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  1. i think it would be good idea if developers eventually go and put some "military grade loot" had such idea when this popped up http://imgur.com/gallery/EM5oU
  2. save is not old , it was made in ibum beta , basically whole server did get super wipe , server is ALMOST week old and yes it was wiped properly including all local saves for all players and me also i said it before , lots zombies seam to re spawn some of loot , not sure if that multiplayer related but we every now and then find new loot on zombies we know 100% we looted , some "more then few times by now" loot re spawn is off on server
  3. this not looks like fresh watermelon despite tooltip claims its fresh , since playing IWBMS version i see lots of wierd food who spoils when taken from frige , and food spoling seams to act very wierd at times
  4. 2 big bugs we spotted when playing 10 days so far (2x longer days) -dead zombies are re spawning loot , despite loot re spawn is set to off , we loot 95% of zombies we kill yet when we go to pile of zombies we kiled and looted we still find fresh loot , like bullets , axes sometimes , magazines , at first we were sure "yeah we maybe not looted some" but after 8 hours of playing i can reliably tell we "looted these , twice or 3 times" and still when we come we find fresh loot -Food install roots when you de-freeze it , even ones if fridge not got stale yet , yet one frozen seams to instantly rot when we taken it out , its ridicules
  5. That is fine , but would you consider "tieing well fed/hunger moodlet to calories? it would actually make sense It would not . . . Drink a cup of oil or eat half a block of butter and, while you'll have likely exceeded your caloric intake for the day, you'd still be hungry as hell in short order. This is why items have separate hunger values. Your person who knows nothing about food , you not noticed you get extremly hungry when eating low calory food like salad , chicken soup , of vegetables , and even be well fed for 4-8 hours when eating extremly fat food or food with large amounts of protain , when i get 10 wings from KFC around 12-14 , i dont eat anything up to 19-21 Fattening food and high protein food stays in stomach longer thats why when eating so makes you well fed for longer , similary candy bars and suger based food digest very fast and it quickly gets in your bloodstream Weirdly enough , suger helps burn fat , thats why we carve for "sweet things" after eating fat and bigest reason desert is often served after dinner (tho most likely in biger portion then it needs to be) , how it works suger gets digested before fat , burned , energy is then used to burn fat , who turns into more energy if not tie to calories , tie well fed to amount to fat/protain/suger and make it digest , turning "that stuff" into calories because that's exactly how it works irl and makes sense And while "calories and being hungry dont make sense" its semi realistic aproach to survival and few games used it successfully , its very intuitive despite it makes half sense and a bit disappointed its about "healthy" survival , but completly forget vitamins and minerals , lack of vitamin C can kill you faster then most hunger games last , other lacks wont kill you as fast but will make your immune system weaker , you be less strong , slower , tire fast , need more sleep ,not to say mood swings , depression and worse things
  6. That is fine , but would you consider "tieing well fed/hunger moodlet to calories? it would actually make sense
  7. i played beta for few hours , also read other posts , i played all survival games who are available on market , also played project zomboid since its humble beginnings , just not seen reason to post anything as it was ether posted or not relevant I dont understand why we are keeping "hunger moodlet" as technically calories are "hunger" if we are going for realism , as constantly my character was starving while being 3000 calories (who makes no sense) or having minus calories while being well fed I dont understand why carbs , fat , are not "digested to actually give us calories , instead being set value who is burned giving zero benefits(or atleast its not explained) I also dont understand how this going to improve game play , in current shape or form its overcomplicating the game , i used to suggest this in many games but i got huge doubts seeing it in this form , instead of "cooking balanced nice meals" how i always used , it will turn into mathematician game to balance "numbers who make no sense so we got everything we need" everything feels super counter intuitive Idea i had was similar , but instead of numbers , make 3 stats bars , carbs , protein , fat and that they would interact with you , carbs turning into calories , fat turning into calories(but slower , more effective with some level of carbs) and protain who would effect muscles body (minimal body weight), strength , and fitness XP bonuses in current form it feels very overcomplicated , much more then it needs to be At least consider scraping "hunger" and "hunger/well fed modlets" and leave calories and tie moodlet to calories Also kinda i feel whole "carbs , and fat" could be replaced with simply calories , and we would focus on things who actually would make you die in apocalypse , lack of vitamins , and minerals , but that would be harder to implemend
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