Connor McCall (Strang) Police Remnants- Deputy Jack Rusket (Daman453) In order to be in the Navy Seals section you must prove your worth to the group and to the server that we will be playing on in general. They will protect the high ranking officials of the group and be the first ones going in to the thick of things. These soldiers will be the best of the best among the group and will be a shining star among the soldiers risking their lives to bring order and stability to the land. Uniforms Cops/Swat- Blue sweater Soldier-Green sweater/vest (depending on heat conditions) Scientists/Medics- White sweaters Engineers-Yellow sweaters/vests High ranks/Seals- Black sweaters/vests Lets hope this goes well! Fingers crossed!
  8. Alright first of all I know military aid is in the commonly suggested list and stated as a No, but here this idea out but first here my argument the military not helping out any survivors is very unlikely in this sort of situation in my opinion. This is idea is not just straight up military aid either with the military handing you care packages and guns to go slaughter infected and live in a lovely little town, so please just here the idea out cause and try to keep and open mind please and thank you. The Idea: Okay well the idea is that the military will come in after a couple months in game and start establishing a safe zone/town as a haven for survivors, and there base of operations. These safezones will have some sort of wall/fence surrounding the perimiter, housing for survivors, military laws and enforcment with severe punishments if you and or others do not comply, and designated building such as storage areas, trade areas, armorys etc. While living in these zones you will be given jobs to help the community thrive if you complete your jobs and abide by the law you will recieve some sort of compensation, you and the other survivors will be set on schedules to perform your duties, and will have curfews. If you are not in the safe zone and indoors after curfew you will receive punishment. (Also there will only be one military safezone aloud in a game, if destroyed it will be destroyed forever and no others will be constructed.) The laws of military safezones will consist of: No assault or murderering of fellow survivors and or military personel if caught or proven guilty it will result in execution.No theft/theivery if caught or proven guilty stealing it will result in banishment and or being executed depending on how severe.No vandalism of military property if caught or proven guilty will result in execution, or probation depending on severity.If found to have been scratched or bitten by any infected it will result in execution, if unsure of the origin of the scratch or bite you will be watched by military personel until a given time if no signs of infection appear you will be free to go.If found outside after curfew it will result in probation, or execution depending on severity.Your character in the safezone/military town:Upon entering the military town/safezone you will be greeted and thoroughly searched for signs of infection, and valuables, ALL of your items will be confiscated but some of your items will be given back except guns, ammo, and any very dangerous weaponry, or items the the safezone severely needs such as food or medicine. After going through entry you will be given the laws of the safezone/town and will be given a job depending on your skills. Then all you must do is abide by the laws of the safezone and perform your duties and you will be fine. (Until some giant zombie horde comes of couse) Alright well that is it and by the way this idea was heavily inspired from the Last Of Us and I think its a pretty good idea but I am not the rest of you, so what do you guys think?
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