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  1. The issue is that they could ban people for holding controversial views. it can be abused.
  2. I like both of them. so, whatever
  3. It does... but to spread it to trees, usually you have to walk into the fire and rub up against a few trees once you are on fire (if using a campfire). Or, start a fire in a building with ovens and just wait. if there are trees in the same block, and it doesn't rain, they should catch fire. ... don't ask about how I know the first one....
  4. Nah, its alright. It was just a little weird seeing a tree growing in the middle of a parking lot with no grass around it. I just wanted to let you know, in case someone else had the issue. as for my save, well, it didn't really matter (I was using a weapon mod that had an infinite ammo glitch i discovered while clearing the hospital, so i guess i was kind of asking for karma to screw me )
  5. the problem with this particular assumption is that the lore the game follows makes it so we don't know just what started the outbreak in the first place. yeah, but you'd assume that the clothes would have infected blood on it from the wounds/bites that infected the person in the first place. even if the flesh itself isn't directly an infection risk, the dried/congealed blood on the clothes would make putting them on an open wound a bad idea.
  6. *sniff* "Is something burning?" ....... "OH GOD!!!!!" *sniff* "Why does it smell like pine trees?" *realizes the smell is of natural gas... while using lighter to see* "OH SHI-"
  7. I cleared out the hospital and, when I went on the roof, I fell through the helipad, broke my legs, and bled to death. also, I keep finding grass and trees in the middle of streets, just to let you know.
  8. Oh. I knew I forgot something. What about Bayonets as an upgrade? I mean, in the distant future (if you care enough), or if you know someone who can add the animations needed, they could be used instead of the standard shove when pushing the spacebar. While I dont know the legality of them, I do know that they are sold in Army surplus stores. This is mainly so that i can use an older bolt action without panicking when attacked from an unexpected position. Its just a thought.
  9. if leaving the quarantine zone from the exit by the police station, you follow the road to the first intersection (at the playground outside the fence) and turn right (in relation to the character.) You keep walking until you get to the group of houses. The house in question is the first or second house on the right (in relation to the character.) Don't worry about breaking my immersion, I was supposed to be working anyway and it was kind of funny anyway
  10. one small issue I had at one of the houses just north of the quarantine zone. I was climbing the staircase and ended up on the roof, before falling down and breaking my leg.
  11. for some reason, I immediately thought of Metro 2033... but with zombies
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