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  1. The game received a major update, many mods are broken or defective.
  2. I loved the visual effect of the siren lights. There could be more things like that, maybe brake lights have the same effect...
  3. Cool, so your trick is to use the right rear wheel as an axle (containing 4 wheels, two on one side and two on the other) and the left rear wheel as another axle?
  4. Hello guys, I'm trying to learn LUA on my own, it's very difficult since I don't know anything about programming. I'm trying to build a mod that would allow me to make vehicles with Tracks, like a DT-30. My plane is making tracks move through textures, is it possible to do with LUA? Can i make a LUA code that change texture of a vehicle fast enouth to give the impression of movement? I noticed that lights and sirens of vanilla vehicles works more or less with this mechanism. I wanted to somehow make a Script that read the vehicle's speed and thus change the frequency with which the Textures (tracks) were displayed You who understand how to mod in Lua, is this possible to be done in the game? It seems plausible to me, but like I said I don't understand enough. Please, I don't want you to make a mod for me (if you did I would be very happy to) I just wanted a sign that this is possible, because then I would study harder to do it. Is it possible to do that ? Sorry if my text was meaningless, I'm using a translator and as I said I don't know much about the programming language.
  5. What is your computer specification?
  6. Rust on vehicles is useless and looks like dirt. It would be more fun if they changed it to really dirt. If you were to drive the vehicle in a off road trip your vehicle would get dirty. If it rained, the vehicle would clean itself. Look how this original game file actually looks like dirt already:
  7. You will need to make a mod for this. The file you want is in "newitems.txt", its in: media\scripts\newitems.txt Then, search for the "PaintbucketEmpty"
  8. It would be awesome if you added a tracked vehicle. Add some Vityaz DT-30 in game I would like to do a lot of mods with tracked vehicles, I believe a native in-game script is the only option. It wouldn't be that complicated to add, I've seen tutorials on unity where they make the tracks as a fixed object and what "moves" is just the texture giving the impression of movement. imagine driving one of these in an Apocalypse? Absolutely BASED!
  9. Great tutorial, too bad it's out of date, could you please update it? I have a question, how can I add dual wheels to the rear of trucks? I'm talking about two wheels on the same axle Haw can i add dua axle too? for example of the M35 Military Truck of the mod "filibuster rhymes' used cars", it has dual axle with dual wheels each one If possible, could teach you how to add different wheels in the rear?
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